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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The scandal around the “Matilda” unwinds technology Maidan

In the centenary year of the October revolution and the ensuing Civil war, Russian society is again in a state of artificial separation. All the talk about creating a “United Russian nation” and even discussed relatively recently, the eponymous law on this subject, as if sunk into oblivion. The painful process of searching for a consolidating national idea crashed against the fragile figures of the Deputy Polonskaya and the ballerina Kschessinska. Continuing from 2014, the Ukrainization of Russian political life has moved from television to the masses by starting the first polarization and unstable society.

Photo: still from the film

I read sometimes some of the leaders in Facebook and marvel at the degree of hatred they spew out on the address of any who do not agree with the paraphrased statement, “did not look, but condemn” in relation to the film Teacher. All this is done under the auspices of “Orthodox patience of course.

Honestly, I never understood what guided the Magi airtime when you artificially incited a wave of hatred, daily inviting visitors to their studios and marginalized before by anyone not known to the “Ukrainian experts” — all these Kovtunov, Voronin and others. Absolutely would not meet the people not the biggest abilities of the “mad” Russian society is almost to the Ukrainian state. And now, after three years they achieved the effect: in Russia there psevdopravoslavnye radicals, ready for your ideas and cinema singeing, and the man to beat. Dug up and put in Russian politics, the girl with motionless face and the same ideas Natalia Polonskaya should ikatisa even in that light. At all desire it would be difficult to lay a large mine under the unity of one — without the quotes — Russia. Those methods which use ardent fans of religious fanatics (sorry, but to call them Orthodox — means to doubt one’s own faith), the essence of the Ukrainian technology of rocking the society. Having worked in Ukraine from 2006 to 2014, I’ve seen it all: a ban on the screening of the film “August 2008” in the conference hall of one of the Kiev hotels and arranged on the occasion of the pogrom from the party “Freedom”; of persecution, even murder, objectionable personalities, among whom was my friend — a writer Oles Elder; and even subsequent to shearing and memorial panels of the house where the victim lived. You say “we do without victims”? Well, that is to say, on the one hand, on the other — you still wait. The pace and the bloodshed in the neighborhood. According to the degree of tension we are rapidly moving to new shocks. And who needs them? Who else but President Putin is aware of the dangers of civil strife and seeks to overcome it? Don’t want to draw Parallels, but they are asking themselves: beaten night to death an activist who was on duty at the scene of the murder, on a Large Stone bridge a hundred meters from the Kremlin; stolen in the night a memorable sign from the house of the deceased in Malaya Ordynka; attempts arson of the Studio Director, Teachers and vehicles of its employees in St. Petersburg and later of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia in Moscow; finally, the failure of the largest network of cinemas from the rolled tape “Matilda” by reason of “failing to ensure the safety of spectators”… I Want to ask: where does the state who withdrew from the performance of their duties? Or it (the state) is more important than all of these crazy costumed Cossacks and other fanatics of the movement “forty times Forty” than ordinary citizens, because clowns fanatics, unlike ordinary citizens, in which case you collect on the dispersal of civil protests? AU, the government, are you here?

Let’s try to put ourselves in the position of those in power. On what can they rely? On the one hand, the “dashing” of the nineties are no longer esteem, though the President personally with the Prime Minister opened recently in Yekaterinburg extremely doubtful, from the point of view of the majority of citizens of Russia, built for our (quite considerable) expense, “the Yeltsin centre”. Being the flesh and blood of those very ‘ 90s, the Russian government can not recognize its continuity with the Soviet era one banal economic reasons — then the question arises about the revision of privatization, which in the present circumstances the continued oligarchic “equidistance” of power is extremely unpleasant and impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to look for other points of support. And here you find them in Russian “Belle Epoque” before the revolution — all these “waltzes by Schubert and crunch French bread”. Another thing is that, as you can see, not all officials relating themselves with the time equally revered figure of the last Russian Emperor. For example, the current Minister of culture Medinsky, being a big supporter of perpetuating the memory of the Imperial General, and later an ally of Hitler, participating in the siege of Leningrad, Carl Mannerheim, clearly did not share the fears Polonskaya on the subject insults the feelings of believers regarding Nicholas II. After all, accountable to the Ministry of culture cinema Fund has funded this ambitious in the financial sense picture. And here we get a continuation of the ideological antagonisms of the time: “the cadets against the monarchists”. At the same time, the selection of the most controversial figures objectively the weakest Chapter of the Russian Empire in which the Empire together with the Imperial house fell with a crash, says the lack of political prospects of the heirs of the royalists. After all, Nicholas II for fans of the monarchy — a traitor and a jerk. And we must not forget that he was canonized not for their work on this high post, and for his tragic death. On the other hand, one can only imagine what he would do with Lenin and the Bolsheviks, if they are reversed. In any case, this is the story of a hundred years ago, does not have subjunctive mood. And if today the Russian government, otnekivayas and “not noticing” that reproduces many of the archetypes of the Soviet, pre-revolutionary practice not at all familiar with modern Russian man in the street. So to appeal to it only from a screen, and that is rather arbitrary. And the authorities need to understand that in the centenary year of two Russian revolutions, we would do better to seek common ground in our the already divided society, and not to provoke their inaction religious fanatics in new outrage. Russia needs a “Moncloa Pact” between the heirs of the white and red — the prisoner, after just two years after Franco’s death the Pact of national reconciliation between Franco and the Republicans in Spain. But the Pact could not be with a revisionist flavor.

Like many citizens, I require their state to provide a safe opportunity of watching the movie “Matilda” and your own conclusions on its results. “Buckrush” under the most insignificant portraits of the Russian emperors had already gone too far for it to safely stand on. After all, what they really want? They want to repentance for our Soviet past. So you know: it is impossible for repentance to those who require it with the “Molotov cocktail” in hand. And, to tell the truth, not to repent to the people, passed the crucible of the great Patriotic war. The price for the rebellion of the first decades of Soviet power Russian people have paid in full. And every Polonskaya will surely find your Teacher.


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