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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The debut of the trump in the UN failed, and criticized the allies and opponents

Even the high tribune of the General Assembly of the United Nations was unable to tame the martial ardor of the President of the United States Donald trump during his first speech to the UN. He spoke as if he is in the White house or camp David, or on the Playground for a game of Golf at his Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago. And this has not gone unnoticed by those to whom he spoke.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Confrontational style of speech of the American leader shook the General Assembly. Trump threatened to “completely destroy North Korea” if she tries to threaten America, and at the same time rejected as untenable “nuclear agreement” reached by Obama with Iran, calling it “a disgrace to the United States.”

Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly was received by the audience without those explosions of delight and a thunder of applause, to which it is so used in the presentations to their constituents. The audience reacted to the bellicose statements of the American leader silence which is occasionally interrupted by weak applause.

It happened, when he called North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN “man-rocket”. He said that the world faced a “harrowing of hell”. For 42 minutes, during which the high rostrum of the UN rampage trump, President Obama essentially proclaimed and defended their policy of “America first”.

“As the President of the United States I will always put first the America, as well as you, as leaders of their countries, will always put it at the forefront of your country,” — said trump. The speech was met with only mild applause.

However, the essence of the speech trump came down to the fact that nationalism should be the basis of strong States. “If a defending a just cause, will not play against the few Mitrofanov, then evil will prevail, — told the trump. — When honorable people and nation are only observers of history, then all the destruction to increase its power and strength.”

The President of the United States in particular have focused their attention on North Korea. He talked about the fact that the government of Pyongyang is not only trying to become a nuclear power, but also acts against the citizens of other countries (trump cited the example of the fate of the American student who was terminally ill in North Korea and died in the US a week after returning).

“No state on earth does not want to see this gang of criminals armed with nuclear weapons and missiles, said trump. — USA have enough power and patience, but if they are forced to do so, they will protect themselves and their allies. We will have no choice but to destroy North Korea. “Rocket man” is busy now a suicide mission for himself, and for his regime.”

Without mentioning China directly, trump descended on Beijing for the fact that there is still support your “neighbor robber.” He said that the angry behavior of those countries that still conduct trade, arming and supplying North Korea.

He then moved to the Iran agreement, which was signed by President Obama and the leaders of the 5 other States (the agreement was ratified by the UN Security Council; it is to a certain extent binds Iran is also striving for nuclear weapons).

Under us law trump until October 15 will have the opportunity to speak about whether Iran complies with the agreement that the current American leader calls shameful, demanding its abolition. “The Iranian agreement is one of the worst and unilateral actions. This agreement is just a disgrace to our country,” said trump. This particular passage of the speech trump drew a loud applause from the Israeli delegation. Prime Minister Netanyahu applauded from the gallery. He called it trump most daring and straight from all the speeches that have been uttered at the UN for 30 years. However, other members of the General Assembly considered the speech of the leader of the US too warlike. “If trump set out to show that he is in reality a threat to world peace, he succeeded in his speech. This will complicate his efforts to bring the world community to his self-destructive goals,” said TRITA Parsi, President national Iranian American Council. At the moment when the tramp uttered a philippic against Iran or Iranian President Hassan Rouhani or foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif were not present in the courtroom. As for the Ambassador of North Korea, he left his place as soon as the President trump came to the podium.

In an interview with President Rouhani, published before the speech trump, the latter is accused that his actions will bring upon US a very big problem. No one will believe US, said in the statement. In turn, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in his Twitter: “Ignorant speech trump hate, belongs to the middle ages, not the twenty-first century, UN.”

But not only are opponents of trump spoke out against him. For example, Federica Mogherini, head of EU diplomacy, said: “we never say at the UN about the destruction of those or other States”.

The President of France Emmanuel macron, which has a generally friendly relationship with trump, in this case, too, acted against him. In his speech at the UN General Assembly the macron, called the agreement with Iran a “substantial and solid”. He said that violation of the agreements or waiver agreements would be “a big mistake”.

The French President shares the view of trump on nuclear madness of Pyongyang, noting at the same time that the best solution to the North Korean problem is diplomatic pressure. “France refuses escalation, and will not close the doors to dialogue,” said macron. The French President also challenged trump’s position regarding climate change. “The planet will not negotiate with us,” said macron. He also noted that trump did the wrong thing coming out of the Paris agreement on pripadanii climate change.

With the rebuff to the President of the United States was made by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, also criticized the policy of trump in relation to climate. “We now know a lot in order to act. Science is untouchable,” he said from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly.

The first reaction from China to trump’s speech was relatively mild. Perhaps this is a result of the fact that before the meeting of the General Assembly trump called President XI Jinping. An editorial in the Chinese newspaper “China daily” criticized the United States for what they are not willing to negotiate with North Korea. “His threats to completely destroy North Korea and worsen the already difficult situation,” – said in the newspaper.

But trump’s speech in the UN General Assembly caused rejoicing Republican lawmakers and conservative American leaders. They welcomed the “strong stance” of the President against Iran and North Korea. That said John Boulton, former US Ambassador to the UN: “it’s safe to say that in the entire history of the United Nations has never been more straightforward criticism of behavior – unacceptable behavior – other members of the UN.”

Trump spoke under the arches of the UN General Assembly with nationalist appeals, which declined other American presidents. He not only abandoned the Paris agreement, but also from the TRANS-Pacific partnership, and threatened to withdraw from Trade agreements North American countries.

The American leader did make passing reference to such issues as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation. But he, on the other hand, struck the Venezuelan government, “not respecting” their sovereignty. Trump said that “this corrupt regime has destroyed a prosperous nation, bringing to power a failed ideology that reproduces poverty and misery throughout the Land, where it is used”.

Among the heads of state and government participating in the work of the UN General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin. How can you explain in new York his absence? The fact that he is taking part in the work of the UN General Assembly, was forced to engage in polemics with the President of the United States, and it is not responding at this stage the foreign policy interests of Russia.

As you know, the tribune of the UN General Assembly is almost always used by the Soviet Union as a mouthpiece through which the country Councils were notified the whole world about his “world-historical” proposals for the prohibition of nuclear weapons worldwide and the establishment of universal “grace on Earth”. Of course, today the Russian leadership does not even have outreach capacity to make such statements from the rostrum of the UN the authority where soiled fingers of the President of the United States.


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