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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Media: NASA commented on the rumors about the imminent collision of Earth with Nibiru

In some media, there were reports that experts at the American space Agency NASA has responded to the rumors about the collision of Earth with a mysterious planet Nibiru. According to these rumors, September 23, mysterious and not recognized in the science planet will hit the Earth, and the consequences will be catastrophic for the latter. However, experts urged the Terrans not to fear that such can really happen.

photo: pixabay.com

In the near future, Earth is threatened collision with any known space object, and especially with the planet, assure experts referenced in the media. The specialists reminded that in the Solar system, perhaps there really is another planet. Most likely, in this case, the researchers mean the so-called “planet X,” indirect evidence for the existence of which and was discovered by astronomers Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin from the California Institute of technology.

While found in many the Internet-editions the statement that this planet is indeed the planet Nibiru, to say the least, an exaggeration. A common conspiracy theory on celestial body, which one day will destroy the planet, still is neither based on the data astronomers about the Solar system, or even the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, from which its image was allegedly taken. At the same time, the so-called “planet X” may exist in reality, albeit its presence was proved only by circumstantial evidence.

However, you may recall that in the past, “planet X” and she managed to become part of some “apocalyptic” theories. For example, Daniel Vitmaiyer from the University of Louisiana did not rule out that it may direct to Earth of the comet, which, in turn, the collision will trigger a mass extinction.

By the way, recently it was reported that in the future the Earth may indeed collide with another planet, Mars or Venus. However, according to experts, this can occur only after billions of years, when under the influence of various factors the orbits of the planets of the Solar system will change significantly, and might even intersect.


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