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Monday, March 19, 2018

Amazing discovery of paleontologists: mankind is 2 million years older

These days an event occurred, which being inherently super-sensation, remained nevertheless in the shadow of other news. And we are talking about the most important discovery, thanks to which we are all members of the genus Homo sapiens, suddenly became 2 million years older! This conclusion is now published scientists who have studied the unique find was made on one of the Islands in the Mediterranean. According to this new version of our – quite like us – the ancestors inhabited the earth more than 5 and a half million years ago.

The Saga of detection and study of the “evidence” left behind by ancient old man, started by a lucky chance, and stretched as much as a decade and a half.

In 2002, Polish paleontologist Gerard Gierlinski decided to spend your next holiday on Crete. While walking around the village of Trachilos located near the town of Kissamos in the West of this island, a scientist noticed strange indentations in the stone surface of the plateau. Seeing them carefully Gerlinsky came to the conclusion that it is nothing like fossilized imprints of someone’s feet. Interested in finding pole, but only eight years later he was able to come back to this place – this time with a colleague Grzegorzek Nedzvedski working at Uppsala University. After evaluating the prints, preserved in the petrified surface, scientists came to the conclusion that they were left by some ancient members of the hominin – subfamily, which includes humans, chimpanzees, gorillas. Even managed to find out the time when there were these “autographs”: about 5.6 million years ago. Such Dating is obtained through the analysis of remnants of shells of single-celled foraminifera, preserved in the fossilized layers above and below traces, and the characteristic layer of sediment, which were deposited during the temporary drying up of the sea, while floating in ancient times on this place.

About his discovery of the Polish scientists announced publicly only a few years later, at the end of August 2017 in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association have published their article describing unusual finds.

– But why the long pause? And what is sensationalism “Cretan” tracks? – comment on this account “MK” gave the researcher paleoanthropologist Alexander Belov.

Before it became known about the discovery of Gerard Garinskogo, the record in this “category” belonged to the fossilized traces of human or bipedal Australopithecus left in petrified volcanic ash in Laetoli (Tanzania). Their age according to scientists – 3,66 million years. However, in the current journal publication we are talking about human traces, which at two million years more!!!

– What evidence is there that the traces of man, and not a prehistoric APE, for example?

– Pictures of traces and reconstructions, presented in the journal, it is evident that the fossilized prints in the soil left by the person, and not anyone else. Foot long – quite “human” and not “monkey”. And most importantly, all the toes are arranged in one row. That is, the thumb has a shape similar to the shape of the big toe modern Homo sapiens. Not even a hint on a separate big toe that we see the apes! Additionally, when you look at these photos there is no doubt that all five fingers fossil creatures were United by elastic fibrous strand – metatarsal ligament. And in fact it coupled with the design of the foot (the presence of transverse and longitudinal arches of the foot) prevents the thumb is put aside. In monkeys this is not, they have flat feet. And it is the presence of aside of the big toe allowed the great apes – gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans, as well adjust their lower extremities to including tree climbing.

That is, in Crete, found traces of man, “walking” there’s still 5 and a half million years ago. – Long before, believed to have appeared on our planet Neanderthal! Can be formulated in another way: discovered human ancestor of modern great apes, who lived long before their appearance. Any interpretation that would become a worldwide sensation. However, such was not!

– Why?

– The paleo-anthropologists is the burden of the evolutionary theory, where the main role is allotted to anthropology – the gradual humanization of the apes. A “Cretan” finding clearly contradicts it. This I can explain such a long pause between detection of marks village Tragilos and disclosure of information about them: Polish scientists, apparently, was afraid to ruin my career and going with the spirit before to speak publicly with such a “criminal” message.

Indeed, the discovery on Earth of traces of the man, whose age is 5.6 million years old, provides a powerful “mine” under all previous arguments of evolutionists.

Gerard Gierlinski and Grzegorz Nedzvedski in his article, analyzed what they found in Crete traces left by Homo erectus, as well as the biomechanics of the steps of our distant ancestors. The authors compare these human footprints with traces of monkeys who have turned aside toes, and ascertain their complete dissimilarity. Polish scientists committed substantiated draw an analogy between the anatomy of the foot our contemporary and expected anatomy of the foot of ancient man has left fossil footprints near the village of Tragilos.

Thus, it is really about the most important scientific discovery that could revolutionize our understanding of the history of the human race. Discovery on the island of Crete is a powerful argument in favor of what man really is a phenomenally ancient creature comes from a Large Space; much older than now accepted.

But how in this case to be much more “young” at the time of its existence on the planet with Neanderthals? They, then who?

And it’s just “losers”, since the update, because of various reasons gradually to degenerate and turns into more primitive beings. Instead of evolution it was ordained by nature involution.

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