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Friday, February 23, 2018

Scientists announced ugly men are better lovers

Ugly men more often manage to make my woman happy both in bed and in the whole life. With this statement made by experts from the University of Florida recently dedicated to this question scientific research. According to scientists, the representatives of the stronger sex, which can not be called handsome, often refer to your significant other with appropriate attention.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts conducted a survey among 113 newly married couples residing in Texas. The age of all study participants was just under 30 years. The experts evaluated the photos the beauty of volunteers (however, it should be noted that the specific evaluation criteria is not given) and asked them how much attention they pay to their own appearance. Finally, participants were asked how happy they feel in the marriage.

According to the researchers, couples in which the woman was more beautiful than the male, was noticeably happier. Experts believe that the beautiful men rely too much on their appearance as the only trump card, while those who are aware that their appearance is far from ideal, often trying to please their wives in some other way — for example, to pay more attention to satisfy them in bed, give gifts, or take on more work around the house. This behavior allows a woman to feel happy and realize that she is valued, and this, in turn, provides the basis for strengthening relations.

Moreover, the wife “too” beautiful husbands, according to the researchers, often develop complexes about their own appearance, that may, in particular, lead to eating disorders. Thus, according to scientists, the beauty of men, even if it may seem a little paradoxical, and ultimately more hindrance than help in building long-term relationships.

Scientific paper written on the study’s findings were published in the edition of the Body Image.


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