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Monday, February 19, 2018

Earth just missed an asteroid the size of MSU

The asteroid, the diameter of which, according to some estimates, up to 200 meters in the night from 13 to 14 September closer to Earth. The minimum distance between a space object and our planet amounted to 15.8 million kilometres. The asteroid was discovered at the beginning of the week and was named 2017 RU1.

photo: pixabay.com

At the point of maximum convergence of 2017 RU1 was about 41 times farther from Earth than the Moon. In order to at least formally attributed to an asteroid potentially dangerous, it needs at a particular section of its route to approach the planet at a distance not exceeding 20 distance of its natural satellite, and even in this case, the status “potentially hazardous” does not mean that the probability of collision is really high. Experts point out that, even a collision with a space body of this size could have unpleasant consequences, the likelihood that this will one day happen specifically in the case of the 2017 RU1 small.

At the same time, many experts quite a long time worrying that objects of this size often can be detected only shortly before it gets closer to Earth — as happened in this case. It turns out that if one celestial body will be really dangerous, to prepare for his “meetinghumanity simply do not have time. In this regard, scientists from different countries (including Russia) are actively working on new means of detecting near-Earth objects.

Recently, experts from the American space Agency NASA, said that mankind should be more afraid not of falling of an asteroid, a SUPERVOLCANO eruption. As reported, this event in itself would lead to the defeat of all living things within a radius of 150 kilometers, and the dust and gases would cause the planet to plunge into something like “nuclear winter”.


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