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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A volunteer on the head: in the headquarters of the Bulk wormed apolitical con

15 Sep Nicholas Laskina, head of the Moscow headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny was attacked. Unknown struck him with a metal pipe on the head and disappeared. However, after a few days he was detained. They have been previously convicted Mikhail Shcherbakov from the Leningrad region, And his testimony was unexpected. According to him, the attack he ordered… he Lyaskin, and in Moscow he came to work as a volunteer at the headquarters.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, not so sudden that statement. Shortly after the attack, the opponents of Navalny talked about the fact that it’s staged provocation. As always happens when the victims turns out to be someone from the opposition, Pro-government supporters talk about the “sacred sacrifice”. The situation is different in that by the sacrifice of himself the Laskin allegedly brought it.

The afternoon of September 20 on the official website of GU MVD in Moscow was partially published testimony Shcherbakov. He argues that the Internet has seen information about volunteer work in the headquarters and went to Moscow to find a job.

We got in touch with the family of Shcherbakov, of his plans they know nothing and if he really went “to Bulk”, then from them it is carefully concealed. Shcherbakov according to them, absolutely not versed in politics, did not know the names of the parties and movements and never went to the polls. He said he was going to Moscow to the construction site.

“Said will be in Moscow the same things here,” says his half-sister Tatiana. In the Leningrad region before his departure he worked on construction sites.

Read the story: “the Suspect in the attack on Laskin — judged apolitical worker”

A week after leaving for work, he wrote to his nephew Marat a message in the social network, said Hello native, said that things are going well, not a word obmolvilas about the beginning of his political career.

On his page “Vkontakte” Shcherbakov also does not connected with politics, signed on the comic pages and regularly post tearful, brutal quotes: “every hobo needs its own Princess” and so on, bragging about buying fake watches and otfotoshopte the cover of men’s magazine with her attached to his photograph, and most of the photos he’s building the house and regularly drinks with friends. And then, in the midst of all this, we stumble upon a picture of him… in the Moscow headquarters of the Bulk, and then a group selfie with Leccinum. They were exhibited on 16 September, the day after the attack. No reviews images it accompanies.

In the evening, in day of detention of Shcherbakov, Laskin was called to the police Department, but a lineup was not held, upon the advice of counsel, he left the office in 22 hours because the investigative actions carried out after this time can be challenged in court.

The next day, after investigators showed him a picture of the attacker, the Laskin has published an angry post about that incident a provocation by the security forces, because he showed a photo of a man who repeatedly came to the headquarters. According to the politician, he took him for one of the crazy people who often write to him or call. Shcherbakov, according to Laskin, said that he had come on a business trip from St. Petersburg and wants to volunteer. However, he did not understand “what is happening and what the campaign is.”

The next day after beating the Laskin said that could identify the assailant “in the hood slim build”.

But someone took a picture together and, by his own admission, talked for 15 minutes, he did not recognize.

However, even stranger than a broken pipe memory Laskin, it seems the behavior of Shcherbakov, who in secret from the relatives of the volunteers went to Moscow, but found very far from this concept the use of its capabilities.

All these facts in one chain don’t add up. Someone is clearly lying. Either the Laskin for boys-volunteers have noticed a severe felon and decided to ask him to hit himself on the head tube, or the request was voiced by someone else, interested in the fact that in the end, to turn the tide against the opposition.

At the time of signing the numbers Nikolai Lyaskin again went in OVD “petty-bourgeois” accompanied by lawyers.

The Bulk Business. Chronicle of events

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