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Monday, January 22, 2018

Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky: the Creation of artificial intelligence will be comparable with the launch of the first satellite

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Rgege next year minimum wage (the minimum wage) should be compared with the cost of living. The job has given Vladimir Putin. The state Duma has promised to enact as soon as possible. Thus, the minimum wage equal to the subsistence minimum for the first time, although it has declared in recent years. Will this help in the fight against poverty? Details…

  • China has sharply reduced import of waste from USA
  • Expert: Tyumen reached the fourth place in Russia on volume of housing
  • Average check of Russians during one trip to the store has exceeded 500 rubles

Go to a section…”Sevastopol should become the southern capital”Photo: Vasily Batanov/RIA “news”,”If you spend time on the constant scandals, public discussion, and to care in other planes other than work, then you have nothing useful happens” – said the newspaper VIEW, the newly elected Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. In particular, he commented on the subject of previous disagreements with the team of his predecessor Alexey Chaly. Details…

  • Russia urged the United States to discuss INF Treaty
  • The Ministry of foreign Affairs: Problems with the DPRK resulted from the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya
  • Moscow urged Washington to give the restriction of military contacts

Go to a section…”to Turn Victory Park into a Museum not normal”Photos: spravka.sevas.com”Sevastopol has a glut, where virtually every square meter of the monuments. Residents even said that there are already enough” – said the newspaper VIEW Nadezhda Vinokurova, chief engineer of “Institute Novgorodgrazhdanproekt”, developed the project of reconstruction of Victory Park in Sevastopol. Details…

  • Rocket “Soyuz-FG” was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome with a manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-06”
  • In the movement “forty times Forty” did not agree with Govorukhin and Medina on “Matilda”
  • Andrey Urgant commented on the quarrel of son with Solovyov

Go to a section…the United States remained a gap, a critically vulnerable to nuclear attackPhoto: Workman/WikipediaРассуждающие about the prospect of nuclear war between the US and the DPRK think in terms of a missile strike, the benefit is for the missiles, Pyongyang has bet. Meanwhile, it is obvious that such an attack is impossible. But it is theoretically possible the other is also nuclear and so devastating that America after he did not recover for a very long time. Details…

  • The number of victims of hurricane “Irma” reached 55 people
  • Maduro agreed to the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition
  • North Korea has rejected a new UN security Council sanctions

Go to a section…”Arrow from Ivanteevka” was inspired by the American experiencePhoto: from the personal pages vk.com the alleged shooter”Ivanteevka is a very beautiful, prosperous city with good, proper social environment. We need to understand what pushed a young man to such actions,” – said the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy from the Moscow region Sergei Zhigarev. A student opened fire in class, according to classmates, was different unsociable disposition, however, he did not hide his intentions, no one took the example. Details…

  • The building of the Federation of Jewish communities in Moscow threw “Molotov cocktail”
  • In Samara, an anesthesiologist was accused of raping patient
  • In an accident with a drunk policeman in Moscow killed a motorcyclist

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Eduard Birov: Where did the “Orthodox LIH”

Media horror story “ISIL is terrorizing the Orthodox culture”, it seems, may be one of the main subjects of liberal propaganda in the new political season leading up to the elections of the President.
Details…Discussion: 25 comments

Andrew Schmidt: Why Russia is easy to do business

What we in Germany took years of painstaking work, managed to do in Russia for a few months at a comparable budget, and he’s always at the start of several thousand euros.
Details…Discussion: 15 comments

Yevgeny Satanovsky: the Arc of the armistice

What are the chances of eradicating the “Islamic state” as a tool of influence in the middle East the Sunni elites in the development of the situation in the Muslim world? The IG is not the structure, the aim of which was the establishment of a Caliphate.

