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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The theme of “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage

Europe requires residents Donbasskiy USA after Obama took renovacream “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage

“To shut down new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide the city with electricity and to give the command to shutdown”. With these words Russian experts comment on speculation in the Western press on the subject of possible threats to the “Russian hackers” energy supply of the United States. As far as these accusations persuasive?

“Russian hackers” have created a program CrashOverride, which can turn off the computers that are responsible for the energy system of cities in the U.S., said Tuesday the American company Dragos, reports the Washington Post.

“To shut down the huge metropolis of new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide city and, accordingly, to give the command”

Dragos works in the field of information security. We are talking about the hacker group Electrum, which, in the opinion of the company, connected with the Russian authorities. CrashOverride virus can shut down for a period of from several hours to several days. Penetrating into the system, it begins to work simultaneously in several points. Dragos claims that “Russian hackers” have already used CrashOverride for attacks against Ukraine.

Now, according to the American experts, the hackers have improved the program, which creates a threat to the United States. The attack on the U.S. power grid would, in the opinion of the company, “turning point” in the development of cyberspace. Dragos also claims that the engineering system of the United States in the last few years attracted the attention of the “Russian hackers”. The Department of homeland security (DHS), the U.S. has not yet commented on this information.

We will remind, on the night of 18 December 2016 the fifth part of the capital of Ukraine was without electricity due to the accident at the substation in a suburb of Kiev. Cybersecurity experts from Kiev firm ISSP, working by order of the Ministry of energy, by mid-January concluded that the substation is knocked out by unknown hackers. And the attack was the same perfect in 2015 at the West of the country – Ivano-Frankivsk region in which no light was 225 thousand people. The Ministry of internal security of the USA then suggested that the evidence of the attacks are in Russia. However, Reuters sources claimed that the blackout in December 2015 staged another hacking group Sandworm, which, however, also considered in the West the Russian. But now the Americans do not exclude that we are talking about the same group.

The employees themselves ISSP admitted the newspaper VIEW that to fully protect the Ukrainian infrastructure from hacker attacks “is impossible”.

How secure is the power company USA

Publisher of Information Security, an expert in the field of information security Alexander Vlasov says: electricity in the United States is decentralized. Is as fully private companies, and companies with state participation. For the light, for example, in new York, meets several of the energy companies of different sizes and all of them are to different degrees protected against hacker attacks. “In some companies, the modernization of the protection systems has already passed. There’s all the malicious viruses, that is, kicking on the approaches. In others, the process of modernization is still going on, so not all viruses can be neutralized”.

“I suspect that there are companies with varying degrees of capitalization and possibilities of investment in infrastructure and protection from cyber-attacks. In some companies there is a state share, some are private. It also affects the way in which they are protected.

“We remember the new York blackout of 2003, but then it was not about hackers, but about infrastructure failure, – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the Russian Association of electronic communications Sergey Plugotarenko. – If someone is introduced to the system from within, to carry out the attack easier. The most important asset for diversion will be integrated into the system, dealing with security of such infrastructures”.

“I think the power company of American cities from hacker attacks seriously protected, – said the expert. Usually cyber criminals are always a step ahead. However, not in those matters when we are talking about life support systems. Here, the authorities throw all forces, employ the best specialists”.

Whether “Russian” to extinguish the light in new York

Vlasov said the newspaper VIEW that the level of Russian hackers supposedly attained such that they are able to penetrate the systems of energy companies in the U.S., but that in itself is an unlikely situation. “In principle, can. Now, to disconnect the huge metropolis of new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide the city with electricity and to give the command to shutdown”, – said Vlasov.

But by themselves, the insights of the company Dragos Vlasov considers plausible. “Ukraine’s energy system is in poor condition – he said the newspaper VIEW. There is and so everything turns off by itself, no Russian hackers don’t need”.

“I don’t know anything about that in Russia, someone is purposefully doing this, explained Plugotarenko. – I think this is unlikely, since in any case we all know that there are no hackers, which it is impossible to track. Track can – with some effort, especially when there are several States that are interested to find out who might make attacks on such infrastructure projects”.

On the other hand, one cannot completely exclude the emergence of a brilliant single – black hat, which could really provoke an attack on the U.S. power grid. “This man could be in Russia. But an organized group, and especially associated with the Russian government? I think it’s funny. It is unlikely that this can seriously talk”.

Head of the Department of information warfare Laboratory advanced development Igor Nezhdanov told the newspaper VIEW that to take seriously the insights of the company Dragos impossible.

“May be associated with the Russian authorities? The wording itself is only a smile. May be related, or may not be related. In may, WikiLeaks released internal CIA documents from which it became known that the hackers of that office simulate the work of hackers from different countries, including Russian. What is lacking now to conclude that in this case, simulated the work of Russian hackers? Where is the actual evidence? The evidence does not show”.


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