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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The governors Putin promised a prosperous country under his leadership

At a meeting with 16 governors Vladimir Putin did not hide the obvious: the results of past elections September 10, completely satisfied. No complaints about the voter turnout, which in many regions has been at a record low level or lack of competition, which the authorities blame the opposition, it does not.

photo: kremlin.ru

I must say that I was pleased with the result, the bat began the President. — The vast majority received 60% of votes is a high level of trust and high expectations from people who came to the polls and voted for you.

I must say that the Kremlin had not been required to increase the turnout in the gubernatorial election. Political scientists have even a new term — “natural turnout”, the relevant “electoral traditions of the region.” In fact, this means that if, for example, in the Sverdlovsk region on elections of the head traditionally comes less than 40% of the electorate, it makes no sense to require her more. Another thing — vote for President: here, according to sources close to the AP, planned to stick to the formula “70 to 70”: i.e., the main applicant must obtain at least 70% of the votes with a turnout of at least 70%.

More important than the turnout for the Kremlin in the presidential election was the legitimacy of the person chosen and the absence of serious violations. With this task, all the regions have coped more or less successfully. As reported on Wednesday, the CEC, the voting results across the country cancelled only 15 sites, of which only three (one in Buryatia and two in Belogorodskaya oblast) located in the territories where elections were held the Governor.

As for legitimacy, after Putin’s trips to the regions and his insightful interviews with the candidates any questions to the last left. Elections once again demonstrated that the resource of the President can be elected almost anyone. Even for a native of the interior Ministry (and, as they say, a former guard of GDP), Dmitri Mironov, who, after spending a year in the status of acting, and not used to the publicity his new position, voted nearly 80% of voters in the Yaroslavl region. In the result, the governors would have added a whole galaxy of “young technocrats” — it is now accepted to call people younger than 50 with experience in various power structures. It is noteworthy that Putin himself in addition to age their main advantage considers energy. At least that’s the word he thrice repeated, in his little opening speech.

— People hope that with the arrival of young, energetic, well-trained people will be suspended, but vigorous measures to improve the situation in the regions concerned, first said the GDP. And in the end summed up: — Hope you will use your skills, experience and energy to tackle those tasks for which you came to this high office and received the support of voters.

I must say that the Kremlin technocrats is not lost. The most energetic was elected head of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov, who experience public activities do not take — up direction in the region he worked as one of the deputies of Sergey Sobyanin. No sooner had the President to end up like the MP rushed to report about their first achievements — had a meeting with the management of Railways agreed to build a bridge across the Kama river, develops the project of development of previously abandoned space near water, visits the enterprise.

— Industry growth plus 3% — boasted the Governor. And the situation is completely different. Before the Director said, “the State!” And now talk about how attracted orders.

— I asked with real estate investors to meet, — said the President.

— We met, — with readiness has reported Reshetnikov. — It’s all about the medinformonline. Face it.

As a detailed report presented to the GDP the new head of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov. Although after the visit of the head of state in this region only a month has passed, the main problems have been resolved. Drafted amendments to laws that will return the Kaliningrad region the status of one of the most attractive for investors of the SEZ. Agreed the decision to abolish VAT on air tickets from other cities of Russia to Kaliningrad and back. And most importantly — found sources for the construction of the road “seaside ring”: as announced by the Finance Ministry, the necessary funds will be obtained by increasing the tariff of gasoline.

Here, it would seem that the President was wary: the decision of the government might find support in the Western enclave, but is unlikely to be adopted with enthusiasm by other constituents motorists. Because the cost of gasoline for them will increase significantly. But during the presidential campaign, apparently, has not yet come. Vladimir Putin is not just paused, and asked to quickly use the found mechanisms. The construction of the ring, he said, should not be renewed in 2019, as a plan of regional authorities and the Ministry of transport, and already in 2018.

Quite understandable that young technocrats until I remain in high spirits. Of course! Elections are behind us, trust them and support them the President, the project that for years lay on the shelf, got the “green light” in the ministries and departments. But, unfortunately, not always. “Honeymoon” will end quickly, and at the beginning of next year, the elected governors will have to undergo a serious test of aptitude related to the implementation of “may decrees” of the President and of the recently adopted social decision-making. In particular, the increase in public sector wages 70% is the load on the regions and only 30% will provide the Federal budget. The increase from 1 January the minimum wage to 85% of the subsistence minimum will cost 26 billion rubles, of which 19 billion, again, should ensure that the regions. Meanwhile, in some regions (and this was mentioned at the meeting, Putin himself, focusing on Novgorod region), the fiscal situation remains difficult, and to find the “decoupling”, the governors will have to show remarkable lobbying efforts at the Federal level and in the territories. Meanwhile many people, especially “outsiders”, not yet established trust-based relations with the local elites. And some, such as Alexander Brechalov (Udmurtia) and Andrey Nikitin (Novgorod oblast), according to political analysts, even talking in an incomprehensible “language of capital”.

In this sense, the most strong position, Yevgeny Savchenko, has been the Manager of the Belgorod region already since 1993. By the way, using the status of the age (67 years) and an experienced Governor, Savchenko at the meeting in the Kremlin decided to teach the young technocrats master class and show how you need to talk with the President. He began his address with words of thanks, definitely noticing that the voters in the elections on 10 September voted not so much for the candidates themselves, how much for Vladimir Putin.

We will do everything to see our country continue to prosper under your leadership! — assured the Governor, not forgetting casually mention the importance of “moral spheres”.

However, Savchenko admitted that he personally went to the “5-year finish line” and it’s time to think about changing. Here, in his words, useful experience mentoring, well-established in the Soviet era.

But Putin on this, it seems, has a different opinion. In his speech he emphasized the importance of public nomination of candidates in the regional team. According to the President, this should demonstrate to society, especially young people that “social elevators” working in the country and the power you can get without having “some ties”. The words of the GDP means that many of the elected governors will have to dismiss people with whom they worked, being in the status of acting (for Example, Dmitry Mironov almost their entire team brought from Moscow, leaving from the previous composition of the government of the Yaroslavl one or two officials.) Coming from Putin, young technocrats who joined them, and promised that the competition for vacant positions will take place soon and will be absolutely fair and transparent.


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