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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The IG Nobel prize: the vet explained why “liquid cats” – this is serious

Like water running across a surface, mustaches measure the space and through any crack is can all our favorite whales. Despite the fact that for many centuries, cats are close to the person, there is little we know about them. For example, a scientist from France decided to reveal one of the secrets of these mysterious animals and through scientific experiment found that “cats are liquid”!

At Harvard University presented the 27th annual IG Nobel prize, a parody of the famous Nobel prize, for an extraordinary “scientific work, which at first forced to laugh, and then make you think”, as they say on the website awards.

This time the winner of the prize in physics became a scientist Marc-Antoine Fardin from the Higher school of Lyon, France. The researcher proved that “cats are liquid.” Their interest, he explained that he was fascinated by the photos of the cats, able to take the form of any other containers in which they climb. The scientist asked the question: in what state of aggregation the cats are in a solid or in a liquid. He decided that cats can be used to illustrate fundamental issues in rheology (the branch of physics that studies the deformation and flow of matter).

Interviewed by “MK” experts said that cats have caused scientific interest in physics, because they really are fantastic animals. Thanks to mother nature, these cute predators absolutely everywhere can get through and fill in every possible space.

– We consist of approximately 70 percent water. The cat in this regard is not much different from man. Indeed, if you watch these graceful animals, it is not difficult to see how easily they can take the form of any vessel. Cat is a versatile predator. They have a fantastic ability to relax. This allows our Murzik literally be spread on any surface. They also help movable joints and flexible muscles. But at the same time, they have lightning reaction. They are capable of one shot to catch the bird. After all, no wonder they were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. In any case, the possibility of cats make really think, – said the vet Eugene Tsyplenka.

With him in solidarity and felinologist, an expert on cats angelina Sirotina. Owner of the nursery discovered “MK” another secret seals.

– The ability of cats to fill any space associated with the anatomical structure – the cat is no such body as the collarbone. Due to this, the skeleton in cats is more mobile. The main thing for them to fit head, and then everything else will pass. It is interesting that even the most rotund cats with a large belly, for example, British breed, can squeeze through even the narrowest of cracks. This helps them to moustache. They are for the whales as a measuring instrument like a compass or tape measure. In General, for cats, nothing is impossible.


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