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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Merkel in the reserved seat: of the Chancellor’s Siberia

Angela Merkel said. I want to, say, take a ride on Transsibirskaya highway. Siberia, says, I want to see. She’s so young Germans answered — where would like to go (in one line with Siberia, by the way, the Rocky mountains in North America). And if in America the Germans, in fact, encroach don’t have time, the far East, Merkel is stalling, apparently, the memory of ancestors. “And in General – not complacent Chancellor – Russian language was one of the favorite in the school!”.

photo: AP

In General, a suitcase-station-Siberia: God himself told Mrs. Merkel to go along in Russia. And if you really love her a real, genuine, and need to travel in Russian. Not in the luxury compartment with a shower, a washbasin and a personal attendant, and all: reserved seats, oily chicken in foil and drunken muster behind a partition. It’s nine thousand kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok — here, try Russia, not love.

Sit down, then, the angel at the Yaroslavl station. Train without air conditioning, toilet in sanitary areas close… And better on the upper side, for the sake of authenticity. The head, hand back and go… Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov. At bus stops — all! he will run to smoke that in three minutes time. If longer the train, and you can have the same local chicken to buy or more. The next day will be in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen, will take him a glass, boiling water poured… Omsk, Krasnoyarsk. I think she’s Russian, then tighten, in the Outback. Then, of course, the Irkutsk and the road along the shore of lake Baikal. And there — Chita, Khabarovsk to the Pacific ocean on the doorstep. Wake up in it something, what exactly Grebenshikov called ancient anguish.

To us this is also one benefit. First, the toilets. They are unlikely the German will lead, but maybe even wash. Put the toilets instead of holes in the floor — progress! Homeless people from the station will not remove the color, after all. If there is unfinished by the way — the cloth will close, not to finish in the end. And if kopelke else and the window will jam, Merkel at the same time and in the bath Russian visit. This is of course, if you go in the summer.

In General, Ms. Merkel is someone to look up to. In 2001, the then North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il for nine consecutive days staring on Russia from the small window of his sealed car. “On the role of the Siberian landscape,” wrote journalist John Simpson. But we visited the Omsk tank plant and meat! But I visited the Star city! Why not.

– How to write a Komsomol volunteer of the BAM-2, if she wishes, laughs, political analyst Alexei Mukhin. – If she wants to, she can build a cardboard GULAG to spend the Stalinist. Putin will be happy to take one of their best partners in the open Siberian-Urals arms. We are in the middle of the last century the Germans on Moscow was not allowed, they are now… Although such a journey, of course, really in practical terms. A period of time is necessary to the receiving party in the person of its chief host was present, so her visit will have to coordinate with the Protocol of Vladimir Putin and it is clear that it will be next year.


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