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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin in Yandex: Alice told the President about the murder of O’connor

September 21, Vladimir Putin has called to congratulate the company “Yandex” with the 20th anniversary. Solemn meeting with speeches did not happen. Instead, the President was shown the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence, especially the car-the drone and the voice assistant Alice.

photo: kremlin.ru

The purpose of its creation, explained, “MK” one of the developers of Denis Filippov, “to teach the system to engage in dialogue with man in human language. Now Alice is able to answer different questions — for example, about the weather, the location of various organizations and routes, and also can tell you about myself. Alice has its own character: it is a Russian girl who loves to help people. However, while she is very young and still learning”.

“Study” of Alice and though not yet completed. So, the only thing she was able to answer the question (though admittedly provocative question) “who will be the next President?” — “man is not younger than 25 years.”

However, it is possible that it is not so much the lack of information, as in already developed at the artificial intelligence skills of diplomacy. So when I came President, Alice immediately greeted him: “Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich!” and the question of developers “as a mood and not hurt her here?” Alice, thought, said: “Today I looked in the Internet photos of cats and have not seen anything better. I hope you are all well!”

— But replied evasively! — immediately reacted to Putin. When journalists on the same issue in the absence of the head of state Alice answered more directly: “the morning mood no I’m not spoiled!”

Watch the video on:
“Do not offend “Alice”: Putin in Yandex spoke with a voice assistant”


But on neutral subjects like the weather reports or the location of nearby cafes Alice said easily and without thinking twice. So willingly she responded to the request to tell a story. However, the story came out originally:

— There once was a cyber, which was supposed to go back in time to kill some of John O’connor. But then I did not understand.

However, at first, as admitted by the developers to the President, Alice taught Russian language, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. But it had a huge impact on her attitude: “This was the depression, that seemed fit to go and hang myself”. So, judging by told Alice stories, the material for the replenishment of its vocabulary changed. And life, what is called, adjusted. However, the Russians will be able to evaluate it yourself soon: October 10, as reported by the leadership of company President, Alice starts to communicate with the public.

The curtain Putin has shown another new development — vehicle-UAV. In the eyes of the President, he drove from one building, the company turned to another and famously turned around. Putin is seen very much. However, he left still on the car with a driver.

See photo essay on the topic:

Robots Putin: the President in Yandex introduced “Alice” and the drone

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