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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The tragedy in Odessa: Saakashvili accused the head of the city of death of children

In the night from Friday to Saturday in the children’s camp “Victoria” in Odessa there was a fire in which three children died. The tragedy is truly shocking the city. The next day Odessa citizens staged a rally under the Windows of the city hall, demanding an explanation from the head of administration Gennady Trukhanov. The mayor refused to go to the people, so they attempted to take the building by storm.

photo: screenshot from video

The fire started after bedtime, around midnight. The alarm is not responded to the fire, so the kids woke up from a smell of burning, when the fire had already become very large. Caregivers were able to bring most of the fire three-story building, some pupils did not wait for assistance and yourself jumping out of Windows. According to eyewitnesses, the flames engulfed the entire wooden building in a matter of seconds, he literally erupted like a match. Eliminate the fire was only two hours later. For unknown reasons, the camp was not working hydrants, and a special reservoir was empty, so rescuers about half an hour, could not start extinguishing — had to pull the hose to the nearest water source. Just the burnt body was 42 children, however, managed to save not all — of the ashes of the rescuers found fragments of the bodies of the three girls. Several teenagers inhalation of products of combustion, another received injuries in a fall when alone left a burning building by jumping out the window. Many needed the help of a psychologist. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was a short circuit. Some pupils told rescuers that the wiring in the building regularly sparks.

Not long ago, Victoria has undergone major reconstruction. Had a repair in all buildings, built the amphitheater and sports fields. The repair was made personally by the Petro Poroshenko on may 26. A few days before his visit inspected the camp fire on, but no infringements it is not fixed. For some reason in the end did not work, fire hydrants, and a special reservoir was empty — unknown. After the tragedy, the group of volunteers conducted their own inspection of the camp buildings. They came to the conclusion that the reconstruction was conducted with a number of gross violations. First, the sleeping quarters were decorated with materials of pine and spruce logs. According to the initiator’s public verification Vladislav Balinsky, interior design was not impregnated with any refractory compositions, and the exterior was treated superficially. This fact eventually confirmed by one of the builders who was involved in the reconstruction of the camp. According to him, saved on almost everything. Secondly, straight into the wooden surface was mounted appliances — more than 10 boilers and 48 of ceiling lights for each case, which is unacceptable on rules of safety. The police opened a criminal case under article “violation of established by legislation requirements of fire security”. Currently detained two people — the Director of the camp Petros Sarkisyan and teacher Natalia Ancic, who was responsible for fire safety.

The next day after the tragedy in front of the city Council of Odessa held a rally, which was attended by about two hundred people, including relatives of victims and community members. The audience wanted to hear explanations from the mayor Gennady Trukhanov in connection with a fire in the children’s complex. They demanded to punish all individuals who took the camp after reconstruction, in spite of numerous violations of fire safety. At least if the alarms were functioning properly, the human costs could have been avoided. Instead of the mayor to the angry crowd were representatives of the security service, who tried to whitewash Trukhanov in the eyes of Odessa. However, they were immediately booed and doused with soda. Realizing that to wait for the mayor or his deputies pointless, protesters stormed the building. To prevent the public men could only the police who tried to oust them by force, but no it has not brought results — the assault continued with renewed vigor. In the end, law enforcement officers used tear gas and stun grenades, forcing the activist to retreat, but this did not end the unrest. According to Ukrainian media, about seven o’clock in the evening started a mass fight between representatives of the administration and demonstrators when the latter began to beat the glass in the Windows of city hall. Slaughter managed to be stopped only by the intervention of the national guard, separating the parties from each other. In the end, the activists were met by Vice-mayor of Odessa Andrey Kotlyar, who promised to arrange a meeting with the mayor the next day. On Sunday, Gennady Trukhanov really met with the relatives of the victims, who promised an independent and impartial investigation of the incident and criminal liability for all persons involved in the death of children.

Regarding the tragedy and spoke of the ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili. According to him, the main culprit is sitting in the hall, he called them the mafia, stealing the budget, which is headed personally Trukhanov. According to him, the fire alarm was allocated 11 million hryvnias, however in the end the money flowed into the pockets of officials, and the camp set cheap props. Saakashvili warned of Odessa, the tragedy could become not the last, if Trukhanov and his supporters will remain in power in the seaside town.

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