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Monday, January 22, 2018

Intrigues of the Russian space: what is behind the “resignation” of the head of the CPC Lonchakov

Yuri Lonchakov can leave in the near future a post of the head of the cosmonaut training Center named after Yuri Gagarin. That the chair beneath him staggered very seriously, said Wednesday the newspaper “Kommersant”. However, official confirmation of this hands and to everyone’s surprise resignation from the Russian space Agency at the time of our publication not yet exist. We tried to find out what is behind the message.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Information about the possible resignation of Yury Lonchakov cannot be considered altogether unexpected. The rumors that he may leave the CTC, crawled back in April, shortly after the scandal with the departure of the Center honored pilot-cosmonaut, hero of Russia, the record for total time in space, Gennady Padalka.

In an open letter to Gennady Ivanovich said that he was leaving due to unwise leadership Center, where he, the professional, can offer interesting work. And not him alone. By the time the detachment was fired a number of talented and quite young astronauts, such as Oleg Kotov, Sergei Revin, Sergei Volkov.

Padalka was accused of unreasonable management Centre head of Yuri Lonchakov. “His leadership, we should rather remove it, and not one, but a part of the team that recruited not on the basis of professionalism, credibility and loyalty, personal loyalty and nepotism. Otherwise, the Center will ruin completely,” wrote Padalka in an open letter.

That Lonchakov, planted in an armchair of the head of CTC in 2014, takes his place, was said by many who have had to speak in Star city. It just so happened that when he was at CTC Lonchakov become commonplace backstabbing and scheming objectionable astronauts.

In particular, it was said that because of a conflict with him at the time, the Centre left its predecessor on a post of the head of the cosmonaut training center Sergei Krikalev, was extremely dissatisfied with the leadership style Center and cosmonaut Maxim Suraev. Being the Deputy of the state Duma, he tried in vain to restore justice — to challenge the illegal, in his opinion, received by lonchakova the title of “cosmonaut first class.”

There were rumors about some of the flaws in the field of commercial activities management Center and related disorders, however, the criminal case no start. So a lot of dissatisfaction, but directly to accuse a chef of any serious abuses, no one can: “the astronauts all those years flew in space, tasks are performed”.

Close to Lonchakova employees say that scandal is inflated specifically to replace him as objectionable and principled leader, the main idea is the revival of the old system of management of space activities based on military discipline (Yuri Lonchakov – Colonel of aviation).

They say also that he sees the CPC again within the defense Ministry, as it was in Soviet, more prosperous domestic space times. According to supporters Lonchakov, the message of his impending resignation is just a rumor, designed for rocking the boat against the hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut of the first class.

“In 2015, Yuri V. confirmed their qualification, the Commission of Roscosmos held a certification of the chief fgbi “Sri cosmonaut training center. Gagarin” Yuri Lonchakov and recognized its appropriate position. The contract was renegotiated in four years. Is it so easy to break? For this you need a very good reason, allegations of abuse, not just the scandals and grievances of subordinates. In the Centre was carried out a few checks which have not identified any economic crimes”, – said a source from the environment Lonchakov.

If the resignation happens, then “thanks” for this it is necessary to head Military-industrial Commission Dmitry Rogozin, who gave the fateful order.

What do you have against Lonchakov Rogozin? According to colleagues in the government have looked very carefully at the April conflict in CTC with the departure of a group of astronauts and four months later decided to rectify the situation.

But, if you dig deeper, it is perhaps not without influence from the member of the Board of MIC Oleg Frolov, who was dismissed from the post of Deputy head of Roscosmos, his then-chief Oleg Ostapenko, the assistant which was listed as Yuri Lonchakov. They say that after the resignation Ostapenko Frolov just waiting for the moment to answer his fiasco and his assistant.

If the dismissal happens for the head of the CPC designate the Director of the Flight research Institute (LII) them. Gromov Pavel Vlasov. He is a professional test pilot, do not fly into space. However, in the outer circles believe that this is not so important, he headed at the time, and quite successfully, cosmonaut training, Colonel-General of aviation Nikolai Kamanin. In any case, the evening of the day of the dismissal order Lonchakov, and he continued to perform his duties as head of the CTC.


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