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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The song in the throat of the SBU is authorized to control the tours of Russian artists

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that the relevant Parliament Committee on culture approved the bill to establish new rules and restrictions on Russian artists wishing to tour in Ukraine. It is assumed that permission to enter in the square will give the SBU, which will be guided in its decision by the principles of territorial integrity and patriotism. Next week the Parliament is likely to support this idea.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Photo: Kiyanka.

A document entitled “On tour events in Ukraine” have developed four deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Group parlamentariv proposes to ban Russian artists to perform in Ukraine with songs that can “promote or advocate the state-an aggressor” in any of its manifestations, from political institutions to individual people. In addition the entry into the Republic will ban anyone who may pose a threat to its national security, including those who visited the Crimea or the breakaway DND and LNR.

What experts and what parameters will determine where the end of a love song and starts Russian propaganda, the bill does not say. For example, I wonder if we will sing in Kiev “Moscow nights”?

It is only known that after the adoption of the law the organizers of the tour will require not less than 30 days to inform the SBU about the planned speech. The Agency will consider 10 days, and if you decide that the concert for any reason violate any of the above points, it was banned. And if the tour organisers do not want to apply to the security service, they will be waiting for a fine of from 160 to 320 thousand UAH, says Kirilenko.

Thus, Ukraine’s going to have another a corrupt the law, which, however, is unlikely to threaten s the well-known Russian artists, kotorna entry into the country and so has been booked. According to Gospogransluzhby of Ukraine, enter the country already banned 70 artists from Russia. Without any new laws in Kiev can’t act Nadezhda Babkina, Alexander Rosenbaum, Valeria, Lolita, Joseph Kobzon, Natalia, Philip, “Ivanushki International”, Byanka, Basta, and many others.

Likely “victims” of the adopted document will be a theatrical troupe, touring between Russia and Ukraine, ensemble of Russian folk dances and songs and numerous doubles and clones are the most popular representatives of the Russian platform. Hardly they can present as a serious threat to the Ukrainian authorities.

The world, however, each time a negative response to Kiev’s attempts to restrict the entry of Russian citizens on the territory of the Republic. The most striking example of this was the story of Eurovision-2017, which is not allowed Yulia Samoylova, who played in the “occupied” Crimea. The European broadcasting Union decided to penalize Ukraine for 198 thousand euros for the avoidance of the girl in the song contest.

Also in the beginning of August in Crimea was made by the German group Scooter. To scare the musicians could not even threats of the Ukrainian authorities to put them on 8 years behind bars. A criminal case they do start, but for further action appealed for international support to the government of Germany, which, of course, silent. In turn, the RTL responded to the request of the Ukrainian Ambassador to remove the leader of the Scooter from the jury of “Germany seeks the superstar” as follows: “H. P. Baxter decides where to perform.”


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