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Monday, March 12, 2018

Deputies carry the “public hearing” on the Internet

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a controversial bill that proposes from 31 March 2018 to replace public hearings on urban planning and many other issues on the “public debate” on the Internet. “For” voted only United Russia, but they insist on serious revision of the text of the document for the second reading.

photo: Alex geldings

The bill was developed by the Ministry and submitted to the Duma on behalf of the government. It involves a serious edit about a hundred articles development code and over a dozen other laws where removed mention of public hearings (meetings) on urban and other issues. Instead, the authorities intend to interrogate the citizens in the so-called public discussions on the Internet. Announce the beginning of discussions is offered on Bulletin boards of buildings of local self-government bodies in places of a mass congestion of citizens in the other cities. The Deputy head of the Ministry of construction of rude mavliarov expressed the hope that innovation will make possible a detailed introduction to the project planning documentation and will increase the number of participants. But the first Deputy head of the profile Committee on transport and construction Alexey Russian (Communist party) said that serious criticism of the document was expressed by all factions and committees as co-executors and the ad hoc working group with the participation of the Ministry of construction agreed on the main directions of its improvement. Public hearings should remain a priority form of accounting of public opinion on the most important urban planning issues, but local authorities will have the right to determine the extent of use of public discussions on its territory — is in brief the position of the Council.

Yuri Volkov (LDPR) asked how many municipalities are ready to implement the law with the development of Informatization, if in Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai, even the mobile no.

For those places where bad Internet, spelled out the possibility of considering urban planning decisions, submission of exhibits, and more will come in the multifunctional center of public services, the mayor or municipal Council and to Express their opinions directly there, said the Deputy Minister. The question about corruption, he left without attention.

Many doubted the ability of municipalities to “pull” the costs of organizing e-voting even where the Internet is. But the official said that already finalized software product that will be free of charge for all local government. But money is needed and to inform the “other places”!

“Money talks” — recalled Sergei Ivanov (LDPR) — in this case, participation in public discussions attendants who are unable to use the Internet in question. “On changes of a barrel of oil today, the grandmother will learn even faster than the experts,” dismissed the concerns of the Deputy Minister. (In the hall, however, cited such figures: according to VTSIOM, in 2015, only 4% of Russians older than 46 years old regularly use the Internet, and hardly since then the situation has changed radically.)

At a public hearing, said Mr. mavliarov thrive on manipulation: “the Interested party brings people together, puts the bus takes, and they vote as needed”. “Interested party” that organizes the buses usually are authorities or developers, not the citizens, insisted familiar with the topic of MPs, many of whom are former municipal and regional officials.

Natalia Kostenko (“ER”) remembered history. Order the government “to increase the role of citizens in making city planning decisions,” the President gave three years ago at the forum of the popular front. And it cannot be considered as completed, if we abolish the personal collections of citizens is familiar to people of the public hearings where you can Express your opinion, but to ask a question, get a reasoned and not very the answer, to hear the logic of power, the government offers absentee voting for the proposed government option, “and no dialogue.”

“In most regions of the Internet, and the government’s proposed way there will be the main and only. How to “bend” people to participate in elections, similarly, will “bend” to vote online in favor of one or another decision” — such forecast was stated by Alexander Starovoitov, speaking on behalf of the liberal democratic party. “Unpleasant power to see the overflowing passion and mistrust of officials and developers, so we decided to remove”, — said Oleg Nilov (“SR”)…

“For the second reading to make any adjustments to our proposals” — that is, in fact, all that could omnidirectinal government.


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