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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kim Jong-UN has called trump senile old man is senile

Finally followed by the first direct reaction of Kim Jong-UN in a statement trump made from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, in which the US President called the leader of the DPRK “human rocket” and threatened to destroy all of North Korea.

photo: AP

Kim Jong UN is in debt does not remain. He called the President of trump senile old man is senile. And promised to take against the United States “the most drastic countermeasures in history.” Thus, the lexicon of the exchange of “pleasantries” between Kim Jong-UN and trump, who is twice as old as her North Korean opponent, supplemented by the new “sayings”.

“He (trump — MS) is a wild gangster who likes to play with fire and not a smart politician,” said Kim Jong-UN.

The foreign Minister of the DPRK Ri Yong Ho, who arrived in new York for the General Assembly session, also did not hesitate in expressions in the address of the President of trump, calling him a “barking dog”.

The Minister asked the question: what is meant by the measures promised by Kim Jong-UN? This Ri said he knew about it only the leader of the DPRK. However, he added that North Korea is preparing to bring the biggest test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific ocean.

Recall, speaking at the UN General Assembly, trump has called North Korea’s autocratic regime “gang of criminals”. He said that President Kim is the “man-rocket” being on the way “suicide mission”.

He added that “the United States have enormous power and patience, but if they are forced to defend yourself or your allies, they will have no other choice but to completely destroy North Korea.”

North Korean media often quoted by their leader, but the statement made on his behalf, as would increases its value. In North Korea this statement of the Supreme leader of the country has more weight than any other official document.

Now Kim Jong-UN is busy with the acceleration of the program of development of nuclear weapons and Intercontinental ballistic missiles. This activity is directed against the United Nations, Washington and its allies, said trump. “Such activities – continued the American President, confirms that the way chosen by me, is correct. And I will walk them to the end”.

But that said Kim Jong-UN: “Today, when trump refused my country in existence, and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world, made the most bellicose statements about the war in which we completely destroyed, we will have to consider the seriousness of such statements and to take strict countermeasures that have ever accepted in history.” He also said that “action is the best response to the threat of imbecile who apparently suffers from deafness and hears only what he says.” “I am sure you can tame this mentally ill geriatric fire,” he said.

Kim didn’t go into details. However, he said the response to North Korea America will surpass all expectations trump.

That will result in the altercation between the presidents of the United States and North Korea, hard to say. What is clear is that it enhances not only the tensions between these countries, but international tension in General.



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