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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A life for the Tsar: the origins and meaning of the project “Poklonskaya”

“Not the lightning if it dropped from the sky? what does this suggestive horror movement?.. Where do you carry it?”. The questions raised 170 years ago by Nikolay Gogol, like good wine, become more important. And quite applicable now not only to our rapid chariot as a whole but also to individual members of the movement. And the trajectory of one of them — the Prosecutor and Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya — only Gogol’s style and can adequately describe. She compatriot Nikolay Vasilyevich clear answers to questions about the origins and meaning of its appearance on the Russian politstsene does not. Only “a strange ringing filled the bell” its subtle, but clear voices. Becoming, however, more steel sound.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The transformation

She really burst onto the national political firmament like lightning. Well, or using less high style, popped up like a Jack-in-the-box. The Natalia, the person is known to be extremely pious, this idiom is unlikely to appeal, but she won’t argue with the fact that the phenomenon to its people was swift and unexpected. Four years ago, the name brand didn’t say anything to the Russian public. Yes, and Ukrainian — not much more. Although, to be fair, she’s on television and in that period of my life no, no, and appeared.

For example, Natalia Poklonskaya, Simferopol Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor, in front of the camera gives a dressing down to the local peddlers, engaged in unauthorized trading in a conservation area: “there should be forest. The woods and all. Any entrepreneurs here should not be…” Is in 2012. And here it is already the senior Prosecutor of one of departments of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, in front of the city court in Dnipropetrovsk speaks about the case in which represents the public prosecution: “Because one driver wasn’t convinced of safety of maneuver, the second driver was speeding, which was committed a traffic accident…” This entry is dated November 2013.

Just three or four months about Poklonskaya speak not only in Russia and Ukraine, but in the rest of the world. She starts to dedicate songs, poems Declaration of love: “Ah, what a nyasha Prosecutor Natasha!..” She is a heroine of numerous television, documentary and feature films, computer games, comics and cartoons in the anime style. Will be rewarded with personal sanctions of the EU… But there’s absolutely nothing in it gives the Valkyrie the “Crimean spring”. Cloth, monotonous speech, absolutely unobtrusive, inconspicuous appearance… Neither give nor take — a ruffled gray Sparrow.

And it’s not in makeup or hairstyle. Though I have to admit that after the release of “the Prosecutor Natasha” the Russian wide operational space in its image became more vivid and in a purely cosmetic sense. Main thing: despite the well-known saying too much effect on appearance. Especially if it’s place in history. This is not the first time it happens on sharp turns of the historical process: lived inconspicuous, little man, all of a sudden becomes the star of a new era! And now he involuntarily look different. And it becomes different. Another article, other intonations in the voice, and another face — the face of a man suddenly aware of his mission.

The story of the conversion of Kievan Sparrow in the Crimean Firebird is well known. However, only with words most Poklonskaya. Go through the main clauses.

So, the first part, Kyiv. We saw Euromaidan, and was horrified: “under my window all this happened, I’ve seen it all… It’s a mess from the ashes arose their wild dances danced, the other can not say”. But understanding its not found: “Current employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine mentally waiting for this moment, to overthrow the government. Complicated the thought that Europe will help them.” Could not find common language with colleagues and not wishing to serve “came to power the Nazis,” Poklonskaya went to the Crimea, where the parents live.

Part two, the Crimean. March 8, 2014, Poklonskaya went to Sergei Aksenov, appointed shortly before the head of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic, and were asked to work anybody, “even though the ballots to print for a referendum”. And Feldman did not squander valuable human resources. First invited her to become the future Deputy Republican Prosecutor, and the next day, when another candidate refused to hold office — all supposedly scared of three, he called and asked, “are You ready to be the first?” Then the answer Poklonskaya, coupled with the later clarification say about the character of our heroine more than long-winded interview: “they Say: “of Course, ready.” I didn’t even ask where first, in what area…”

And it seems that at this point, Natalya Vladimirovna — up to the ninth grade who dreamed, by the way, according to her, about the career of the artist, is absolutely sincere. She clearly had stayed in the small clerks in the crowd. Felt ripe for the main roles — no matter in what area. Did not fail to take advantage of the opportunity provided by fate.

The secrets of her youth

“Must be a woman some mystery,” rightly noted lyricist Leonid Derbenev. But Poklonsky mysteries of overkill. Most biographical information is accompanied by a caveat: “according to some reports”, “reports”, “rumours”… But even if we talk about those periods of life about which she speaks much and willingly, with white spots, and innuendo is rife.

