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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The frog-monster was capable of devouring dinosaurs

An international group of scientists from the US and the UK found that Beelzebufo ampinga — the giant extinct frog was able to hunt small dinosaurs. To such conclusion researchers have come, considering the bite force amphibious. An article by paleontologists, published in the journal Scientific Reports, briefly about the discovery described in the press release on the website Phys.org.

Beelzebufo ampinga, or “devil frog” lived on the island of Madagascar 68 million years ago. She belonged to the family Ceratophryidae — group of amphibians, which are characterized by large body size, enormous mouth and strong jaw, as well as Horny growths on the eyelids. Extinct amphibian is probably the largest frog that ever existed. Its length was 41 cm, and weight was 4.5 kg.

The researchers compared the jaw B. ampinga with other amphibians Ceratophryidae. It turned out that amphibians are relatively small with width of head 4.5 cm can produce when biting pressure is 30 Newtons (about three pounds). Large modern horned frogs this figure is equal to 500 Newtons, and a diabolical frog — 2200 Newtons. This is comparable to the compression force of the jaws of wolves and tigers.

According to scientists, B. ampinga preyed on baby dinosaurs reptiles or adults of small size, which was shared with the amphibian the same habitat.

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