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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Experts have drawn the situation with the peacekeepers in the Donbass

Question about placement of “blue helmets” in the Donbass once again stalled. Russia, along with the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR against suggestions the US state Department on granting “broad mandate” of the UN peacekeepers, according to which the military would control the entire territory of the Republic, including the border with Russia. What should be the response of Moscow to the West, if someone hurts her plans to end the war in the Donbass, “MK” has found out from the experts.

photo: AP

We will remind, the initiative proposed by Moscow was supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but Washington considered it unfinished. According to the Russian project the peacekeepers should protect the OSCE observers to be on the frontline to prevent provocations by AFU and militias. The US state Department considers that “blue helmets” are required to provide free access to all the territories of the unrecognized republics. The head of the press service of the U.S. Department Heather Nauert made a special emphasis on the deployment of military on the border with Russia and said the European Union supported Washington in this matter. In her view, this will avoid the collapse of Ukraine. In turn, the acting head of the foreign Ministry LNR Vladislav Dine believes that with the same success of the peacekeepers can be sent to the border between Australia and Austria.

Experts told the “MK” as they should behave Russia, if the West cut down its peacekeeping initiative, trying to replace her with his script.

Sergei MARKOV, Director of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict

In the future the appearance of the “blue helmets” in the East of Ukraine is quite possible, but now there are no necessary conditions. Russia’s task is to ensure the truce in the Donbass, and the US, by contrast, want to use peacekeepers as one of the elements capturing the DNI and the LC. This situation has changed, Moscow needs to change the strategy of its relations with the West. Any compromise on her part perceived as a sign of weakness, so you need to tighten your approach. In particular, work should start on the elimination of Russophobic regime in Ukraine, which is not a sovereign state but a puppet of the US and the European Union.

You should start with battle for the minds of Ukrainians: open in Russia, radio stations and television channels broadcasting in Ukraine on the Ukrainian issue. In addition, after each enacted a law that at least in some way violates the rights of Russian speakers, Moscow should take steps towards recognition of DND and LNR. Also each released on Donetsk and Lugansk shell Russia should supply them with weapons for self-defense. In parallel, the Russian authorities must seek a market for products that make the self-proclaimed Republic. Unfortunately, our Ministers are not too interested in this, as they have strong ties with Ukraine. As a result organizations DNR and LC are closed, people do not get wages, increasing social tensions.

Once the West will realize how determined Russia, he immediately changes his attitude. Then again, it will be possible to raise the issue of peacekeepers.

Denis DENISOV, Director of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict

Americans somewhat recklessly announced that they have agreed with the European Union. In particular, Germany supported the project of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the Donbass, although with some reservations and modifications. Besides, at the moment, only exists the Russian resolution on the deployment of “blue helmets” in the East of Ukraine. Moscow clearly States the mandate of the mission and the conditions it is sent to the region. The United States and Ukraine so far nothing like that has developed. Now the parties only form their opinions and engage in an ongoing dialogue with each other.

If the West still insists on deployment of peacekeepers at the Russian border, Russia should not give its consent. In particular, in a recent UN report on the situation in the Donbas said that from may to August 2017 80% of dead and wounded civilians occurred in the territory of the DNI and the LC, and 20% to Ukraine. The US and EU can continue to ignore this fact, but this does not mean that Moscow should agree with them. In the end, the part of the Russian ruling elite does not hide his desire to resolve the conflict in the Donbas for “Croatian scenario”.

Instead of compromise Russia should declare their suspicions that the West is illegally supplies to Ukraine lethal weapons. You also need to sit at the negotiating table of representatives of DND, LNR and the official Kyiv to those independently discussed the format of the peacekeeping mission. If they can’t agree, then you can raise the issue of recognizing the breakaway republics of Donbass.


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