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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

After the elections in Moscow can saleholiday the whole of Russia

What will happen now? Second place in the municipal elections in Moscow took power that nobody expected to see democratic coalition Dmitry Gudkov, Yabloko and Parnas, joined by “Open Russia” Khodorkovsky, “Solidarity” and others. Power is unpredictable. We’re already so accustomed to over the decade that followed the “United Russia” party are parliamentary, respectable, able to compromise with the government and generally pleasant in all respects: KPRF, LDPR and SR. And Muscovites took, and threw the trick: give them three percent of the mandates for three. The Communists took the 40 parliamentary seats from 1545 possible, LDPR — 4. The voice of these parties will not be heard in the capital’s municipalities in the next five years.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

But the Democrats took 15% of the parliamentary seats in the 63 areas. And this is serious when you consider that in 20 municipalities they constitute the majority of two-thirds or higher and can elect the head of the municipality without regard to the “United Russia”. In 17 districts “hodkovce” received a simple majority, but still about a dozen a blocking minority. That is, move your chair without support “United Russia” there is the Democrats can’t, but the ruling party without their consent too. In one municipality — Arbat — Democrats and United Russia turned out to be strictly equally.

With 20 districts where Democrats have an absolute majority, all in General is clear. The head of the Council needs to drink validol and to prepare for the fact that the relationship with the head of the municipality will not be cloudless. The Executive will have under the microscope to consider their estimates for the landscaping, before you bring them to the approval of the district deputies. To sharpen pencils for making all sorts of amendments, and then to prepare for a continuous public audit.

In another thirty municipalities, the situation may be even more difficult. There is a risk that the head of the municipality is not elected and the work will stop.

I called the elected Deputy of the Arbat district Yefim Kolodkino to find out whether the Democrats are ready to compromise with United Russia for the election of the Chairman of the municipality.

We have not yet decided the question about choice of speaker. The election in our area need seven votes out of ten, and we have five of them. We have not had the initial meeting, and we are not even familiar with many deputies from “United Russia”. When will all the procedures that precede our entry into parliamentary powers, we will hold a meeting, get to know and start thinking of solutions.

— Are you prepared for the fact that the legislative Assembly may head United Russia, or will block such a decision?

— We have not yet discussed this possibility, but I just want to say: we are not interested in the fact that United Russia became the Chairman. Especially since one of them is the former Chairman of the municipality in which nothing was done. And what’s the point the Democrats to attend the legislative Assembly, if everything will be solved “United Russia”? On the other hand, they naturally do not consider the possibility to elect one of us. (Including because all Democrats this legislative Assembly elected deputies for the first time and don’t yet have experience of such work. — Ed.). But first and foremost we must work in the interests of the residents of the area and not to engage in political squabbling. Therefore, we will make every effort to find a compromise.

Sound idea, but later during the conversation, the Deputy Kolodkin said that his “faction” would not vote for the President of the EP, which has already demonstrated that the benefit of the community to bring not. I bet that the parliamentary crisis in a particular area is guaranteed. By the way, in the Charter of the municipal formation of such a collision is not provided. It only describes the order of election, but what if it is impossible, — said nothing. It was not such a precedent so far. Well, if it occurs, then most likely the problem will have to go to the higher courts — the Supreme and constitutional. Litigation can take months, years, and — farewell, landscaping with landscaping, all the time.

The scientists that talked to MK, I hope it still will not come. But I hope, I should say, cautiously.

— Most importantly, the newly elected democratic coalition deputies did not play in the “big politics” — said “MK” , the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for civil society development Konstantin KOSTIN. — Mostly it’s the young people, who won his first political victory. And now we have to know: are they prepared for adult political life? That is to sit down and talk with opponents, instead of “fight to the last.” Ask the voter: what’s best? To agree or Balk? To establish cooperation with the Executive branch. The elections you have been rivals, but now you have to work together if you want to fulfill their campaign promises. “United Russia” its ability to compromise and make concessions repeatedly demonstrated. For example, Navalny helped overcome the municipal filter before the last elections of the mayor of Moscow. Now it’s time to pass the test of maturity Gudkov and politicians of his enterprises.

The party in power, of course, there is a set of techniques in the suppression of the democratic coalition, if that be inability. The main one is to divide. If the “United Russia” is solid, the liberals — a “patchwork quilt”, the representatives of the different currents that have United under a common project — a successful election. Now it is implemented and future goals, and views, all can be different. And still it always led to the disintegration of such coalitions with the flow of mutual accusations. Suffice it to recall the Union of the “Yabloko” and SPS before the elections to the Moscow city Duma last convocation, which miserably fell apart at the end of the campaign.

But although Democrats and there is justice, their success is seriously alarmed the government. The fear explained one of the drafters of the regular ratings of well-being of regions , the political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. Over the years of research he and co-authors noticed a pattern:

— What we see in the elections in Moscow, the Moscow political life, a year or two will apply to all large cities of Russia in a few years all over the country.

Following this logic, if in Moscow now begin a dual power — the standoff councils with municipalities or mini-parliamentary crises in the regional parliaments, in a few years can saleholiday the whole of Russia.


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