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Friday, February 16, 2018

Udaltsov and Shargunov has offered an Amnesty to prisoners, the 100th anniversary of the revolution

The leader “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov, the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Sergei Shargunov, “prisoners of the Swamp” Leonid Razvozzhayev and Yaroslav Belousov, with the participation of lawyers and human rights defenders held a press-conference on which declared the beginning of the campaign in support of Amnesty for the 100th anniversary of the October revolution.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Since the release of Sergei Udaltsov more clearly demonstrates his political course. In this case we are talking about close cooperation with the parliamentary “left” and a specific agenda, which, if Udaltsov were to landing, then lost on the background of active protest actions. Now he is focusing on offer affirmative action, appealing to matters of which he knows firsthand. Even at his first press conference immediately after his release from prison, catches the eye that the fate of the prisoners and the situation in Russian prisons, a topic in which Udaltsov is not just focused on your own experience, but also can present them as a fundamental part of its future political agenda.

As for Shargunov, it can be called the connecting link between non-system and the parliamentary “left”, so in conjunction with Udaltsov they form a quite distinct tandem. Another thing, if it would work with the Amnesty, timed to the events of 1917, given the fact that the current government is its “continuity” from the Bolsheviks proclaimed and secure for the anniversary of the revolution, the status of an official national celebration (implying an ad in his honor Amnesty) unlikely.

As noted by the organizers of the press conference, only last year for the 1st part of article 158 of the criminal code (petty theft) were sentenced to 33 thousand people. One example of such crimes has led Shargunov: “the father of many children, single-handedly raising their children, has received real term for stealing in the supermarket, several bars of chocolate and two bottles of shampoo”.

According to him, now in detention centers there are about 100 thousand people. 650 thousand have already been convicted. “This is a huge number. Often people on illegal actions pushing social circumstances, especially poverty,” — said the Communist.

He is confident that the anniversary of the revolution is “reason to think about how important it is that the state showed mercy, adequacy of, humanity”. Whether they will use the state a moot point. However, Udaltsov believes that reason will work.

The organizers of the campaign, which formed the organizing Committee of the movement “For a broad Amnesty” offer to release from prison those who are not convicted of violent crimes, and those who at the time of the Amnesty remaining to be served less than a year.

They also propose to adopt a law, equating the day in jail, two days in a colony-settlement.

According to Udaltsov, the implementation of these initiatives will allow already this year to return home to tens of thousands of people who are not malicious criminals who have served most of the sentence.

His proposal to the members of the organizing Committee will give to the state Duma.

Watch the video on:
“Udaltsov before interrogation in the UK promised not to take friends”



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