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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The military-industrial complex, Putin praised the arms and offended Lukashenko

In the headquarters of the secret “Almaz-Antei” (production including the famous s-300 and s-400) the Supreme commander was waiting with enthusiasm. And it’s not just in the Bottom of the armorer, at his order, noted on 19 September for the sixth time. On the eve of good news came from the White house: the project of the next Federal budget for expenses connected with the defense, accounted for nearly a third of all allocations of 29% or, roughly speaking, about 5 trillion More just share of the social sphere, but this is understandable: according to the Constitution Russia is a social state.

photo: kremlin.ru

The militarization of the budget, and who may worry, but the arms manufacturers, of course, only be happy. Huge financial investment has enabled defence industry to achieve such results, which is not even dreamed of other sectors of the economy. And this in spite of the crisis and sanctions, which, by the way, “Almaz-Antey” tried to fight in the court of the European Union, but was defeated. At the beginning of this year, the European court came to the conclusion that the company, as a manufacturer of weapons (though his system and not used in the Donbass) indirectly support the violation of the territorial integrity of a neighboring state, and thus imposed on him the restrictions of the withdrawal are not subject. Appeal to serve the “Almaz-Antey” was not, moreover, that in three years the Russian defense industry has adapted to the new realities.

– In the defense industry achieved steady growth, exceeding similar indices for many other sectors of the economy, stated at the meeting of the military-industrial Commission, which was held after the inspection of the headquarters of the concern Vladimir Putin. The growth in production volumes, according to him, is noted in almost all industries, especially in electronics – 18.5 %, industry of munitions and special chemicals – almost 14.5 %, in the manufacture of conventional weapons — more than 10%, aircraft 9%, shipbuilding — almost 4%. For comparison, in the civilian sector one of the highest rates in 2016, has made agriculture and 4.8% (also due to the subsidies of the state). And for example, manufacturing showed a growth of only 0.1%.

Putin praised gunsmiths for high productivity: the growth of the enterprises of the complex on average is 8.8%. Similar rate increases and the salary. While the whole of Russia all the way around, and this theme is sick for the President: put it 6 years ago, the task to 2018 to increase labor productivity 1.5 times is definitely not to be done. Well, at least the gunsmiths did not disappoint. Although GDP found something to complain about: the cost of their products is too high, and this reduces its competitiveness.

– Our businesses are still inferior to their foreign competitors, admitted the commander in chief, Need to continue to reduce the cost of production through the introduction of resource-saving technologies, optimization of facilities and procurement activities. The production of advanced weapons and equipment, determining the combat power of the Russian army, he said, should be “technologically independent” from foreign components.

Military Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told journalists that closed to the press part of the meeting of the defense industry, Putin demanded from the military to increase the accuracy of the Russian GLONASS navigation system to the American GPS. We are now approximately twice inferior to the Americans: if they have a permission level of 3.6 m, we have more than 7 meters. According to Rogozin, the order of the commander will be able to perform roughly in 2020, when the orbit will the spacecraft for a new generation, equipped with chips of the Russian production. In addition, the Commission thoroughly discussed the idea of creating defence science promoted by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

We will remind that the day before the meeting of the military-industrial complex, Vladimir Putin visited the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2017” , where he was able to practice to ascertain the effectiveness of modern weapons and combat units. Initially it was assumed that the President will be accompanied by his Belarusian counterpart (as, for example, in 2014), but Lukashenko on the ground in the Leningrad region did not appear, stating that on 20 September will see the final stage of the exercises on the territory of Belarus. In Minsk, implying that the demarche Lukashenko is that the Kremlin does not answer his counter proposal.

However, relations between Russia and Belarus re-rolling downhill – first of all because of the orders of Putin, demanded that Belarusian manufacturers of petroleum products sold them through Russian and Baltic ports. The old man, as they say, not a little offended. And seeing that the subject of the exercises is a mixed reaction in the West which Minsk is clearly not going to quarrel, we decided not to “glow” in the Russian President.

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