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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Media: scientists have predicted the collision of Earth and Mars

In the future, Earth could collide with Mars or Venus. It is reported by several media, citing scientists from the University of Madison in Wisconsin and the American northwestern University. Soon the orbits of planets will not collide, and in the future the probability of collision would be extremely low, however, completely exclude such a scenario it would be a mistake, experts say.

photo: pixabay.com

Referring to the data previously obtained by various geologists, experts say that the orbit of the Earth and other planets rotating around the Sun, always “oscillate” under the influence of some processes occurring in the bowels of a star, and several other factors. According to scientists, this may change several significant changes of climate that occurred in different geological epochs. At the same time, according to scientists, despite some bias in General, the orbits of the planets to date, have remained relatively stable.

However, according to experts, over billions of years the situation may change, and in this case the Solar system will be much more “chaotic” than it is today. From time to time the orbits of the planets intersect among themselves. As a result, even if the Land and “adjacent” with it, the planet will not rush across to each other, but only be far away, their gravitational interaction can cause a collision.

According to some quite popular today, the assumptions at the beginning of the formation of the Solar system planets collision has happened, and that they could cause the appearance of the moon, and the two natural satellites of Mars. By the way, in the past, some experts have also predicted the future collision of the Earth with the Moon — however, this hypothetical event may occur only in the very distant future, and by the time the Sun still would have turned into a red giant, making Earth uninhabitable.


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