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Friday, March 16, 2018

To the toilet under escort: the details of the special operation on detention of the speaker

Accused of bribery, former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev during the “operational experiment” in the building “Rosneft”, which lasted until late at night, could easily “leave the Ministry”, if I wanted to. About this and other details of the detention officer on Monday, September 18, in the Zamoskvoretsky district court said one of the participants — the employee of Management “To” FSB of Russia Alexey Kalugin.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Ten minutes before the start of the trial on charges of bribery, in the hall appeared the figure of the ex-Minister. It is worth noting that on Monday a former official was in a good mood and even seemed to talk.

– Alexey Valentinovich, how are you? – asked the journalists.

The accused, a glance at the impending crowd, only showed the thumb, they say, that’s fine.

– Stop asking questions. You understand that the measure of restraint can be changed? – was indignant the lawyers of the accused.

Then in jest, it was decided to communicate through defenders.

Without waiting for the next, predictable question, the speaker handed his lawyer a tablet:

– Leo Tolstoy reading, laughing, handed over the defender.

On the ground at this week’s meeting, the prosecution was only one, but very valuable, witness — an active member of the “K” involved a year ago in the operational experiment on the Sofiyskaya embankment. Going to the podium, a young man in a gray suit with a notebook in hand I began confidently and quickly tell how the event took place.

He explained that in the second half of the day received from your supervisor – the head of Department “K” of the FSB of the Russian Federation Ivan Tkachev (his name, he reluctantly “declassified” later) is instructed to go to the scene examination. Arrived at the scene, at about 17.30, Kalugin found in the yard of the building company of the speaker and its driver in the cabin of a BMW.

– My question is, what the speaker does in “Rosneft”, he replied that he came for a business meeting with Sechin, told the witness.

In the trunk there was a brown bag stuffed with money tight, and the basket:

– Visually it was possible to determine that the cart had two or three bottles of wine, – recalled the witness, “beautiful” after retiring from the mass media of sausage.

But Ulyukayev said he did not know about the money and thought, what’s in the bag “some gifts” from Sechin. The keys to the bags Ulyukayev gave himself pulled out of his pocket and threw it on the table. “Bribe”, as it turned out, was as follows: 20 packages with 100 dollar bills tied with ribbon banking, and more of the same 180 packs in a transparent material.

There on the spot was produced by swabs from the hands of the Minister and his driver. A little later, the FSB expressed concern about the Minister who was “in summer clothes” and moved to continue activities in building “Rosneft”.

Interestingly, none of the major players in the OPM did not try to swing right, they called lawyers, did not resist. The speaker and his driver voluntarily gave up their mobile phones and seem to be deliberately didn’t call anyone, as it “could affect the outcome of the investigations”.

As for the status of the speaker, then at that time he was a free man:

– The speaker did not stop, constraints associated with the detention was not, – have repeatedly said the witness. However, he also said that he could go to the Ministry, if he had need:

– I would have just said it, he said.

At the same time, from the accused to question the witness, it became clear that even the toilet then another Minister came out in support of operatives.

As proof that no one speaker forcibly held, Kalugin noted that the Investigative Committee, the Minister went to his car. For some reason, then in the Ministerial BMW could be “seconded” employee of the FSB, the witness answered:

– Who knows what! Moscow, night…

Told the witness about how preparing for the operation. According to him, the statement of offense, signed by Sechin and head of the security service of the company Oleg Feoktistov, was filed on 27th of October. At the same time, it became clear that the original application was filed in the 9th the management, which deals with the protection of the first persons of the state, not in the “K”. And between application and registration in the “K” it has been 12 days. Why it is so, the witness found it difficult to explain to the court:

You can ask Bortnikov. Maybe he has one, he suggested.

By the way, the witness also explained to the court that the investigators made a mistake — therefore in the case place of the extortion money provided by Moscow.

– I only from the media learned that criminal intent was formed in the territory of another state, – said Kalugin, hinting at Goa. the complaint was filed in Moscow and details were not disclosed… Clarification there and then. At the time of the ORM this information, we did not have, explained the witness.

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