Get at least the same canonical version of its transition from the Ukrainian civil service to the Russian. According to Poklonski, she filed a report on the dismissal, but according to her own story, before Aksyonov she appeared as an active member of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office. That is, to execute a resignation did not. This is confirmed by the subsequent actions of the Kiev authorities: it was officially dismissed on March 11, 2014. And not by choice, but because of “illegal actions” of the inauguration of the Prosecutor of the rebellious autonomy.

Before that no one from the state office of public Prosecutor did not drive. Moreover, despite the fact that in the last days, “the Prosecutor Natasha”, she said, defiantly went to work with St. George’s ribbon in his buttonhole, all colleagues, and superiors — in one voice tried to dissuade her from dismissal. “Stop, you’re just tired,’ recalled then According to the words of his immediate superior. — What are you going to live? You have a small child. You go on vacation, get some rest.” I said, “Nikolai, I already translate things, I am from Kiev, I work not come back.”

No, the principles are, of course, sacred, but something is clearly not right. What’s the hurry? Why not wait for the calculation to get your hands on the work book, any cash payments? Neither, in theory, very useful in her new position. The chief’s right: in the hands of a child, and other sources of income do not exist. No, apparently, the way Natalya Vladimirovna called not only dislike “to undermine the power of Banderovites”. And its appearance in the office Aksenov March 8, 2014 was hardly accidental.

How now knows, the delicate process of forming the new Crimean authorities were closely coordinated with Moscow. The curators of this process, of course, could choose another man in place of the Republican Prosecutor. More authoritative and professionally trained. But it could be hard to find the best candidate for the role of a living symbol of the face of the “Crimean spring”. Petite, fragile blonde who was impossible to give her small 34 — a no-no, and then suddenly the idea that this teenage girl that decided to fool around, put on my mother’s suit, — as no one else showed the peacefulness and vulnerability saved by Russia of the Peninsula.

In short, if Poklonskaya was not, it would have come up with. However, the resulting image is difficult to name a solid. But here I blame myself Poklonskaya, not spin doctors. Natalia carefully guards information about his personal life. Too carefully for a public figure. A shortage of information in such cases is compensated by not reinforcing the reputation of rumors. Among the few documentary facts of the biography, dedicated her publicity over the past four years, — mother’s maiden name. Yes, and that mean recognition torn almost under torture. Namely, through investigation of “transparency international–Russia”, suggested that “Russia may not have declared all of its property.”

We are talking about the apartment in Donetsk, was in 2010, some Dubrovsky Natalya Vladimirovna. According to “transparency”, the same Dubrovskaya Natalia Poklonskaya — the same person. Poklonskaya called it a blatant lie, adding: “the Name Poklonskaya I took back in 2004”. That year, at the age of 24, she first married. And in the next, 2005, gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia. Somewhat surprisingly, however, the fact that Natalie chose to keep the surname after the divorce. The marriage lasted only a year and a half and, apparently, he left her not the most pleasant memories. According to her, she not only deals with the former spouse, but do not even know where he lives. “I tend to believe that my ex-husband as if nothing happened,” said Poklonski in one of the TV interview.

About the same she says today about your next life companion, “But at that time, when I was talking about her husband, I had a relationship with a man with whom we truly wanted to make the relationship. But, unfortunately, it just so happened that we broke up.” In General, the husband was Yes splyl. But more recently, in the beginning of the year, Poklonskaya said she has a loving, caring and understanding husband. As he loves his daughter calling dad. Shared and a mass of other details. That “met on the job, he is my former colleague”. Together moved to Moscow when she was elected Deputy of the state Duma. The husband is easier than it adapt to the Moscow climate, because previously lived in Moscow. But if all this is true, it can be stated that recently in the life of Natalia Vladimirovna has been a serious personal drama.

About what crashed the family boat, Poklonskaya, of course, not to be. As the name of the failed second half. She, according to some — well, can’t stay away from these formulations, even managed to get married in 2015. Rumor has it that… But why do we gossip? In any case, this is a turned page of her biography. Now heart Natalia Vladimirovna entirely occupied by a different person. Became, you might say, the main man in her life. It’s name is no secret.

Fiery passion

However, the start of this love story, a reliable information is again not available. The question of when and under what circumstances she came to the sad fate of Nicholas II and his family, Polonskaya says: “everyone has some circumstances in life that reveal something new in his life. Maybe it’s connected with family matters, with the tragic events in his personal life, in other areas of life. It’s a very personal question…”

In other words, in a difficult moment of life on Natalya Vladimirovna descended a revelation. Or, as they say, something torknulo. It is absolutely impossible to guess when and why it happened, but it is safe to say that as head of the Republican Prosecutor’s office she took up with a new, enlightened mind: the bossy interior of the Cabinet immediately supplemented by portraits of the beloved Emperor.

