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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Medvedev to Adygea listened to claims of farmers due to high yield

Dmitry Medvedev on Friday took part in the final battle for the harvest. Grain is already harvested from 80% of the area, while the second consecutive year the country is on record. However, farmers themselves on their successes, as it turned out at the meeting, are not too pleased. A high yield means low prices, so the industry asked the authorities, not wait for spring, to carry out state intervention.

photo: Elena Egorova

Visit harvest for some unknown reasons dropped from the summer schedules of the first persons of the state. So to make up for had already in autumn, and not Vladimir Putin, who normally has intimate conversations with harvesters or vegetable growers, and Dmitry Medvedev, chosen for the visit to the Republic of Adygea. It is not surprising that by the end of September the main harvest in these southern parts were already assembled, but for the Prime Minister finally found a plot of corn and apples late varieties. By the way, the name of the capital of the Republic of Maikop — in Adygean not coincidentally means “the tract of wild Apple trees”: the fruit gardens occupy more than 3 thousand hectares. The oldest for more than 150 years, and they continue to successfully produce fruit. Corn to the arrival of the Prime Minister not just dried, as you can tell, was mummified. “The summer was dry, so record harvests could not be reached”, — said the Director of agriculture. However, despite the disasters, to complain to the local farmers do not have: from each hectare averaged 45 quintals of maize.

— Earlier such results of hero of socialist labor gave! — farmers praised Medvedev. The Prime Minister reminded that in Adygea, as in the neighboring Kuban, the country’s best land:

— This land the Germans that were here (during the great Patriotic war), tried to take off to Germany!

— Need to hint to return! — heard a voice.

— What is there to imply? Let them return! — frowning, Medvedev joked.

Compared to a corn field, Apple orchard, which slowed down the convoy of the head of the government looked more presentable. Stunted trees literally bursting with ripe fruit. Next, for clarity, was the huge boxes already collected by the crop. Medvedev said that in the framework of import substitution seedlings purchased from the nearest competitors, Poland and Italy, to the Russians, accustomed to the expansion, did not feel the difference. However, on home soil foreign varieties turn out juicier and tastier! The presidential envoy to the SFD Vladimir Ustinov tried in vain to find among the many boxes of apples Simirenko. Wherever he poked, the owners of the train said:

Is Granny Smith!

— Well, what you really did not Medvedev. — Name Simirenko was unpopular, so now is the Granny Smith.

But at an impromptu exhibition of products Adyghe agricultural industry envoy, known for his love of food delicacies, waiting for pure bliss.

Can I have your cheese and Bulgarian cheese, trying to control myself (hands in pockets), whisper asked Ustinov.

— You immediately take the basket, which is already there, — laughing, Medvedev has advised.

Good mood the Prime Minister was completely justified: as reported at the meeting the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev, the country for the second year in a row going for the record — have been collected 110 million tons of grain, and will 116-117 million tons. In parallel full swing ongoing construction of modern greenhouses and intensive gardens. Even the provisional figures show that, despite the extension of the sanctions, the Russians this winter are fully supplied with vitamins. But there is in the ointment the fly in the ointment: as the weather in some regions was cold and rainy, the direct losses to farmers amounted to RUB 1.5 billion, And to recapture them by purchase prices due to high harvest will not work. Now in the Urals and in Siberia the peasants buy products below cost.

According to the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov, at the parliamentary hearings representatives of the industry asked the MPs to lobby for support mechanisms for producers of grain until the state purchasing interventions. And the main thing — to keep in budget funding of agriculture at last year’s level.

— I’d like to address the President, — with readiness, said Medvedev. — Budget, of course, as usual, complicated, but we some years ago agreed that agriculture is a protected article. And to retreat from this position, I do not intend to.

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