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Sunday, February 11, 2018

In 30 years people will become immortal, said the American futurist

The founder of the singularity University in Silicon valley Jose Luis Cordeiro expressed the opinion that in the coming decades, scientists will invent a revolutionary technology of rejuvenation. Such developments, he said, actually give people immortality. Also futurist suggests that soon people will be telepathic and will travel to other planets.

photo: pixabay.com

Cordeiro said that in the future these technologies will be improved more rapidly, and after some time there will be methods to prolong youth and, as a consequence, the life indefinitely. He futurist hopes in thirty years to be “younger” than it is now.

Their optimistic forecasts the us expert explains, including the fact that significant progress in this direction has already been achieved in experiments on animals. In particular, the mosquito in the laboratory is already able “to live to the age of similar to 400 human years,” and worms are more “relative” age.

Answering the question russian.rt.com if technology is a revolutionary rejuvenation available only to the wealthy people, the expert suggests that the situation can indeed arise in this way, however, as it happened, for example, with mobile phones, over time the technology will become not only more sophisticated but also more affordable.

Does not bother the futurist and the fact that the Land may eventually be unable to meet the needs of a growing number of ageing people the solution, in his opinion, will be the flights to Mars and other technologies. Cordeiro, says that the fear of overpopulation of the Earth existed at a time when its population exceeded 200 million, but still the situation remains normal.

In General, according to him, over the next 20 years, humanity can expect more discoveries than in the past 2 thousand, and one of them may well be telepathy.


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