Then it probably added to her points, being perceived as fun, innovative trait. Dudinka. But then Taylor began to kink really. It declared that the signed last Russian Tsar, the act of removing from the Royal government does not carry any legal force. It will be released on the “Immortal regiment” not with portraits of their killed in the war grandparents she was instructed to carry to subordinates, and with the icon of Nicholas II…

These eccentricities may also have played a role in her transfer to Moscow. But the main reason, of course, not the case. Natalia, alas, has not gained more authority in the prosecutorial environment. According to a friend of public Prosecutor, the attitude was, of course, ironic. It was clear that “NAS-Prosecutor” is a purely political project with a limited duration. That Poklonskaya has done its job, and it is time to replace it with a less eccentric figure, talking I went to Moscow about a year after her appointment.

It was also found and a new use for her tireless energy: the ruling party is shared with the public insider about the decision to include Poklonsky to your list in the upcoming parliamentary elections. “United Russia” today has an objective interest in the new entities, — talked in the summer of 2015 member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” political analyst Dmitry Orlov. — Poklonskaya will get promotion, promotion on the Federal level, and the party will get a beautiful and in all senses — politically especially — attractive new face”.

On the other hand, continued Orlov, the party needs to get rid of inadequate initiatives. Place of unruly adventurers should take such a bright, popular and associated with the party people like Poklonskaya, who will conduct the party agenda. Poklonskaya stated confidently then Orlov can help you to solve a number of real problems faced by the “United Russia”.

Sorry, trying to be Dmitry Ivanovich, the extent to which, in his opinion, justified these calculations failed. But it is clear that something went wrong. Decorative vignettes Poklonskaya become a Central element of the political landscape. No news about Poklonskaya and her fight with the creators of the movie “Matilda”, which tells about the relationship of Nicholas II and the ballerina Kshesinskaya, and other “profaners of the sacred” does not do any of the day. And this “Holy war” — which seemed at first a farce, buffoonery, but more and more acquiring a dramatic character — less looks like the solution of “real problems of the party.” Develops, on the contrary, the impression that Russia itself has become a problem. In the party ranks are clearly growing concerned about the hysteria around the “Matilda”, spun last, if not primarily due to Poklonskaya. And taking more threatening forms.

“Revived all the dark forces, hysterical, crazy, vandals, bigots: burning cars of innocent citizens, the truck crashed into the cinema…” — hit the alarm the head of the culture Committee of the state Duma, United Russia Stanislav Govorukhin. Another well-known and respected member of the faction, Irina Rodnina — by the way, a member of the General Council of “ER,” advises Poklonskaya not to be confused respect for the traditions and history of our country with a frenzied fanaticism.

However, from the leaders of the party and government do not hear any statements that could be interpreted as a criticism “metallobazy”. And those that heard, but rather come under the category “promotion”. Not so long ago, for example, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has strongly defended Poklonsky from charges from opponents, linking its activity with the actions of extremist opponents “Matilda”. “In order to give such assessment, one must have the evidence base”, — said a cut Volodin. Poklonskaya, he said, has a right to their position and not beyond the scope of their parliamentary authority.

Volodin almost word for word repeated the President. “She has a right to their point of view,” Putin said about the crusade against Poklonskaya “Matilda” during the last a straight line. — She has position, she is trying this position to defend, appeals to various authorities, but no decision about this, as you know, some forbidden, no”.

The power of complete peace of mind. The government clearly says “not Zamay” those who are trying to hobble Poklonskaya. That gives reason to believe that this time we are dealing not with improvisation, not with a natural phenomenon.

“Matilda” dreaming

“The whole story of the confrontation Poklonskaya the movie “Matilda” leaves the impression that we are talking about a political project in which Poklonskaya have a role to play, — a political analyst Avtandil Tsuladze. — Maybe she’s doing it sincerely. But the script is clearly written by the professionals.” The expert gives the following arguments in support of its release: “first, natural Amateur for MPs, especially from the ruling party, in our time is not typical. Poklonskaya would already have received a signal to stop pumping passion if it was just her personal emotions and feelings. Second, the action, which is accompanied by the struggle Poklonskaya with the film, rather typical for the Russian political strategists. Such, for example, go beyond the ordinary and caused a broad discussion acts as a statement erotocism the bust of Nicholas II or the appearance of the action “Immortal regiment” with the image of the king… It’s the techniques that are now called viral marketing.”

