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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Political analysts predicted the split of NATO due to Turkey’s purchase of Russian s-400

Turkish President Erdogan finally responded to the statements regarding the US purchase from Russia of s-400. Earlier, the Pentagon expressed outrage at this step, than through official channels were informed of the Turkish authorities. Why it is because of these anti-aircraft missile systems broke a scandal, we were told by the experts.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Erdogan said in response that the Turks – “masters in their own house”. “They (the US) started yelling when we decided to purchase s-400. What are we supposed to wait for you? We make our own decisions and will continue to do so”, – said the Turkish leader. Will Erdogan to back down? And to what extent can reach a tension in American-Turkish relations?

“That Washington was satisfied with Ankara, Turkey should go strictly by the narrow corridor of possibilities, which draw the United States – said the Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Dmitry Egorenkov</strong>. – The Turkish authorities should not Express any disagreement in the General American line, for example, in relation to the settlement of the Syrian crisis, the supply of us arms to Kurdish groups (considered in Turkey as a terrorist), etc.. And, of course, in the framework of Washington’s policy, the Turks have to buy – and in ever increasing amounts – is an American weapon, not even thinking about the possibility to obtain it from someone else, and, especially, Russia. Obviously see the situation in the White house.

Of course, ideally, the Americans wanted in Turkey has been somewhat different and the political elite. In this case, the United States would not have to covertly support the Turkish opposition groups and attempts to overthrow the current government in Ankara. Recall that in this kind of support from the Turkish authorities regularly accuse Washington.

At least since the attempted coup in Turkey in 2016, the country’s relations with the United States are in critical condition. With both sides constantly increasing degree of rhetoric – a reduction in the level of cooperation, including in the military sphere.

It cannot be excluded that the purchase of s-400 from Russia was caused by the “freezing” of the Turkish-American talks on arms procurement from the United States. This is indirectly evidenced by the words of Erdogan, “what are we supposed to wait for you?” Similar programs of military-technical cooperation between Turkey and European countries in the last few years were indeed “frozen”. And all this is seriously affecting the combat capability of the Turkish army and the development projects by the Turks advanced weapons.

To say that will be followed by a sharp aggravation of relations between Washington and Ankara, we can not yet, this is not sufficient grounds. But the confrontation will increase. Moreover, this is facilitated by the developments in Northern Syria, around the Kurds, supported by the United States”.

“Of course, displeasure regarding the actions of Erdogan existed in the United States and previously – recalled research associate of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, Institute of Oriental studies Alexander Vasilyev. – Now the announcement of the deal with Russia, of course, Americans are very annoying.

It is worth Recalling that when in 2013 the tender for the purchase of air defense systems to the Turkish armed forces conquered China (the deal was broken two years later – “MK”), the United States has put unprecedented pressure on Ankara, even threats of exclusion of Turkey from a range of military-technical programs of NATO – because of the incompatibility of the Chinese system with NATO.

And I think that the current purchase of s-400 from Russia is very important from the political point of view, because surely followed by a return and, most likely, prohibitive steps taken by USA against Turkey. It may be limited to part of Ankara in a number of military programs of NATO, which forced the Turks to more actively seek new partners for cooperation in the sphere of military-industrial complex. Here are great opportunities in Russia, India, China. And for Moscow, it will not only mean a split within NATO, but also create some new opportunities in the Turkish arms market, which used to be closed and belonged exclusively to Western countries.

I don’t think Erdogan will go back on their word. He will continue to stick to their line, especially given the fact that understanding with the U.S. on other political-military issues he fails: for example, on the Kurdish issue, remaining one of the major stumbling blocks in U.S.-Turkish relations.”


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