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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The future of transport – “single” and drones: Putin urged to remove bottlenecks

New car of the Moscow metro superior, whose name is “Moscow”. “KamAZ”, but not a truck and a bus. Electromobility Russian production, but not ours, “El-Panda”, equipped with a computer control panel. Stop ground transport, sparkling white trim and an abundance of services. All these and other specimens of bright transport future of the country visited 22 September Putin, having arrived to Ulyanovsk for a meeting of the state Council on the comprehensive development of passenger transportation in Russian regions.

The main exposition of the exhibition “public transport — future prospects” transporters, taking advantage of the bright September day, pitched directly in front of the main entrance to the industrial Park “Zavolzhye”, built in an open field near Ulyanovsk.

There before the state Council meeting on transport, Putin showed vehicles of the future.

What is there just was not! And the latest subway “Moscow”, which is about to descend into the underworld of big cities. And a new tram “Vityaz”. And handsome buses, including those working on gas fuel. And even the electric car “El Panda”, do something similar to funny bear, whose name he was given.

But all this — our beautiful tomorrow. And the Council came to Ulyanovsk to decide what transport to facilitate the lives of Russians in our not always perfect today. No wonder the leading among the issues that preoccupied the participants, was the development of common law on regional passenger transport, the urgent need to upgrade the rolling stock of all types of transport, and most importantly — the change of the town planning code of the country so that during the development of documents of territorial planning factor transport routes and nodes became finally the most important, thereby freeing the settlers from years of torment.

— This topic is very important because without exaggeration applies to any citizen of Russia, opened the meeting with Putin. — Millions of people spend a significant part of his life in transport on the way to or from work. And it largely determines the level of comfort of their life!

Last year, he said, passenger traffic in Russia amounted to more than 18.7 billion people. With such a saturation of life transport all passengers must use a single quality assurance: sane route network, reliable vehicles, a clear schedule. Meanwhile, the single rules in the country, said the head of state, and each region gets out as he can, and the field is booming “gray” transport business. It’s time to introduce common standards of transport service of the Russians, the President said, they have even developed but are not yet mandatory.

Another bottleneck is the loss of the main part (67%) of urban transport enterprises. Third — the need to transition to more environmentally friendly technologies and unmanned vehicle. “Today we saw good examples need to be more of them”, — said Putin. Finally, it is necessary to develop so-called multimodal — one ticket — carrying passengers on different modes of transport. “It was in Soviet times — I went on such a single tickets, — Putin said. — Only nodes direct connections should be easy, experts say, seamless.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin proposed on the meeting of the state Council on transport to introduce the following changes.

First, it is necessary to strengthen the fight against rabbits, of which Metropolitan transporters lose up to a third of their income, and then blaming this shortage on respectable passengers. Today, inspectors have no right to apply any measures to catch the riders, but I can’t even check their papers. This right is requested to provide them by law.

See photo essay on the topic:

Putin in Ulyanovsk visited the exhibition transport and advised to implement drones

8 photos

Secondly, it is proposed to strengthen the fight against illegal carriers. The situation with taxi, according to Sobyanin, has stabilized. The system operates mainly on a legal basis (currently in the capital, about 100 thousand taxi). But buses from other regions to Moscow very often persecuting drivers-illegal immigrants. Buses of illegal operators are requested not to detain and confiscate.

At the same time the mayor proposed the adoption of a law prohibiting work in a taxi people with a criminal record for committing the most serious crimes, such as murder and robbery.


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