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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Demonstration of ownership: American bombers flew off the coast of Korea

Over the Eastern borders of North Korea, flew American bombers escorted by fighters. The U.S. air force aircraft closer to the demilitarized zone as close as possible over the last hundred years distance. The Pentagon called the incident “a signal of the resolve of the United States in solving the Korean problem”.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Off the coast of Korea flew bombers Military-air forces of the United States B-1B Lancer. Bombers in flight was accompanied by fighter jets F-15 Eagle.

In the comments of the representative of the U.S. Department of defense said that the planes were in international airspace. The office was called the flight demonstration of military capabilities.

“The mission is to demonstrate the intentions of States and clearly communicate that the President has a lot of military tools to defeat any danger,” said Pentagon spokesman Dana white.

The bombers took off from U.S. military bases located on GUAM. The escort fighters took to the air base on Okinawa in Japan. The aircraft flew to the North separating North and South Korea demilitarized zone.

The representative of the U.S. Department of defense said that the Pentagon believes North Korean weapons program a “grave threat”, against which Washington is prepared to use all military capabilities.

“We are ready to use the full range of military capabilities to protect our homeland and our allies” — quoted white Reuters.

That the United States will be forced to “completely destroy” the DPRK said the us President Donald trump at the session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 19.

Saturday speech trump said the foreign Minister of North Korea ri Yong Ho. In his speech at the UN General Assembly, foreign Minister of the DPRK stated that the country will not change its position due to the strengthening of sanctions. The American President, the North Korean Minister called mentally ill person with delusions of grandeur, which is dangerous to trust “the nuclear button”.

The DPRK will take “ruthless actions” in case of attack, said Lee Yong-Ho, noting that North Korea is” – “responsible nuclear power”.

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