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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scientists said that sexual activity depends on the shape of the face

A group of canadian researchers led by Stephen Enoki from the University of Nipissing came to the rather startling conclusion that the form of human face can be associated with how much he loves sex. According to scientists, most often maximally sexually active are people who have a broad and short face.

photo: pixabay.com

In some earlier studies has been seen the relationship between certain characteristics of human behavior and the what is the ratio of the length and height of his face, experts say. To determine whether the shape of the face of man’s attitude to sex, the researchers conducted two surveys among adult students.

In the first stage, psychologists interviewed 145 of volunteers, consisting in a romantic relationship. In particular, respondents talked about their sexual behaviour and how they communicate with other people. Also, experts have calculated the ratio of the length and height of the faces of the participants — this figure is called fWHR (Facial width to height ratio).

The second phase of the study as a whole is not too different from the first, however, it was attended by 314 people. It was also somewhat expanded the number of questions — this time the experts also tried to find out how often respondents cheated on their partners.

It turned out that people with wide, but not high persons most actively sought to have sex. The researchers claim that they have noticed the trend spread like on both men and women.

Experts suggest a similar relationship can be explained by the amount of testosterone contained in the body of a man in puberty and some of the other stages of life. This hormone is partly to depend on both the face shape and some features of behavior, including attitude toward sex. However, it is worth noting that in the aggregate the respondents had less than 500 people, so perhaps the results can be considered verified in full.

Their findings are shared in the pages of scientific publication Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Recall the last time there was also published a number of studies which compared the attitude towards sex of men and women. In particular, experts from the British universities of Glasgow and Southampton have drawn attention to the fact that women more often than men (34 percent vs 15) faced with the fact that for a long time interest in physical intimacy they have lost almost completely.

Another group of researchers recently showed (however, in the case of mice) that males have sexual and aggressive behavior are at the neurophysiological level to a greater extent than females. However, the authors of the scientific work urged not to make too far reaching conclusions on the basis of these results.


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