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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The terrorists did not manage to use the “bonebomb” in Deir ez-Zor

Outpost of the terrorists — the city Akerbat was released just two weeks ago. This has allowed the Syrian army to release and their last stronghold — the city of Deir ez-Zor.

The network of underground tunnels, a plant for the conversion of armored vehicles in deadly Jihad-mobiles that broke on the positions of Syrian troops, not leaving a stone… All of this with my own eyes I saw the correspondent of “MK” visited the liberated Acerbate.

The way to the city runs through the vast Syrian desert. The heat is such that to stay out of the sun is impossible — exposed skin immediately starts to burn and blisters. Came up with the idea that on hot rocks to fry eggs immediately swept aside as useless because of the suspicion that the product will immediately turn into coals. On the roadside along the road — wrecked military equipment, devastated the towns. It is evident that the war here has ended recently.

The road to Akerbat took about six hours. Five of them ride armored vehicles of the Russian military police “Typhoon”. She left dual impression. Without a doubt, “Typhoon-K” is a magnificent machine, able to perform tasks in abnormally hot conditions. Two monitor, which displays the signal from several cameras allow you to observe what is happening from all sides of the car. Bronluke open and close effortlessly. In the cabin — air conditioning, 14 anatomical seats with backs are located against each other. To sit in them seemed quite comfortable. But this long ride in that position was more tedious than expected. The reason is the size of the internal space of the machine. Dressed in body armor, we had no choice but to sit closely huddled knees — to stretch my legs impossible. In this case, the shoulders abut the shoulders of a neighbor, to turn, too easy.

Garbarski boiler

Town Akerbat is located almost in the center of Syria. Before the war, lived here more than 10 thousand people. After being captured by ISIL (the organization whose activity is prohibited in Russia), the population has decreased fourfold. Now not anyone. Journalists came here for the first time, the area is still considered unsafe. Sudden attacks of positions of the Syrian army is continuing. Periodically heard gunshots — running Syrian artillery. Despite the fact that the city is under the control of the Syrian army, a disparate group of fighters still circling, trying to suddenly attack the positions of government troops. From this hot desert air seems to be electrified.

Types of the ruined city — like shots from the movie with an apocalyptic story. Dead streets with the destroyed houses, roads with craters from shells, which run on pickup trucks with heavy machine guns the soldiers of the Syrian army and military counter-intelligence “Mukhabarat”. Here kept the defense, the most combat-ready units of terrorists, who were natives of the CIS countries. These groups during the fighting had a most stubborn resistance.

The militants had prepared the city is for all-round defense for all the rules of military art. Created a multi-layered defense system — built bunkers, shelters. They outfitted an entire underground city with tunnels with lengths of 100 to 700 meters, connected. These moves allowed the ISIS to shift reserves.

The Syrian army chased the enemy from virtually every home. They say the military operation “Garbarski pot” is not like any other.

— Here used new methods of warfare. Forces, VKS RF fire damage was applied, were surrounded by three encompassing strokes, then came the dismemberment of the enemy force to pieces, defeat and destruction of the remnants of insurgents in southern districts of the city, — told “MK” the chief of staff of troops of the armed forces in Syria, Alexander Lapin.

Fighting was going on day and night. It is here that the Syrians were first planted in the rear of the militants ‘ tactical landing, which helped to complete the rout. The liberated city was on 2 September. Defeat fighters allowed to go to the river Euphrates and to lift the blockade, which lasted more than three years. It was a radical change in the fight against ISIS, and it is from here that started the offensive on Deir-ez-Zor.

As told Lapin, during the battle for Akerbat was destroyed about 3 thousand objects of insurgents, terrorists, 1207, 49 tanks, about 160 pickups with machine guns and anti-aircraft installations, more than 80 artillery systems.

The basis of the Syrian army, who took Akerbat, made up the 4th Panzer division, supported by a volunteer brigade and brigade “Mukhabarat”. Air coming it was supported by the Russian aircraft were widely used in drones. With the help of the UAV was discovered underground tunnels, which are then destroyed by Russian planes.

Now the city continues to sweep, at the same time is a clearance. The engineers have already cleared all the roads are now working in buildings and adjacent territories.


On the outskirts of the militants staged a makeshift armored plant. Under it was converted workshops on repair of agricultural machinery. Worked the plant in 2015, only it was modernized more than 15 tanks. Now it is a sad spectacle — bombs pierced the roof of the workshops, everywhere sticking valve rods, in the ruined shops are lined with bronchologia that no one else will bring evil.

And when the terrorists here were three workshops. In one of the “craftsmen” of ISIL improvised strengthened the protection of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. So far there are three tanks — two T-62, which technology has not yet had time to pump, and have already converted T-55. Immediately, he did not know it was welded and hung a whole slew of additional security. For example, on the sides instead of the bulwarks welded metal frame that was supposed to protect the driver from falling cumulative and armor-piercing shells and anti-tank guided missiles. Also, this grid had to protect the ammunition tank. On the tower around the circumference of the welded metal niche, where laid sand bags to further protect the tank from shells.

— ATGM, getting into such protection, could not penetrate her the first time. This design allows you to use both defensive and offensive operations, explains Lapin. — The most effective weapon against these tanks — Russian avasarala. One of them is a bomb AFAB-500 with one hit was able to destroy the plant, knocking out three tanks at once

The next shop is the most sinister. Here the tanks were filled with explosives, turning into a powerful projectile, a suicide bomber. For this purpose, the tank was shot tower, after which it chock-full have nashpigovanny anti-tank mines, TNT and ammonium nitrate. Into small pieces fly even caterpillars. Torsion bars made from high alloy steel and then are destroyed. Striking effect is terrifying — in a radius of 300 meters destroyed all living things. The first such “bonebomb” used in ISIS.

Near Shaheed-tank — BMP, which is also rented, but not yet stuffed with explosives. In such machines, the area of damage up to 200 meters. Typically, these “Jihad bomb” is used to break the combat formations of the Syrian army or the attacks on the artillery positions.

— The effect of undermining such Shahid-Shahid tanks and IFVs significant, says Lapin. But we have learned to deal with them. On those directions we will use antitank systems, firepower-range — ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns and 57-caliber. Also prepare special minefields, mine barriers, which prevent a breakthrough of these machines. We learned how to deal with the conduct of hostilities and identify the location of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles on common characteristics — learning, where are the crawler tracks. This plant was discovered in this way.

According to the General, such plants were found and destroyed in the cities of Deir ezzor and Al-Sohne. It is assumed that the plant is working in another town.

The war in Syria. Chronicle of events

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