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Monday, March 19, 2018

The experiment of the “MK” journalist enrolled in flight school: Zen edging

“MK” continues the experiment: our reporter enrolled in flight school, lives in the barracks and along with a hundred girls passed exams and getting used to army life. How to understand that the bed’s made perfectly? Of course, edging. Features of army life, the medical flight Commission and the Zen of edging in our report.

photo: Catherine Gabel
Ladies suffer the Zen of edging.

The eve began with compliments. Tired we went to the briefing. We had to tell about what awaits us the next day. Our officers cheered us as they could.

– Let’s learn to walk in the foot! – captain Olesya Borisyuk cheerfully runs across in the beginning of the column and takes command of discordant next to the entrants themselves. “Left, left!” – in a loud voice commanded her. And, oddly enough, fatigue disappears, we adapt to the rhythm of the step.

Wow! Look, the girls go up! – pass us cadets commissioned us nods approvingly. Nice.

The evening always dinner. We have, incidentally, flight normal. From this awareness even better. Verification, good night from Colonel Padalka, and to bed.

The “rise” doesn’t seem so terrible, if you train yourself to fall asleep almost immediately after lights out. And when you’re exhausted, the moment of landing on the pillow now I already know little. And in the morning feel like sleeping in and no longer needed. In General, the rhythm of life get used to it quickly. Running order for Breakfast, captain Borisyuk conducts choral rendition of the song “Katyusha”. Need to gain strength – today is the last day of professional selection. While we have only speculation — probably will try to determine why we are here. Scientifically speaking, to identify the motivation.

We should also note that girls are very decently behaved. It would seem – every man for himself. And to share her sacred place no one wants. But in our case it is not so. Even the other way round. It seems that the exams behind us and all the girls – this is a well-rehearsed team. They tell each other about what techniques are waiting for them there, behind the door. Here is one gaggle of girls huddled around one entrant – she explains to them how to solve a tricky job with the digital tables. Someone remembers the interest, because the previous group said that it will be such a task. An atmosphere of mutual support. Even the expression the girls have already appeared “help brotherly.”

photo: Catherine Gabel
Within the pressure chamber. On the table headsets and oxygen masks.

The methods of the tests I’m supposed to keep secret. The management of the school is ordered to describe only in General terms. So, the tests were several. Where it was necessary to choose the closest to you an expression or a phrase in some job to rate on a 5-point scale, the closeness you some approval. And then the conversation with the psychologist.

We returned to the location and prepared to rest, as the bottom was called up for exercises. Like already dark outside the window, selection of profession too late. In the hall there is a smoothly made bed, one of our officers and cadet. Today we learn about Zen. Well, that is going to fill the bed properly. Who was in the army, he’s more likely to remember: slips, neatly folded in two sheets, a pillow seam to the window. When it’s all done and brought to perfection, you’re Zen. Can not worry about what is in front of the entire room your bed will transform one motion into the lair. And dressed again. Girls are watching the actions of the cadet. “Envelope” of blankets in the legs – it should gently lie under the mattress and didn’t stray to. After the training, allow time to practice. To be honest, the hardest part is the envelope. I’ve only had it once with 10 happened. But I tried.


As always, hang-rise. And again in the battle for a place under the sun, that is, for admission. We have a medical Board. I know that with my eyesight I’m only fit for making an air RAM. And that can be a miss. But other experts are encouraging. First of all go to anthropometry. I have a border height – 161 cm, but the hand is not grasping – 5 centimeters to standards is not enough. You still have 6 doctors. And fly in the chamber. For this, as it turned out, I still have to do an x-ray. More precisely, am I hearing this right in the corridor. So I was loaded into the ambulance, taken to the hospital and “Shine” my nose. After some time there, a doctor with the result – admitted to the pressure chamber. Optometrist failed me in absentia, but the neurologist said that the flight school I pass.

Another interesting experiment is the Barany chair. This individual carousel. Within three minutes, you untwist parallel you’re answering simple questions and doing the head tilts left and right. All this with my eyes closed. Then you stop. And here you start to catch still riding the carousel brains and trying to follow the eyes behind the cap of the pen. It took me about 10 seconds to focus completely. But the feeling was quite normal.

And here is the chamber. It is designed for 5 people, which through the Windows is controlled by the doctors. 5 chairs at a wall in front of you headsets and oxygen masks. – Special laboratory device. Before the “departure” is a required instruction and measurement of pressure and pulse.

photo: Catherine Gabel
Reporter “MK” (left) and of the entrant in the chamber.

My vitals are normal. You can get in the hyperbaric chamber. Call sign everyone is simple: first, second,third, fourth and fifth. Doctors control our condition, we are always in touch: we hear them in the headset. “Fly” without masks. They are needed only in case, if you become ill.

Rise to a height of 5000 meters, at a speed of 15-20 m/s. Ears in the rise for meters with 500 begins to lay, but we were told that the need to yawn. Purged after snorkeling impossible – when climbing to a height can hurt eardrums. Therefore, up to 5000 meters actively yawn.

– How are you feeling? the doctor asked when the altimeter shows 5000 cherished.

Show a thumbs up. Normal flight commander. To “fly” us 20 minutes. At some point, starting to feel the lack of air. Sometimes yawn to make up for the lack of oxygen in the body. And so, in General, feel good about themselves. We are told not to focus on one point, to monitor multiple devices. This is one of the methods of control over the condition. Looking at one point people will logically cause concern.

Periodically, the doctor gives us the command to measure the pulse and asking about health. Consistently show a thumbs up. The head is clear, thoughts are not confused. And now “fly” to the landing. Again, the ears are laid, but it is even and usual. The altimeter is spinning counterclockwise. Here already almost the ground. More likely my ears began to lay up to 2,500 metres on the rise and after 3000 on the descent. But any nervousness or confusion was not. In my map there was a mark that the chamber I went.

photo: Catherine Gabel
The stamp in the passport.

At the end of the control measurement of pressure and pulse. I feel great. The main thing now is to eat and go to rest in the location.



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