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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Insulted Putin’s magazine Focus fall into racist scandal

The Russian Embassy in Germany is still waiting for an official apology from the editor of the German magazine Focus, the publication of which, according to diplomats, it was an insult to Vladimir Putin. “Ironic” caused a scandal. As we found earlier, the Focus was in the center of another scandal involving racism.

We will remind, on September 13, representatives of the publication tried to explain the doubtful phrase about the President of the Russian Federation “words”. However, this did not satisfy the Russian side.

photo: kremlin.ru

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Germany Denis Mikerin, who drew public attention in Facebook on the publication of Focus magazine, gave the new address to the editorial office. Mikerin received a response chief editor of “Focus” by Robert Schneider with explanations on the situation, but without the permission to publish this response. In fact, he wrote, the explanation of the editor coincides with the comment a press-the Secretary of the magazine Ms. Alice Wagner.

Wagner said that the present text it was about the play on words. In particular, the combination “hund Putin” which can be read as “Putin is a dog,” should be understood as “die hard” (or “tough guy”).

Denis Mikerin, however, noted that the Embassy could not agree with the proposed explanation: Since “die hard” in German is “harter Hund”. And in this case it does not play on words.

Weekly Focus published since 1993, is one of the most popular socio-political publications of Germany. Despite the focus on the middle class, make up a significant proportion of the electorate, Angela Merkel, the magazine regularly exposes the incumbent Chancellor of the criticism.

By the way, doubtful phrase about the Russian President appeared in another similar article, entitled “50 arguments for Merkel – 50 arguments against Merkel.” The journalists wrote that Merkel is afraid of the dog Putin, but Putin’s dog — no.

Previously, the magazine had already been involved in scandals, without affecting, however, the first persons of other countries.

For example, in early 2016, the year the publication was very resonant material about the mass harassment and even rape in Cologne, Germany during the Christmas holidays. Then the magazine was released with the cover, which depicted a black handprint on the naked white woman. Such a move many colleagues considered racist.

However, the editors Focus the apology refused, saying that the cover is a symbolic image “of what happened in Cologne.”

In light of this, the big question is: will it be possible to achieve the Russian Embassy a real apology, not references to the “word game”.


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