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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Covfefe – informal drink Nambii”: Internet users made fun of trump for a reservation

The President of the United States Donald trump taking part in the work of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, continues to be the center of attention of the world media. This time it made some noise in the media with his speech at the meeting with leaders of African countries. The fact that the American President in his speech mentioned a non-existent country Nambia twice over.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“In Guinea and Nigeria you (African countries) was struggling with the Ebola outbreak. The healthcare system in Nambii becoming more self-sufficient,” he said, in particular, trump.

Although it is clear that meant Namibia (and it is written in the transcript of the speech of the leader of the United States on the White house website), from ridicule in the Internet the American President is not delivered.

“Nambii not even exist, and the health system there is better than that provided us with Republicans”, “Nambia especially beautiful this time of year. Everyone should visit it. Psilocybin only need to do it,” plenty of commentators have tried their hand at wit.

Some have remarked that trump “comes on the heels of” Maxine waters — member of the U.S. house of representatives, which has also long been famous for its reservations. Not so long ago, for example, she “promised” to impeach Putin (he meant the American Vice-President Pens), before that he intended to deal with “the regime of Dr. Dolittle” in Limpopo (she played the media reporting about her non-existent country), and still earlier it was stated that Russiaattack Korea” (obviously, meant the events in the Crimea).


“Nambia” is not the first mistake made by trump in a public speech. Previously, for example, he has added the definite article “the” to the country name when talking about Ukraine. But “hit” is still a mysterious word “covfefe” used by the President of the United States in one of his tweets in may of this year: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Obviously meant the word “coverage” (in this case, the message would have some meaning, periodas as “despite the constant negative press coverage”). Internet users, however, I laugh not only awkward typo, but that strange unfinished sentence was available for readers microblog trump for five hours. By the way, “covfefe” recalled the President and in connection with the stipulation on meeting with African leaders. “Covfefe — informal drink Nambii,” wrote one Internet user under the telling name “the Resident Nambii”.


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