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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Strange package: why Putin is afraid of the new reforms before the presidential election

In an environment of Vladimir Putin talking about the fact that at the March election he will go with the package of reforms, among which political, economic, judicial. It is also planned to reform education, health care and pension system. Why? I mean: why do we need Putin?

photo: kremlin.ru

The rating of Vladimir Putin, according to the Levada center, today more than 83%. Even given the fact that part of Putin’s majority does not consider it necessary to come to a vote, if elections were held next Sunday, for the incumbent President would have voted more than 65% of voters. So what’s the fuss with public relations for future reform? After all, reform is always a painful thing, but in our country it is a word most do not cause anything, except horror. Monetary reform of Pavlova, shock liberal reforms of Gaidar… If there is something more terrible, only revolution. So why Putin to scare voters ahead of time?

We can assume that reformism is a nod in the direction of the creative class, prize of the audience, the former angry citizens. To confirm the mandate of the head of state, Putin could say, voted for him not only the same as always, but advanced former opponents.

However, and advanced the reform is hard to please. Here we take the economic programs on behalf of the President, independently from each other develop several expert groups. “A team of” business Ombudsman Boris Titov proposes to significantly increase the money supply by controllable emissions, which will be directed at start-UPS and the development of those industries that can provide a breakthrough growth. This project caused consternation liberal wing economists. And who will determine who to give emission money, and who does not? You will have to create another Agency to make the economy even more state, but in the end all can result in additional corruption schemes, and inflation. “Laboratory,” Kudrin insists on the opposite: not to include the printing press under any circumstances, and additional funds should be learned from the privatization of state-owned corporations. That is, the “off” state regulation and “enable” the market. But this approach will inevitably cause protests not only from the real Communists, but also from the managers of state monopolies and public-private companies. And if you choose the intermediate option which are scratching their heads, specialists of the Ministry of economic development under the leadership of Maxim Oreshkin, you get push-pull. It was assumed that some clarity will come after Putin’s meeting with representatives of the business, but on Tuesday the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the meeting is scheduled.

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Or take political reform, the contours of which are even more blurred. The expert community has long stated that we would like two governments (one of which is the administration of the President), and it would be nice of the AP to leave only the Protocol functions, and everything else to transfer the Cabinet. However, the Cabinet is not made of rubber, and the inevitable merging of redundancy can bring out from under the carpet, and without serious struggle between the Kremlin towers.

It is assumed that part of the political reform should be the abolition of the municipal filter in front of the Governor’s election or his relief. But this topic is no common, and only Bang their heads. Parliamentary parties insist that the filter need to cancel only for them, and all the rest to leave. The rest of this approach, obviously, infuriates…

Even worse with the announced social reform. Education, health care and pension system and so we have continuously reformed over the past quarter century. If before the election to start making a big fuss about again, it is unlikely anyone will believe that the new winds we will be better. Most will believe that now will choose the latter…

I, as an ordinary citizen and voter, it seems that for the President high-ranking, not to harm his campaign, it would be optimal to write the electoral program like the Constitution, that is, declarative. As Basically the law says equal rights and opportunities, freedom, free medical care, education, protection of government… But it doesn’t say that it happens not always and not for everyone. So the program needs to emphasize that we will live better, earn more, and hurt less. A way to achieve goals so let the thinking voter.

But why is Putin doing wrong? For the answer to this question, we turned to the person who is very versed in politics, is the former head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on domestic policy of the AP, and now President of the Foundation for civil society development Konstantin KOSTIN.

— There are obvious challenges facing the country, they are known to all, and Putin needs during the election campaign to give an answer to them. You need to solve the problems of development of the country under rather unfavourable external conditions. And few people are satisfied with crafty figures about a few percent of economic growth, they all want specific recipes changes the structure of the economy. Need to align the level of development of the territories requires a change of generations in power… Putin needs to set priorities in enough detail to talk about what concerns the well-being of citizens and living standards. All it’s important to hear not even by the voters: the signals from the first person waits for the whole state machine, — said Kostin. But for me it is obvious that Putin will go to elections with a package specifically outlined reforms. The fact that such information is circulated and not refuted by the Kremlin, does not mean its full compliance with reality. There are a very large number of groups who are fighting for the attention of the head of the candidate and offer him various options for reforms, because they themselves do not have sufficient political weight to these changes to implement. So regularly there is information that the President has adopted the economic program Kudrin or political “United Russia”. But this is not necessarily so. In the “United Russia” is really created by the group, which is engaged in the development of reforms and approaches to public policy, but as far as her job will be in demand Vladimir Putin in the elections is a big question. The President while no one says “no”, but I didn’t say “Yes”. He does not refute information about upcoming reforms, but their final essence is present only when the time comes.

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