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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Yanukovych accused the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in lies

Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is now accused of not only treason, but also of the violent seizure of power in 2010. Under the new criminal case was detained former Minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych Square. Yanukovych condemned the actions of the Prosecutor’s office and accused her of “inflating another bubble”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The second criminal case against ex-President was initiated on 6 September. Then suspicion of violent seizure of power showed Yanukovych and ex-Minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych. According to prosecutors, the return of the Constitution of 1996 had been unlawful as it was not approved by the Verkhovna Rada. Under the changes, Ukraine has returned to the form of a presidential-parliamentary Republic, expanding the powers of the President by reducing the role of Parliament. However, Lavrynovych has placed all the dots, explaining that in 2010, did not return to the 1996 Constitution, and abolished amendments in the 2004 version, which is unconstitutional by the way took Viktor Yushchenko. “Almost all political forces, which at that time was initiated the repeal of the law as a violation of the procedure of amending the Constitution,” responded to the accusations of Lavrynovych.

He also noted that the excitation of the second criminal case against Yanukovych due to the need of the authorities to find at least some crime. However, it did not save the firm from arrest.

It is the detention of a former slave and forced Yanukovych to “come out of the shadows”. He noted that the prosecution continued to fabricate criminal cases against political opponents of the current government. “He was doing his prescribed statutory functions. Attempts and threats of arrest to “correct” for the prosecution’s testimony only confirms that no evidence of fault in this matter, no”. – said Yanukovych.

In addition, he is sneering the very accusation of violent seizure of power. Yanukovych drew attention to the fact that it is not organized the shooting of people on Maidan, unlike the current government, which staged a bloody coup.

A few questions from the ex-President arose and to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. Yanukovych asked, first, who and why seized more than 1,200 pieces of weapons and ammunition in the offices of the interior Ministry in Western Ukraine the day before the executions of people on Maidan? Secondly, where Lutsenko was known to use these weapons, the radicals will be able to shoot at law enforcement officers? The fact that for three years the shooting of “Heavenly hundreds” were never brought to trial, and the accused is not found, speaks volumes and to a greater extent is the answer to these two questions. “They (the current government) know that if the investigation would be conducted according to the law, it will come on themselves.” – noted ex-the head of Ukraine.

Yanukovych expressed hope that not all judges in the country are intimidated and biased. He believes he has left Themis’s representatives, who follow the letter of the law. In parallel, the lawyers of the former head of Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Lutsenko for lying and spreading false information. Specifically we are talking about the $ 200 million, allegedly confiscated by the Prosecutor’s office, Yanukovych and his entourage. Information about such sums the ex-President called a fake and provided financial statements, according to which he opened two accounts in a Ukrainian Bank in the amount of 1.1 million and 85 thousand dollars.

According to the Deputy head of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir ZHARIKHIN, all attempts of the Ukrainian authorities as a “tarnish” Yanukovych is doomed to failure.

– Ukraine wants to seek his extradition from Russia. Moscow to such a step will not go, at least not yet. This requires serious grounds, and in all criminal cases against it turns Kyiv, the ends do not converge. Consequently, a serious legal grounds for his extradition, no, a desire of the Ukrainian authorities is not enough.


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