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    Online marathon “election Night – 2017”

    Discussion: 7 comments

    Putin held a plenary meeting of the Eastern economic forum

    Putin held an open lesson “Russia looking into the future”

    Discussion: 9 comments

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      Defined “Miss America – 2018”

      For the first time in the history of the contest “Miss America” winner was the representative of North Dakota. 23-year-old Kara Mundu is the USA champion, and six years ago was marked by Obama for his merits in the field of philanthropy. Local media and bloggers, however, the winner dubbed the “fatty”Details…Discussion: 21 review

      “Irma” flooded Miami

      The popular American resort of Miami in Southeast Florida, like many other cities of the coast of the Atlantic ocean, was almost flooded after a hurricane swept “Irma”. Only in the de-energized state of 3 million buildings evacuated nearly 6.5 million of itemattribute…

      Musk first showed SpaceX space suit in full growth

      Elon Musk in his blog posted photos of the new SpaceX space suit in full growth. Prior to that, he showed the helmet and upper part of the protective space suit. The man in the suit standing on the background of the ship Crew DragonПодробности…Discussion: 11 comments

        Go to a section…For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

        • I wish you success Saakashvili
        • I wish success to Poroshenko

        Alexey Chaly invited to make a Patriotic Sevastopol the capital of Russia. How do you feel about this idea?

        • Support
        • Patriotic capital should be another city
        • Patriotic do not need the capital

        Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed its disagreement with Russia’s position regarding Myanmar. Is it acceptable that the head of the Russian region publicly challenged the country’s foreign policy (which is not true to his official authority)?

        • Yes, a politician can always defend its position publicly
        • No, in this case, it’s insubordination
        • All depends on the personality of the head region

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          News of the HOUR:North Korea has rejected a new UN security Council sanctions

          Medina said his “patience is full””Russian helicopter” was found in Kherson region Ukrainegorokhiv: Poklonskaya woke obscurantist siliporite of the Russian Federation demanded an apology from the German magazine for insults to Putinesque details of the draft resolution of Russia in the UN mission in Donbasskogo on behalf of Putin, met in Damascus with Bademantel Urgant commented on the quarrel of son with Solovevym-speaker explained his statement about the armless democraticpresident of the USA to Ukraine spoke about the fate of Saakashvilia announced the drop of relations with Russia at “lowest point”Mass “telephone terrorism” raises many вопросовApple introduced a new iPhone

          The main theme

          Russia prevents the United States to stifle the DPRK

          liberal bloggers

          Krasovskii and pubic hair got in a fight over the procession regarding “Matilda”

          “test anxiety”

          The U.S. explained the dissatisfaction with the purchase of a Turkey-400

          mutual trade

          China began to reject American trash

          “breach of obligations”

          EU puts Ukraine the conditions for the allocation of the next tranche

          “we believe in democracy”

          Clinton said the reasons “personal animosity” Putin to her

          “walking intelligence”

          The Russian Embassy in the US said about bullying of the state Department

          public debt

          The welfare of the United States is impossible without money from the rest of the world


          How would look like the scenario of a nuclear attack by the DPRK to the United States

          Breakthrough Saakashvili

          Andrei Babitsky: In the boat of Ukrainian statehood punched a huge hole

          “the great project”

          Sergei Khudiyev education Reform in Ukraine indicates an important watershed

          The scandal with the “Matilda”

          Eduard Birov: the Root cause of the incident is obvious miss state

          in your opinion

          For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

          “Creating artificial intelligence will be comparable with the launch of the first satellite”

          “No more than three years our efforts artificial intelligence can be created,” – said the newspaper VIEW, head of Department of Neuroinformatics center of optical neural technologies srisa RAS Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky. He explained the statement of Vladimir Putin about the fact that the country is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence will be the “master of the world”.

          “Artificial intelligence is the future not only of Russia, it is the future of all mankind. Here, it is difficult to forecast today’s threats. The one who will become the leader in this field, will be master of the world. And I would not like to see this monopoly was concentrated in someone’s specific hands, so we, if we are the leaders in this field, will also be sharing these technologies with the world today, we are sharing nuclear technologies, nuclear technologies”, – said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the all-Russian open lesson.

          But work on it it is necessary today to Russia was not “at the end of the queue,” he added.

          A promising direction, according to the President, is the development in the field of cognitive Sciences. “This is partly a combination of different directions. It is the ability of the brain, the possibility of using eye movements to control different systems, it is possible analyze how people should behave in extreme situations, including in space. It is generally limitless, the horizon is not” – said the President.

          Technologies of this kind are, on the one hand, to create new jobs, but to release a huge number of employees. “And all we have to think in advance: where are these people going to work? As their training? In which areas to direct? This is an extremely important socio-economic problem before which will stand the country in the implementation – it is inevitable – the plans of which you speak”, – said Putin.

          About what place Russia takes in the global race to create artificial intelligence, and if she could be ruler of the world, in an interview with the newspaper look told the editor of the thematic areas on artificial intelligence of human level or above authoritative scientific journal Frontiers in, head of the Department of Neuroinformatics center of optical neural technologies srisa RAS Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky.

