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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two pears, in the middle of the tube: Russian inventor invented a intimate trainer

Trainer for toning the pelvic organs invented Moscow inventor Angelica Zaitseva. The new device, in contrast to existing analogues will be universal and will fit all women with any physical training — both young and old.

The device looks like two small elastic pears, connected by a tube. One of the pears is, in fact, pump. With the help of her need to pump air in the second bag which is placed inside the body. The main thing that a woman can control the degree of elasticity of the intimate camera. Inflate the chamber to the required size, the lady disconnect the pipe (this is done for convenience so that obstructions do not interfere with the exercise).

Then you can start exercises. Thus, leaving the need to pick up the inner part of the simulator to individual dimensions or to change it when the muscles are already quite inflated. The inventor proposes to use the utility model in health and fitness centers, Spa facilities, as well as at home.


Review gynecologist Tatyana Kuznetsova: “the muscles of the vagina just needs to train! This is especially true for women after 40 years. At this age still have a chance to prepare your body for menopause and to avoid further lowering of the pelvic organs. This trainer is just for that purpose. In addition, it can be useful to women after childbirth. I think training of these bodies, though not yet caught on in Russia, but mandatory for all women.”


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