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Monday, March 19, 2018

Glory to the CPSU!

Slava is the name. This is not the old slogan, and a new man. New — because just a month ago you didn’t know about it nothing. Now hear constantly.

He defeated Oxymoron in battle, which became incredibly popular (23 million views). But the main difference is this battle not that he’s the best (he’s not the best). Important: this verbal fight suddenly became the center of attention “society,” “Russian world”, “world adult”, “world of standards”, “world cultural people, MPs and TV presenters” — definition in quotes, because too conditional; conditional so that nobody knows their meaning; all interpret in their own way…

Photo: social networks

Rappers, unlike pop and all seeking a moment of fame — turning on the television. Why do they suddenly become famous? Why this fight suddenly aroused great interest of the “outsiders” — those who were not interested in battles and generally did not know about them?

Very simple. August 14, about it Navalny wrote, saying, watched, admiring, wondering. He wanted to attract the attention of millions of young apolitical. Turned out quite different: the Bulk brought to the attention of the politicized battles of the elderly. And away: “What stuff these festering! what a degradation! primitive! the death of culture!”.

Slava — inside, in their community, it is often called that way. Outside — in other worlds — most prefer to call it Purulent — it is easier to humiliate a stranger and to feel superior.

Yes, Purulent is the second alias of this person, but it’s bad not talking about it. First, it is necessary to have a large supply of fat to be identified. Secondly (and it is strange that nobody noted) — then the Russian literary and cultural tradition: Bitter, Hungry, Poor, Black… “purulent” is even more bitterness, anger, venom and determination than “bitter”.

Constant anger and horror cultural Russia (regardless of political affiliation) is expressed in the following exclamations: “Nightmare! A solid Mat! Bastards! Redneck! Filthy creatures!”.

The representatives of the cultural Russia think that’s a compelling argument. Actually it’s just swearing.

It is doubtful that these public representatives will be able to perceive and manage to understand texts Glory of the CPSU, where the speed of the speech unbearable and the concentration of culture are often higher than in most of their clever speeches, over a lifetime, they said. For the doubters publish the text of the Glory of the Communist party. The Mat is not there and never was, so don’t think that the editors either deleted or softened. (By the way, try to go down the street next to a group of cute eighth-grade girls, is the concentration of the Mat, almost certainly, will be higher than in a typical battle, and there are not girls learned the language in school and at home.)

Called “Icarus”. Do you remember the guy who flew to the sun long before Gagarin? Just try to count the number of literary, political, philosophical, historical and mythical references and associations. Will not this cargo-200 for your self-confidence?

Photo: a frame from the video


The evil sky of Babylon — lead coffin lid.
The king of all buffoons — blood pours like a soda.
From Thales to Parmenides, to Dugin, Kurginyan
We are building a stairway to heaven, but let the monkey?
The cruel feast of Belshazzar, where the ego rises on the rack,
But life in the samsara is in the mind happiness only a symbol.
Get ready for the final scene: there is a herd trampled Simba.
A dream, looking at the sky, becoming a gray-winged dove
So fly, Icarus, let’s all repeat: “the Worm must crawl!” —
Let the floor in the money. Or the copper pipes. — The way to Eden.
But the victory of the spirit, because the world is not outside of consciousness. Morality is a Chimera!
I took the liberty of all man is the measure of all things.
I’ve got a Bong
A couple of glasses — and become a God!
“Icarus-Icarus, come down from the ledge: you went through!” — little people on the bottom
Crawling with woodlice, strokes on the canvas of asphalt.
I want to get drunk, stand in a window and stylish flip!

The higher, the stronger the smell of burnt feathers:
Nuclear rays will not hide in the shadows.
In the fall easy, calm down in death,
But the time has not come — out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix.

I went through it all: alcohol and Co
I burned the insides. And no matter how far
My blue horizon, I will reach, even on foot,
After all, straight corridor — the path to the goal.
Let t sucker
Supposedly, Icarus pawned the wings.
No! I fly high but fell into a thicket —
There the inclement weather, but my black box
Here between the lines. I as before God,
But now Lucifer — I am a fallen angel!
Became the demon Azathoth.
Worse a hundred times — I DoppelgangeR!
Crazy day!
Until the end of my days the smell of burnt feathers
I’m not allowed to fly.
I tired to look
The Chicks that are trying to leave the earth.
Flights of the spirit
Against Babylon,
And chatter in the kitchen
Under the ethanol
Where the counterculture is still the same reason:
Capital to eat children as Baal and Moloch.
They believe the snake in sheep’s clothing
And I don’t hear anyone, as if climbed into the tank.
They believe the serpent, and the serpent, becoming impudent,
And then goes on parseltongue*.

The higher, the stronger the smell of burnt feathers:
Nuclear rays will not hide in the shadows.
In the fall easy, calm down in death,
But the time has not come — out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix.


* A mythical snake language.


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