          OPINION: How you can become master of the world thanks to artificial intelligence?

          Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky (photo: video still)

          Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky: I hate to correct you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, but I would not say that the country that will do it first, will be master of the world. But, of course, the creation of artificial intelligence will be comparable with the launch of the first Sputnik and the first manned flight into space.

          LOOK: At what stage is the process of creating artificial intelligence in the world and with us?

          V. D-B.: currently, no one knows when the world can achieve this. Perhaps artificial intelligence is someone already there, but he’s hiding him. Maybe it will be created only after a hundred years, maybe tomorrow. Very large temporal variance in the expectations for this event. But expect at any time.

          We are also trying to work in this direction. In the framework of the “National technology initiative” since June of 2017 began work on the program iPavlov. It is the creation of neuromorphic artificial intelligence. Formally, the goal of the project is to enhance the computer system in communication with people in natural language. This result is guaranteed, but there is reason to believe that in the process system will be established the highest standard of human intelligence and, perhaps, superior to it. It is not excluded that Russia will be the first.

          OPINION: Could specify what it is?

          V. D-B.: a Boom in technology neuromorphic artificial intelligence began in 2011-2012, when the so-called artificial neural networks trained, e.g., to translate from one language to another solely on the basis of demonstration programs of examples of translated without the use of grammar languages. These programs consist of artificial neurons. It has been discovered that if enough of artificial neurons to network and inform the network about such errors, then the network starts to work without errors, implementing virtually any intellectual function.

          For some time I thought that the way in which artificial neural network is unique to artificial neurons, and it has nothing to do with the real work of the brain. But with the end of 2014, it became clear that the natural intellectual neurons, likely for the same reasons, which can be intelligent artificial neural network. In a sense, we can assume that Ivan Petrovich Pavlov correctly guessed or foresaw that the intellectual capacities of man are provided with a huge number of interacting conditional reflexes.

          The point is that if you take a lot of neurons and they are well with each other to communicate, and inside the network to disclose in detail what you want and what is missing, the network in the end does what you want and what is missing. Here are smart people, and there are clever octopus, although their nervous systems are completely different. Because the main thing that the network was neural, not how specific the brain. It became clear only now. In the world there is competition to be the first launch subject having the full, not inferior to the human, artificial intelligence.

          OPINION: In your opinion, are we in this race are actively participating?

          V. D-B.: I have long blamed for the fact that I promised that the moment we start, until we’re all done, will not be more than three years. We already took over in June, then no more than three years our efforts this intelligence can be created.

          OPINION: AND then we would be the first?

          V. D-B.: I Think, after Vladimir Putin drew attention to this problem, start the amazing race. But maybe, even in these conditions we will have time first. We are here not the last role.

          OPINION: What will the creation of artificial intelligence from a practical point of view?

          V. D-B.: We are seriously reduce your risks complete extinction of our civilization, which now threatens a lot of things. But we pass the baton to new thinking devices.

          We say all the time that we need new minds and talents. And thanks to the artificial intelligence we’ll get a great number of minds that can help us in all spheres of human activity.

          If the brain is essential for progress, they will appear, and it may be brains, superior to the most intelligent person.

          OPINION: are our main competitors in this fight?

          V. D-B.: the project iPavlov budget of 500 million rubles for three years, and the international participants of this race have a budget of tens of billions of dollars. So, to say that we compete with them, it’s ridiculous.

          The main participants of the fight is Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, have all of the leading information technology companies in the world. At the state level, countries such as USA, EU, Japan, China, South Korea. All spend billions of dollars creating artificial intelligence. We have a challenge around the world is measured by 500 million roubles for three years. There is no guarantee that will work, but there is hope.

          OPINION: We need more money?

          V. D-B.: Yes, but I need money too wisely. If there was more attention to this problem… So the words said Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am very pleased. The fact that there is an understanding of the importance of this task at a very high level, is like a balm for the soul. The hope is that will still allow you to turn.

          OPINION: hands and brains we have?

          V. D-B.: a Little, but there.

          Our country has largely lagged behind, but in the understanding of the brain we can catch up with other countries.

          Theoretical thought is my strong side. The only thing that the youth of today on these long tasks, not mainly ever look she is trying to do something closer to the ground.


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