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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Delirium is a debt of honour: why “Matilda” took the place of the “Cassini”

One thing that the episode with the burning up in the atmosphere of Saturn by the Cassini spacecraft were in all the tops of the world news, says at least that the Americans could brilliantly — literally with Hollywood in a big way to promote their science, and engineering: though what side, but it is easily included in every home, in every kitchen, and all repeat like a mantra — Cassini, Curiosity, opportunity (the last two of the Rovers), but Elon Reeve Musk in General, for many has become the new God, the personification of change.

It is a pity that the Russian news agenda is “about science” — it’s stolen money at the cosmodrome East. The promotion of engineering is completed.

So why is this paradox — space power, Korolev, Vostok, Gagarin, and we are not able absolutely nothing to offer the world a positive and progressive? Our news agenda is ridiculous and deaf in the middle ages, satirical society, devoid of ideas and meanings into existence. This question helps us to meet the composer Vladimir Dashkevich, who without aggression and imposing their opinions honestly assesses the situation.

Vladimir Sergeyevich, would it be bad, whether this probe Cassini — or the like the probe? Why don’t we sing the anthem of engineering? Certainly, not all brains have left…

— It is not in the brain. If the country is immersed in the obscurantism that she was not to space. She sees space as something unnecessary and wrong. Because there is a Lord, he sits there in the sky, and no space should not be. If the people to such an extent immersed in monopoly religious mode of existence, their brains are built exactly the same as three hundred years ago. If, three centuries ago we would have told everyone in heaven, where the Lord sits, can fly man, it would have caused tremendous outrage.

And now this obscurantism has suddenly become the norm?

— Obscurantism is worse, is a huge part of our mentality.

Is fashion? After all, it’s all disingenuous…

Is not fashion. This mentality, once again awakened after sleep. The mentality of sitting in every nation, it can be dormant and can suddenly declare itself as a bear who wakes up not in his time, winter and begins to go crazy. This is awakened obscurantism in times of serious space achievements makes this a really wonderful space theme meaningless. Moreover, the theme is not just great, the space gives a person new purpose of existence and its evolution. But people now perceive it to be hostile. As everything is not spelled out in their canons. That’s how God created the earth in six days — so it should be without any space. Our people now do not perceive the space as the future of humanity.

— But then again — all of this religious hysteria is very difficult to believe sincere… any news on this subject gives pathetic antics.

It’s a great mistake to think that they are insincere. The bear in the winter genuinely mad, waking up. Why? Very sincerely. They are in such a state, when in the times of technological progress and human of the great scientific achievements, they suddenly found themselves on an island alone. After all, what is Russia from the point of view of logic? This is 2% of humanity, and that is 2% rebelled against 98 other. The rest is clear that the space — absolute future; the universe brings to us a purely scientific information, and then begin to bring huge practical benefits, will be a source of incredible amounts of energy.

Here’s what’s the matter? The cosmos makes humanity one. And that space is not like the ruling elites. Because the ruling elites ruled in their countries, space, space theme makes the planet a single. Beyond state borders.

— That today is simply outdated as a fact that is well illustrated by the large number psevdogosudarstvennyh formations… the State is already degenerate like the idea in principle.

— Well, of course. Borders have long become the humanity in its rather small planet it is unnecessary and even superfluous. And those who govern us want us to obey the regime, which was 300 years ago. It suits them, because then people were slaves. And this servility easily wakes up again in the Russian mentality. And this is a very dangerous property. Then I watched one TV show: there was a poll — who supposedly support you in the history of nuclear weapons — the US or North Korea with its launch? 80% said — Yes, support of the DPRK with its launches.

— Just to annoy US?

— It’s not in the US, Korea is next with us, not with US. This is the level of aggression. This aggression is a mental illness, addictive now larger and larger mass. Our people. We must call a spade a spade. Mental illness is when people against all common sense, want to fight each other, want to use nuclear weapons (although somewhere in the remaining part of the healthy brain know that it is a madness that will destroy the planet)… And yet, they support the party that wants to use nuclear weapons. Why the Cassini probe is not getting any special information about, well, who would think to Express our gratitude to this wonderful cosmic system, who for so many years (started in 1997) served to all. To all the people, I emphasize, not only the United States and NASA. And we want to oppose humanity

— Us news about corruption in the East much nicer… all stolen — it’s so familiar and pleasing to the ear.

— If to speak seriously, the issue of corruption very few people are now interested. She might be interested in 20% of those who voted against nuclear weapons and North Korea. But the rest of the normal slavish psychology, they accustomed to think to myself (hearing the news of corruption): Yes if I were that corrupt, then just as stealing would be. That is, for the majority of the population bribe-takers and thieves — this is your guys are the same as they do. Just, like, it was lucky they were in the right place and a lot was stolen. And we are not, we were not lucky… the issue of corruption would be to unite people in a huge majority, but it is almost disappearing.

But is there any recipe to get rid of this mental illness?

The only thing I can say is get two lines from Goethe’s Faust. “Only that is worthy lives and freedom who each day goes to fight.” This is the only way to awaken ourselves to the fact that freedom must be fought. And then people who are close to you — perhaps not immediately — will Wake up too. From the terrible state in which they are now immersed. It’s sad that the Cassini space probe — not the agenda. This probe as soldiers on the post served for many years and hold it is the duty of the human conscience. Instead, people as insane is completely crazy theme of the Emperor and Matilda. What the Emperor? What is he to us now? What does this for us now matter?

— Yes, I did look the part this news flurry and potresaushi insanity, which involved people. The theme, devoid of any meaning and content. From all points of view.

— In 90-e years have led the statistics on atheists, and believers. Conventionally, in 1994, atheist 40%, and the believers of 60%. And in 1996, two years later — believers became 80%. That is, the people changing at lightning speed. All party and go to meetings, you suddenly become religious nowhere else. It is a lie. I’ve lived in the world, and I know of units — units! — looking at which I understand that they are believers. To be a believer in our time very difficult. Because that faith, those beliefs that arose more than two thousand years ago, were built by the most educated people of his time. Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Confucius, all those who created then the Foundation of faith, was the most intelligent and educated people, and that is why they were followed by the masses. Because the masses trust them. But now, in the canons of the faith, nothing has changed, and science has gone very far. And to people now believed in God, he must find a new understanding of the idea of God. Because the God that was understood by people two thousand or more years ago and the one God who is understood now, is a totally different understanding.

— Take Einstein…

I understand that Einstein could understand what God is.

— It is clear, that relied on his faith.

— His faith was based on a new understanding of the universe. Including and space. And our faith now rests on the fact that there are some ancient canons which today are just historical artifacts, but can not represent a coherent ideology. Have to think about it. This is obvious.

Watch the video on:
“After 20 years of wandering the legendary Cassini burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn”



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