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Friday, February 23, 2018

While the US and China agree: why North Korea’s neighbours continue to arm themselves

In the international arena is less talk of a diplomatic solution to the North Korean nuclear problem, and more and more on the military. Even the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley acknowledged that the security Council has exhausted all means of pressure on Pyongyang. North Korea’s neighbours, who may become the first victims of the military crisis on the Korean Peninsula, it seems, have long realized this and began to arm. While South Korea is deploying a new batch of anti-missile systems THAAD, Japan says about the installation of missile defense systems Patriot. However, the President of the United States Donald trump is not yet lose hope with the help of China to solve the problem by peaceful means, as it follows from his recent conversation with President of China XI Jinping. But can, in principle, Beijing to prevent the plans of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN?

photo: AP

The international community tries to intensify pressure on North Korea. After a new package of sanctions against Pyongyang Spain announced the expulsion of Ambassador of North Korea from the country. He was told to leave the country before 30 September. Informed the ambassadors of North Korea, sent to Mexico, Kuwait and Malaysia.

But all these demonstrative gestures, it seems, has no effect on Pyongyang. The North Korean foreign Ministry stressed that nothing will stop their missile and nuclear tests. “Intensification of efforts of the US and its vassals in order to impose sanctions and to increase pressure on the DPRK will only hasten the work to completion of the state’s nuclear program,” reads the statement of the foreign Ministry.

See this in the UN. The U.S. permanent representative Nikki Haley acknowledged that the security Council has exhausted all possibilities of pressure on North Korea, and hinted at a military solution. “If North Korea will continue to behave recklessly and if the United States would have to defend itself or its allies, North Korea will be destroyed, and we all know this,” she said in an interview to television channel si-EN-EN.

Meanwhile, neighbors of North Korea strengthen their defenses. The Minister of defence of Japan, Itsunori of Onodera revealed plans to deploy missile systems Patriot PAC-3 near the city of Hakodate in the South-West of Hokkaido island. “We intend to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of residents”, — said the head of the defense Ministry, adding that the main threat to civilians comes from North Korean missile launches.

South Korea in early September announced that it intends to place on its territory four additional launchers for the American anti-missile complexes THAAD. They will be added to two existing installations South of Seoul. The issue of procurement of new missile systems has caused a fierce debate in the country. Against THAAD in South Korea is China, fearing that the missile defense system can be used against him. The newly elected President of South Korea moon Jae In decided to concede to China on this issue, but after a series of missile and nuclear tests of its Northern neighbor began to increase the defense potential of the country. The United States also agreed to remove from the Seoul restrictions on combat load of South Korean missiles.

President trump, meanwhile, held a telephone conversation with the leader of China, XI Jinping, during which they agreed to increase pressure on Kim Jong-UN. But how are these plans realistic?

“China certainly has leverage over Pyongyang because they have a military Treaty, recalled in an interview with “MK” head of the Center for political studies and forecasts of the Institute of Far Eastern studies Andrei VINOGRADOV, — in addition, China is the main trading partner of the DPRK. But the special nature of the relations between the two countries does not mean that Beijing there are infinite possibilities of exerting pressure on Pyongyang. Because if such opportunities with China was, he would have used them. That is the nature of the relationship between these States is a privileged, but exceptionally privileged in comparison with other countries. You have to understand that in this case we are talking about the subject of exceptional importance for the DPRK, the problem is not only national security, but, according to Pyongyang, the existence of the North Korean state. And this is a natural limitation to influence on the part of Beijing.

China does not even consider the question of the cessation of trade with North Korea and the imposition of comprehensive sanctions. His position as the Russian, is that sanctions have proved ineffective in solving the North Korean problem. That is why both Russia and China advocate a balanced approach, for the policy of diplomatic settlement”.

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