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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Scientists have predicted a quick death of the Sun and the Earth after the anomalous flashes

A series of powerful flares on the Sun have attracted the attention of scientists has alarmed many of our citizens. What is it, what is the consequence? And does not such active processes occurring on our nearest star, the beginning of any major changes in the foreseeable future can threaten life on earth? We tried to find answers to such questions through physics researcher Ivan Nazarenko.

photo: pixabay.com

September 2017 claims a place in the list of natural records with the powerful “fire”, arranged by the Sun. One of the strongest flash, the other… Powerful streams of electromagnetic energy that hit the Earth… Scientists warn of the likely negative consequences in the form of a failure of communication, accidents in transportation systems, the deterioration of health of meteodependent people. But can be followed by something more global?

– Irreversible changes occur on the Sun during all its “life” – millions of years. The laws of physics, – stressed Ivan Nazarenko. – In the end of the number go into quality, and our star, producing, so to speak, energy resource, will die. The vast majority of experts believe that it could happen a very long time – 5-8 billion years.

However, some of their colleagues have a much more pessimistic and predict the likely onset of an emergency “solar demise”. They point to the possible development of the processes on the Sun, which will lead to the supernova explosion. As a result of external solar shell will explode, and for some time will be spewing energy in huge quantities – per second as much as was allocated by the Sun in normal mode for the previous 10 thousand years.

Some of the proponents of this version believe that one of the signs of turning into a supernova are including powerful flares on the Sun.

– This process can take? In other words, will there be enough Sunny life in our century?

Here scholars are divided. For example, Dutch pier van der Meyer at the time said that the Sun will become a supernova in 2010. One of the arguments in favor of such a development he called discovered a marked increase in the temperature of solar material. However, as we were convinced the Dutch Explorer, fortunately, wrong. Although the revitalization processes in our bodies in recent times noticeable. Among them, of course, and the current very powerful flash. However, frankly speaking, we are still unable to give a definite answer to the question, – and not die if the Sun in the foreseeable future? We still know too little about our nearest star, about what was happening to her.

– Can you imagine how it will look in the picture of the death of the Sun, nevertheless, if the most dire predictions will come true?

– It is easier to do than to predict it “longevity”. Given the distance from the sun to us, its a blast earthlings will see eight minutes later. The sky will cover the glow from the bright white light emitted by the exploding star. The power of this glow is that night on the planet will disappear. Most likely all living things – including people – will die already at this first stage of cataclysm.

On the Ground after that will come the flow of radiation so powerful that they can’t protect the earth magnetic field. The radiation will finish the destruction of flora and fauna. And all traces of their existence on the planet will be incinerated after that: under the effect of the anomalous solar radiation the surface temperature of the Earth will quickly rise to 3-5 thousand degrees. All the water will evaporate and form a thick a veil of cloud at a height of ten kilometers from the “ball”. But it’s still only “pre-Apocalypse”.

Due to the explosion of the Sun many times “swollen” and emitted by the plasma will hit the Earth. This dynamic effect will lead to the fact that our devastated, charred and melted the planet beat out of her orbit, and she will go in an unpredictable flight beyond the solar system.

However, other scientists argue that Earth and at least part of its inhabitants still have a chance to survive the solar cataclysm. For versions of these predictors is most likely the process by which the Sun will first become a red giant, and then, throwing into the environment a part of their substance, will become a white dwarf. If such a metamorphosis of our planet can “push” solar radiation in the far distance from the sun, and it will start spinning around it in an orbit with a large radius that in the end will save the Earth from overheating. There is a chance that these new conditions of existence of the Earth in circumsolar space is suitable for preserving biological life on the planet’s surface. Although we should not forget that this “emergency evacuation” our “ball” might face, for example, Mars. There’s chances of survival and the survival of the planet is zero.

As told Nazarenko, according to some scientists periods of particularly high solar activity is able to influence events on the Ground, exacerbating the “negative”. Here are just a few examples from the collection gathered by the researcher.

The solar activity maximum was observed in 1937-1938 during this period:

6 may 1937 at new York crashed the world’s largest German airship “Hindenburg”;

11 June in Moscow ended the process on “trial of Marshal Tukhachevsky”, which began with large-scale repression in the army top;

in July, Japanese troops invaded China, during the war, the soldiers of the Mikado brutally killed many civilians;

July 29, 1938 in the far East began fighting the red army with the Japanese army in the lake Khasan;

from 9 to 10 November I had the “crystal night”, when there was a mass Jewish pogroms in Germany.

Solar “peak” 1969 “backfired” a string of successful and failed coups and assassinations of leaders:

January 22, during a solemn meeting of the spacecraft Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 was an attempt on the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee L. I. Brezhnev;

January 25, in North Yemen, the military tried to overthrow the government, in the end they failed, all the conspirators killed;

March 25, under pressure from top military commanders resigned the President of Pakistan field Marshal Ayub Khan;

On April 27 in the crash of the helicopter killed the President of Bolivia, Rene Barrientos;

May 25, happened “may revolution” military coup in Sudan;

15 October in the town of Las-Anod by unknown in police uniform shot dead the President of Somalia, Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, and after that in this country there was a military coup;

in early December, one after the other failed attempts of coups in Libya and Sudan.

The “peak” of solar activity in 1979:

January 16, in the Iranian province of Khorasan earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale;

in February and March sparked a short but very fierce Sino-Vietnamese war;

28 Mar happened a major accident at a nuclear power plant Three Mile island in the USA;

August 11, over Dneprodzerzhinsk clash of two passenger aircraft Tu-134, killing 172 people, including the football team “Pakhtakor”;

9 Nov within ten minutes the world was on the brink of a nuclear war due to a failure in the computer of the American system NORAD;

in late December Soviet troops had entered Afghanistan, in the storming of the Palace, assassinated the Afghan President Hafizullah Amin.

The “peak” of 1989:

24 Mar crashed off the coast of Alaska is a huge oil tanker “Exxon Valdez”;

April 7 in the Norwegian sea was lost Soviet nuclear submarine “Komsomolets”;

On April 9 in Tbilisi, the troops dispersed the rally, which was attended by over 60 thousand people, 16 people were killed, hundreds wounded.

4 Jun about Ufa as a result of explosion of a gas pipeline burned two passenger trains, killing 575 people, more than 670 were wounded.

Another solar maximum occurred in 2000-2001:

August 12 in the Barents sea crashed nuclear submarine “Kursk”;

August 27, lit up the Ostankino TV tower;

November 11 fire trains-funicular in the Austrian ski resort of Kaprun killed 155 people;

September 11, 2001 – largest terrorist attack in the United States, hijacked Airliners rammed the world Trade Center towers, killing about 3000 people;

On 4 October by a missile launched from the Crimean range in the course of the Ukrainian air defense exercises accidentally shot down a passenger plane Tu-154 of the Russian airline, killing 78 people;

12 November there was a plane crash, A300 district of new York, killing 265 people.


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