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Saturday, March 17, 2018

How about the Duma peas: prison conditions worse than in the colonies

Moscow, the prisoners staged a flash mob: all prison collect signatures in support of the bill under the provisional name “a day and a half” (meaning the calculation of days stay in prison for half a colony). This is a gesture of despair. The latest attempt to draw attention to the subject. Cherished bill for which they ask, can’t take… almost ten years!

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

During these ten years the state Duma has reviewed about 10,000 (!) initiatives, most of which are nonsensical, if not delusional (remember the laws on the protection of civilians from the effects of consumption of garlic, about deprivation of citizenship of Russian women married foreigners, prohibiting child crying after 22.00, etc.). The state Duma was made more than 3,000 amendments to the criminal code and more than 700 of the Criminal procedure (most of them, even in the opinion of the Chairman of the Supreme court, was well, totally unnecessary).

And amid all this forgotten-pozabroshen a really important document. He could release hundreds of thousands of people, to save the family, to decongest prisons, save billions of budget money. Why is it nobody wants?

The bill applies to absolutely every inmate. And here’s why. Conditions in jail (recall that here the person is before the court found him guilt) is much worse than in the colonies. Here he is in an overcrowded cell, without fresh air (out for a walk for one hour a day and it takes place in concrete “bag”), deprived not only long, but often short visits and phone calls (very few people investigator resolves), can’t work and be creative, etc. etc. But in a colony of people lives not in the chamber, and the room is dormitory style, can move through the territory, to work, to go to a club, do sports.

In European countries, prisoners spend in jail for 2-3 months (as they usually have lasting effect), in Russia — sometimes for 2-3 years. Not going to say why our investigators so long to gather evidence and understand the circumstances of the case (this is a separate issue!). But the fact remains: to court inmate spends in a small cell, isolated from the world for many days and nights.

If he knew that they will read then as the serving time is based at least a day and a half, all these torments to endure would be much easier. So in Russia as in no other country has such a law is necessary. And then what is the problem?

First they said it was a great policy: if the document is accepted, it is necessary to release Mikhail Khodorkovsky. But already and long been released, and the bill is still not approved. What’s the matter? In the state Duma ambiguous to understand: in 2017, the document will not pass and he allegedly chance in fact.

The idea of recalculation promoted the Federal penitentiary service of Russia, it was supported by the Supreme court. I was only against the law enforcers. Explained it’s kind of like the fact that you may receive the “extra time”. For example, a person caught for theft, put in jail, the investigation lasted a year, and the court ultimately issued a verdict, but due to recalculation like how it turned out that the man had been in captivity “extra” six months. They also say that Khodorkovsky is free, but a lot of other political figures still behind bars. In an example of the result of the “night Governor” Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin). He is in a Moscow prison (and is, apparently, an absolute record!) is more than 10 years. Only he was sentenced to 15 years, so the idea was a long time to produce, if the law was passed.

But here you can find a simple solution: let an instrument do not fall within the persons who have committed grave and especially grave crimes. And again the question: what then? Maybe the reason is that fewer prisoners will be calculated on PAROLE (parole) and pay for it? Today the “price” for PAROLE, depending on the region varies from 300 thousand to 3 million rubles. There were cases when the “authoritative” the prisoners were paying him millions of rubles, and the Euro. On the other hand, more and more complaints from ordinary convicted prisoners are denied PAROLE for no good reason. And if you will count the day and a half, to be released early without PAROLE. Who cares? Only to prisoners and their families. “Corruption” — definitely not.

“We ask You to tell about a horrible situation with the bill to the President,” “we beg to refer to all bodies”, “refer to the Commissioner for human rights, the Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, why are they silent and do nothing?”. This quote from the collective letters of prisoners. There are so many that they soon will be to seal the wall in the boardroom of the State Duma. Maybe MPs will finally hear? Ahead of the election year, and if the bill fails to pass now, it will not accept never.

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