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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The US will apologize to Putin: American expert said the words Freeman

Wednesday came two unofficial events, however, caused serious political repercussions in the world. The organizers of the International discussion club “Valdai”, the press service of the President of Russia announced the theme for the next meeting and have confirmed their participation in the discussion of Vladimir Putin. Simultaneously with the announcement of the “Valdai” the world saw the scandalous, aggressive anti-Putin video which played God of actor Morgan Freeman. What will be the Valdai forum, deign the us side to apologize for the Oscar-winning whistleblower, or will require justification from the head? What international background, Russia will enter a presidential campaign? Does the United States seek conflict with Russia, and how will the relations between the two superpowers in the future? These questions of “MK” said a political observer from the United States Michael BOHM is one of the participants of the “Valdai”.

Valday meeting that is physically held in Sochi from 16 to 19 October, will be the last informal “publication” of the head of state before the start of the presidential campaign in Russia. And the debate may well be not so friendly, but on the contrary – a scandalous and very difficult, because the subject matter is formulated rigidly: “Creative destruction: will there be conflicts the new world order”? Western politicians and political scientists on the forum will, as usual, the second more than the Russian, and they certainly would also want to know about Putin’s reaction to the clip Freeman.

The star of “Oscar” in his video calls Vladimir Putin a former KGB spy, who has a grudge against America and wants her revenge. Morgan urges US President trump to speak from the Oval office address to the nation and the world, which recognizes that America is danger emanating from Russia.

– Michael, do you think the theme of “Valdai” can provoke not only disputes, but also conflicts?

– The topic is very sensitive because the world is in a very unstable position. Different countries know what is order and disorder in different ways. The world is a living, changing organism, and no one can know where it’s going. He is unpredictable. Unpredictable and discussion on this topic. It can be constructive, but a delicate situation and is able to escalate the passion.

Now we are experiencing the revision of the world order that existed for several decades. Formulated by the host party theme contains a clear allusion to the fact that the US is losing its position of world leader, that time has passed. America’s influence narrows, with the rise of China, India and several other countries. I would not say that Russia is skyrocketing, but on the other hand it is Russia in the new century was the main problem for the United States. Russia’s desire to do whatever she sees fit, anyone regardless, calling Moscow’s behavior provokes serious irritation of the Americans, and most American experts.

We do not hide discontent, but do not hide the fact that in the United States are well aware of their new, cutting role in the world order. The era of the US as global policeman completes, but the question is, will there be a new era of better and safer? Another Sheriff, unfortunately, in the world. Candidate for this role may be China, but I think that even Russia will agree that it will be even more evil than the American Sheriff. Now anyone not too lazy to complain about the fact that America interferes everywhere. But when she stops to do it — complaints will be even greater. American leadership is bad, but the only thing worse is when the US will give up this role. The UN is not an alternative. The Sheriff was bad, but when he left, everyone begged him to come back.

– How does the USA view the clip of Morgan Freeman? How you personally perceive it?

– In Russia it is understood that Freeman promises a military attack by Russia on America and accuses Putin’s clever plan. This is wrong. Actor criticizes Putin and trump for what he’s sluggish response to the Russian cyber attacks, and that it interferes with the missions of the USA in Eurasia.

By itself, the image of the wronged spy who takes revenge on America for the collapse of the Soviet Union, already so entrenched in the United States, has become the hackneyed theme that the American audience is no longer paying attention, and refers to the jammed disc. I think that Russia is really upset with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but I don’t understand why you think that America is to blame? It’s like a boxer who lost the match, looking for the guilty. Here I can agree with Freeman that much in relations between our countries and political elites due to the offense, under which no special soil.

The concern is the need for Russia if not to avenge US, to oppose America not only words. Words the whole world opposes American foreign policy. But Russia opposes it’s actions, subversive activities in Afghanistan, Syria and so on. So I largely agree with Freeman, though the form of presentation of his clip somewhat sharp and jarring.

But about the Russian attack on America two opinions cannot be: it is not attacked and we’re sure not going to attack.

– Can the participants of the “Valdai” on the American side apologize to Putin for a clip of Freeman?

The video was shot by an actor — his personal initiative. Therefore, politics for him is not the answer. And every average American can say about Putin what he wants. Maybe to apologize.

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