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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Storm-2”: why the peacekeepers to surround Donbass

The US and Ukraine refused to work with the text of the Russian draft resolution on placement in the Donbass UN peacekeeping mission. This was announced by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia. According to him, Kiev and Washington is preparing “alternative” document. What will it be, easy to guess: the wishes of the “partners” they have repeatedly voiced. According to them, the peacekeepers should be not only on the demarcation line of the parties, as proposed by Russia, but to stay throughout the LDNR and (most importantly!) on the border with Russia. Recall that the proposal of Putin UN peacekeepers should perform only the functions of the armed guard of the OSCE mission and only by agreement with Donetsk and Lugansk.

Photo: osce.org

But in “partners” — their ideas about beauty. In their logic, any peaceful suggestions are perceived as “deflection” and the weakness of the enemy.

There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the partners welcomed Putin’s idea about putting peacekeepers, calling it “interesting”, but only as a starting point. In their opinion, it should be creatively developed. Because the Washington strategists, the Russian economy is in tatters, the population eats the last urchins and nutria. And Putin’s proposal is not a good life, it is a cry of despair. And for good behavior should be encouraged, therefore, the ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has promised that if Russia will agree to the stationing of UN peacekeepers on its border with Ukraine, even the United States can withdraw from the Russian part of the sanctions. A very generous offer. And the rest, apparently, after the “return” of the Crimea? In my opinion, the lifting of sanctions, Moscow is better to forget. They will not be lifted ever as “good” in Russia was. The lifting of sanctions — is now such an eternal carrot before the nose of a running donkey.

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko did not see any logic in the proposal to deploy peacekeepers on the border of Russia and Ukraine. And in vain. In the logic of our “partners” will not give up. It is consistent with their strategic objectives. And they are simple as boiled corn. Washington plans to solve “the problem of Donbass” already tested on the territory of the former Yugoslavia scheme. Recall that the Republic of Serbian Krajina fell for 5 days in August 1995 as a result of operation Storm conducted by the Croatian army with the direct support of the West. On occupied territories of Croatia conducted ethnic cleansing in the result of which were killed or driven from their homes almost all the Serbs, who formed before the tragedy, 91% of the local population. On the territory of Krajina, there were about 10 thousand UN peacekeepers, but they not only did not protect Serbian civilians from the aggression of the Croats, but in some cases, directly aided the Croatian military. Also the alleged “threat to peace” was used by NATO as a pretext for bombing Serb positions. That is, these “peacekeepers” acted more as provocateurs.

There is no doubt that neither Kiev nor Washington does not want a real peace in the Donbas: that is, a cessation of hostilities taking into account the interests of those living in the region of the population. “Peacekeepers” who want our “partners”, should, in their opinion, can play the same role that their colleagues have already played in the Krajina. That is, to provide a cover for ethnic cleansing and non-interference in what is happening with Russia. Except that Moscow is not Belgrade, Yugoslavia there are lessons well learned, and understand that the betrayal of Donbass is the beginning of the end of Russia itself.

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