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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Punitive-suffrage opposition

Intruders, almost deprived eyes of Alexei Navalny, accused of infliction of bodily harm. However, for more than four months on the trail did not come out. Nicholas Laskina, head of the Moscow headquarters of the Bulk, repeatedly struck with a metal pipe on the head. Here, the detectives decided that the assailant, nearly killing Laskin, committed hooliganism. This begs the question, what is the force of the blow necessary to the investigating authorities, to see in these attacks a threat to life and health, and finally to besiege “fighters for the regime.” Or such a task they do not make ourselves?

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

On Laskin attacked not far from the headquarters in Moscow, on the street Gilyarovskogo. It happened at 19.15 in the evening, when together with the activist of the headquarters Artem Projovem he went to get out of the car the newspaper agitation. The attacker crept up from behind, swung a metal pipe, wrapped in paper, was hit several times Laskin on the head and ran away.

The police arrive on the call for a long time refused and offered the battered Laskino to come to the police station, really, I wonder what gasoline to burn.

In Sklifosovsky he was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury and concussion. The doctors congratulated Laskin with the fact that he got off easy. The blow fell on the occipital, not the parietal, otherwise it could lead to death.

In the end the case was instituted under article “Hooliganism”. It is clear that the terminology of the Criminal code may run contrary to the everyday use of the words, but she must have a semantic base. As it turns out, gave a metal pipe on the head — Oh, what a bully! Or something we don’t understand? Let’s look at the UK, it says that the object of hooliganism is public order. In our case, however, was not an abstract concept, but a very specific friend Lyaskin and his head.

As we have explained Andrei Nechayev, qualify this crime as hooliganism “is a very strange side effect”. According to him, the criminal case should be initiated under article 112, which is about the intentional infliction of harm. Whereas in a conventional situation, the offender could face from six months to three years of imprisonment, in the case with Nikolai Laskina the penalty is increased. This is not an ordinary person, and politician. The article is a clarification: if the offence is committed on motives of political or hatred or enmity concerning any social group, it is punishable not to three but to five years.

However, “harm” in our judicial practice the concept, and injuries Laskin may find frivolous. Assuming such a possibility, protection of the oppositionist intends to seek diversion in the part 1 of article 277 of the criminal code “attempt on life of state or public figure, committed in order to cease activities or from revenge.” Not to say that the Bulk of lawyers are not right. Either a striking blow accidentally hit on the head, not the crown, or he superprofessional, which in extreme conditions is able to calculate the impact of half an inch, and prove it is the work of his lawyers.

Attempt to kill hooligans, acid in the face — a light injury, but a blow to the truncheon of the policeman — the reason for the arrest four years, and idle chatter with the Georgian opposition is preparing a coup. Such is the punitive and selective.


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