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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Ukrainians” naturally turned out to be a stillborn project

USA warned Ukraine against attempts to return the nuclear guiamacedonia soldiers caught in a pincer movement between the President and the government”the Ukrainians” naturally turned out to be a stillborn project

Development of the social network of Patriotic name Ukrainians (“Ukrainian”) discontinued – this is the ignominious end of another national project with a wide swing. However, otherwise it could not be. However, the Ukrainian “dancing on the rake” is a value in itself. Ukraine earnestly teaches all of us how to do.

One of the founders of the project Alexander Struminska said by more successful social networks – Facebook:

“Put me before the fact that the development of Ukrainian social network stops. I’m really sorry. And I openly apologize and thank all users, who together with me sincerely believed in the implementation and success of this project.”

However, as noted by the Ukrainian edition of “Vesti”, the chances of success of the project was not originally.

According to the head of the Council of the Association “Telecommunications chamber of Ukraine” Tetiana Popova, the first attempt to create a Ukrainian social network called Infostore was made nine years ago in 2008. “The project was about 2.5 million accounts, but it bombed the interior Ministry, accusing that users have stored child pornography. At that time it was one of the largest platforms. And if the police do not have ruined a resource, and would help to clean up illegal content if it were there, then today we would have had their social network” – she said, stressing that Ukraine has long missed the section of the pie –

“to create a Ukrainian social network had 10 years ago.”

In fact, the new social network created so far – simply not everyone is able to succeed “Facebook” or “Instagram”. The main task of these networks is to bring people together on some new principle, which is not in the same “Facebook” and “Instagram”. For example, there are network for beer lovers or network for professional contacts.

There’s still the Chinese way, where foreign social networks are banned initially. Not allowed to use Facebook in China is not much more complicated than the forbidden “Vkontakte” in Ukraine, but Chinese users don’t see the point – they lack their own space.

The problem is that the Ukrainians – it’s not Chinese. They have formed over the millennia, habits to love her. They do not yet really understand what is “his”, in addition to shirts, hopak, borsch, and of the French Queen Anna Yaroslavna. The vast majority of the population of Ukraine simply does not need “national” social network. “Westerners” and “nationalists” quite comfortable in the “Facebook”, “Pro” – in the “Classmates”, youth in “Vkontakte” and Instagram.

The number of users, which has gained a network of Ukrainians from may 17 – 390 thousand people is the limit interested in the existence of exclusively Ukrainian plot for photos, posts and memes. Really interested – even less a checked just out of curiosity, fortunately it is not difficult to enter any personal data not required. You can use the account in “Facebook” and prohibited “Vkontakte”. Nothing against addresses on banned in Ukraine Mail.ru this project also has not.

In a sense, the history of Ukrainian social network is the story of modern Ukraine in miniature. The name is English. Appearance practically does not differ from the Russian “Vkontakte”. The creators – the canadian virtual accelerator and beautiful girl from the Western Ukraine, which in the biography – work in the company “Elegant decor” and “Master cleaning”. The latter, oddly, is not cleaning the apartments, and snow. There are no Russian track?

First promises wide and rich plans. Then quietly closing without explanation. As written Struminska, “my voice not enough to independently continue the project – the company’s management (founders network) refused not only from self-development, but also the possibility of its transmission to any other party that was able to help me carry you promised.”

It is all the fault of foreigners – in this case Canada. Still, the Russians have to be, otherwise in the Ukrainian Internet space does not happen.

Between “Peremoga” (the launch of the national social networks) and “zradoyu” (it is closed without explanation) it’s been four months without one and a half weeks.

Other large-scale, but a purely Ukrainian projects, as a rule, also there is a short time. This is the construction of a wall on the border with Russia, and learning from the Georgian experience in the fight against corruption, and the Polish reform of rail transport, and more.

There are, however, projects longer. For example, Petro Poroshenko is the fourth year fulfills the promise to sell his Roshen chocolate Empire. Stopping, of course, Russia.

Reforms in Ukraine are coming too slowly, with the exception of raising utility rates to a level higher than a living wage.

The inglorious history of Ukrainians – only a small cut in the age-old Ukrainian series “Peremoga” and “zrad”. But it is worth paying attention as a good example of how not to do it in Russia.

We also regularly have wanting to create a purely domestic browser, search engine, operating system, smartphone, spinner and so on. The initiators invariably want to get a government grant (some succeed), and then in the best case create something completely unsustainable, at worst dissolve into the air, along with millions allocated to them.

But in the whole Ukraine after 2014 (and partly before) is a clear demonstration of how to behave is not necessary, neither in politics nor in Economics, nor in culture, nor in the Internet.

Russia has its own social networks, own search engines, private mail services and more, which appeared without any public assistance and created by people whose goal was to make money, not to entertain someone’s wounded national feeling.

About Ukrainians, it should be remembered and not to repeat the mistakes of others. Hopak rake – beautiful, spectacular, but not require rooting in the soil of the Russian dance.


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