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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fear and hatred of Morgan Freeman: why Hollywood star attacked Russia

The longer I live, the more I feel that life is not always perfect, but almost always awesome. It would seem that it could be more common in the former diligent graduate students of the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee and the famous 80-year-old black American actor? As it turned out now very much. The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite (in the past, the graduate student and member of the Communist party since 1983), and laureate of the award “Oscar” Morgan Freeman is an active participants is very aggressive and very specific propaganda campaign against our country. The campaign, which is almost impossible to resist using rational and logical arguments.

I am a person who used to look at any situation through the prism of national interests of Russia. Therefore, any criticism of our country from the mouth of foreigners is obviously distressing for me. However, disappointment is not equivalent to lack of understanding. For example, when another Western leader in the rhetorical heat once again throws Moscow a declarative requirement ” immediately return the Crimea, the villains!”, I’m such a requirement, of course, strongly disagree. But at the same time I am well aware what kind of logic underlies it.

I understand that in the West no one seriously expects Russia to “return” Crimea. This train is gone, this plane is forever gone. But the rejection of the propaganda claims about the Peninsula means for Western leaders losing face, their political capitulation to Putin. Therefore, the current status quo — a de facto “Crimea is ours”, but de jure no one in the West does not recognize — will last a very long time, perhaps even indefinitely. Unpleasant, of course. But it is absolutely logical.

However, there are situations to which logic is irrelevant — situations such as sudden video message famous Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman to the American people: “we are under attack. We are at war… Our President must tell us the truth. It needs to sit behind the Desk in the oval office and telling: “My fellow Americans, during the election we were attacked by the Russian state..” Join the battle. Join the Committee of inquiry of Russia. Here is the link to the site. Like us on Facebook!”

But as it is possible to respond adequately, based on logic and common sense? I’m afraid that in any way. No, in theory, to adequately respond on anything. For example, Wednesday morning I ran the same on Facebook the following comment of a former US Ambassador to the USSR Jack Matlock, regarding the article with the speaker called ” Yellow journalism “new York times” in relation to Russia”: “it’s Sad, but true…it reminds Me of an ancient saying: whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Until now, luck has been kind to US, but we should pray that members of our besotted political elite time to Wake up.

Imagine: a Republican-controlled Congress imposed sanctions against Russia for what she allegedly helped to elect their candidate. Not even a shred of evidence that Russia has changed at least one vote in the election. But the question arises: if the Republican party unhappy with election trump why she has put forward? Neither Russia nor any other foreign country would be unable to provide election trump, if one of our main political parties did not nominate him as a candidate”.

Adequately? 100%. Powerful? Not the right word. Effectively? Unfortunately, not really. On the expert opinion of a highly qualified specialist Matlock in America know only a handful of people. With the “expert opinion” Morgana Freeman in the US in one way or another familiar to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of citizens. Against scrap no reception. Against beautifully made, but have no relation to the reality of propaganda, too.

But enough about Morgan Freeman. I still will not cease to love him as an actor. I sincerely believe that he sincerely believes in what he says — or, rather, carries. Morgan Freeman is, in my eyes, people are misguided, people who used. About the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite won’t. Grybauskaite — the epitome of the type of politicians who are themselves exploited by anyone, that kind of servants that remain on the “crest of a wave” in any political system and every ideology.

Let’s fantasize: where today was Dalia Grybauskaite, if in 2017 there was still the Lithuanian SSR? I will Express my version: very likely she would be in the highest party leadership of the Republic, fought there for “Soviet power and the triumph of Lenin’s ideas”. That thought makes me double hostility refers to statements by Dalia grybauskaitė about Russia — the statements in the degree of the fantastic have long been caught up and overtaken similar words of Mikhail Saakashvili. Do not believe that Saakashvili can overtake? It can be done. Speaking recently at the UN General Assembly – in the hall, who defiantly left our delegation — the President of Lithuania described the hidden purpose of the current Russian-Belarusian exercises ” rehearsal of aggressive scripts against neighboring States, training their army to attack the West.”

This is so funny, isn’t it? However, do I risk to call Dalia Grybauskaite stupid and short-sighted policy? No, not going to risk it. If you look from the point of view of its own political survival, the statements of the President of Lithuania Mrs. Grybauskaite bring only benefits. Explain his idea. 13 years ago nobody could have imagined that a few years later, the West and Russia will again divide the “iron curtain”. But the mere suspicion that the newly elected President of the country Rolandas Paksas too friendly attitude towards Moscow, is so scared of the Lithuanian political elite that Paksas gave epicmen.

January 5, 2003 in the second round of national elections of the President of Lithuania “politically reliable” by the political elite Valdas Adamkus received nearly 45% of the vote, and the “upstart” Paksas is nearly 55%. The term of office of the head of state in Lithuania is five years. But in June 2004, President in Vilnius was the man the country’s political elite wanted to see in this position initially is a former American mid-level official Valdas Adamkus. Now you understand the “reasonableness” of the behavior of Dalia Grybauskaite? If the choice is between their preservation to the rank of President and the refusal of the Russian delegation listen to your speech in the UN, the choice is unfortunately obvious.

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