The Director’s lawyer “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel, a former member of the Federation Council Konstantin Dobrynin, also sees in the work Poklonskaya and her companions solid organizational beginning: “what probably started out as hyperemotional the reaction of exalted ladies, gradually became a political project. The puppeteers are not clear. It is not excluded that among them there are influential churchmen. In the third stage, all of this activity was transformed into a most of this extremist network with all the possibilities of transformation in the network of terrorist… People who can manipulate Poklonskaya, in their own sense, rather, are fighting for the redistribution of budget flows. But in fact, they may be unwittingly brought to the surface those who want fame, earned on human blood, tears and suffering. Read the history of the Russian terrorism of the XIX — early XX centuries: everything is written. Today we see the formation of his new version”.

The President of the effective policy Foundation Gleb Pavlovsky less categorical in the conclusions: “you can Definitely say is that Natalia Poklonskaya — the person prudent. And falls — no offense — under the famous Russian definition of “psycho nut, and his mouth pulls a spoon, not Slippers”. Actually, the current zorganizowana, gray, boring Duma creates the ideal conditions for this background bloomed a bright poisonous flower. Volodin did not all shaded with gray paint. He needs some exceptions. Natalia Poklonskaya — the man is not stupid. She understands this and uses”.

Pavlovsky, however, agree that Poklonskaya does not act only in their own interests or in the interests of its supporters: “of Course, it is used. Here I have no doubt there. Don’t know who is pulling the strings, but it is visible: she then calms down, then again aktiviziruyutsya. It is, of course, not the only one MP, the other is just differently expressed. In some sudden bills, for example. Usually, this is due to some calls and requests from the Executive. In the Executive branch, of course, there are people who sympathize with not Poklonskaya, they look just as the performer, and the atmosphere of violent hostility, confrontation, seeking the atmosphere to support. Including such inexpensive ways to combat the movie “Matilda”.

As you can see, debate on the topic who is Mrs. Poklonskaya, still very far from the truth. But the detention of the leader of the “Christian state Holy Russia” Alexander Kalinin and several of his colleagues clearly tips the scales in favor of a draft version. It is noteworthy that the very Poklonskaya — the interior Ministry, however, is a different version — it binds with its recent parliamentary inquiry to the head of the Ministry of interior and the public Prosecutor, which referred to the need for the adoption of measures of criminal procedural nature to persons of a radical containing signs of extremism. For reference: Kalinin and his colleagues became famous as rousing speeches and incendiary acts. Members of the “Christian state” are suspected in the arson of cars at the lawyer’s office the Director of “Matilda” and several other criminal acts.

Yes, the process of “matildaville” clearly began to emerge from the coast, but the control is not lost. Current stage of work on the bugs, the operation to enforce peace. Power does not need Orthodox Maidan. You need something else. But what?

“Everything happens on the background of the unfolding presidential campaign — says Avtandil Tsuladze. Project in the center of which was Poklonskaya, contributes to the radicalization of the agenda.” The analyst, like a number of his colleagues, does not exclude the nomination Poklonskaya candidate in the upcoming election: it will give a certain dynamism, drive campaign, now regarded as a boring formal prelude uncontested plebiscite. But in any case, the objectives of the project “Poklonskaya” is not restricted to a pre-election show: “Russia is more closed from the rest of the world goes into a “besieged fortress”. A closed society conform to another ideology and other values. The events surrounding the film “Matilda” should lead to the reformatting of ideologically cultural circuit. The former masters of doom will give way to new ones. Cultural codes of an open society will change the cultural codes of a closed society”.

Well, the scheme, with all its conspiracy theories, is quite logical. But perhaps a more simple explanation — not contradicting the previous one, but rather complements it. Conscious of the fragility of the built of the political system, the government seeks to strengthen its non-system backups. Chain dogs, not formally affiliated with a frostbitten, a wild, but obedient, the manual clearly understands the command “fetch” and “fu”. Quasi-“third force”, designed to mix the cards the real opponents of the ruling team.

Examples of such projects abound in the world, and Russian history. The closest domestic analogue is the “Union of Russian people” and like him a radical monarchist organization, blossomed magnificent color on the decline of the Russian Empire. Example that clearly shows the harmfulness of games such to the authorities that none of the Bolsheviks had not done so much to discredit the tsarist regime and the split of the ruling elite, as a faithful black hundreds. Tell the fool to pray to God — he hurt his forehead, they say. It is not necessary to entrust such an important matter as the salvation of the system of power, fanatics and fools.


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