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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The United States was breached, critically vulnerable to nuclear attack

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Rgege next year minimum wage (the minimum wage) should be compared with the cost of living. The job has given Vladimir Putin. The state Duma has promised to enact as soon as possible. Thus, the minimum wage equal to the subsistence minimum for the first time, although it has declared in recent years. Will this help in the fight against poverty? Details…

  • The price of oil fell slightly
  • Turkey made the first payment for the s-400
  • The Ministry of Finance announced the placement of the third tranche of the national bonds

Go to a section…”Sevastopol should become the southern capital”Photo: Vasily Batanov/RIA “news”,”If you spend time on the constant scandals, public discussion, and to care in other planes other than work, then you have nothing useful happens” – said the newspaper VIEW, the newly elected Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. In particular, he commented on the subject of previous disagreements with the team of his predecessor Alexey Chaly. Details…

  • Erdogan has denied information about a secret meeting with Assad
  • Crimean authorities estimated the non-recognition of elections by the European Union
  • The EU does not recognize elections in Crimea

Go to a section…”Local residents have been warned that it was going to Maclay Fourth”Photo: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland”Maclay they remember and love, for the North-Eastern part of New Guinea it is almost a national hero. It should be used”, – said the newspaper VIEW, descendant of the legendary Russian traveller, speaking of the purpose of a new expedition to the Papuans is a unique for the Russian science and public diplomacy. Details…

  • The Russian 11356 frigates for India will receive the Ukrainian engines
  • VTSIOM has studied the opinion of Russians about the United educational space
  • Kozhin said the increased demand for missiles “Caliber” after testing in Syria

Go to a section…the United States remained a gap, a critically vulnerable to nuclear attackPhoto: Workman/WikipediaРассуждающие about the prospect of nuclear war between the US and the DPRK think in terms of a missile strike, the benefit is for the missiles, Pyongyang has bet. Meanwhile, it is obvious that such an attack is impossible. But it is theoretically possible the other is also nuclear and so devastating that America after he did not recover for a very long time. Details…

  • The Syrian opposition has officially confirmed the participation in the talks in Astana
  • Media: China is violating the laws of physics engine
  • The US national debt exceeded 20 trillion dollars

Go to a section…”Arrow from Ivanteevka” was inspired by the American experiencePhoto: from the personal pages vk.com the alleged shooter”Ivanteevka is a very beautiful, prosperous city with good, proper social environment. We need to understand what pushed a young man to such actions,” – said the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy from the Moscow region Sergei Zhigarev. A student opened fire in class, according to classmates, was different unsociable disposition, however, he did not hide his intentions, no one took the example. Details…

  • Vandals damaged a number of facilities in the new Park “Zaryadye”
  • On the fact of robbery of the graduate of “factory of stars” opened a case
  • In the North of Moscow killed a mother with a three year old child

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Alexei Mukhin: regional elections in 2017. The results

It turned out that in Moscow the part of the opposition is still gaining a number of municipal mandates. “Apple” will even call it their victory. However, it became clear that Yabloko “took a bite” these mandates are not the “United Russia”.

Alexei Kolobrodov: Paradoxes Andropov

Yuri Andropov – the most mysterious of the country’s leaders in the twentieth century – a figure no less relevant than Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. The scale, of course, less, but we live in the country today, are largely modeled to them.
Details…Discussion: 23 comments

Andrei Babitsky: On the way Saakashvili may stand only nationalists like Yarosh

Even yesterday, bringing terror to the population of Ukraine, the security Service, which ruthlessly cracked down on dissidents, does not know compassion, uses torture and extrajudicial executions, turned out to be a broken tool.
Details…Discussion: 36 comments

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    Online marathon “election Night – 2017”

    Discussion: 7 comments

    Putin held a plenary meeting of the Eastern economic forum

    Putin held an open lesson “Russia looking into the future”

    Discussion: 9 comments

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      Defined “Miss America – 2018”

      For the first time in the history of the contest “Miss America” winner was the representative of North Dakota. 23-year-old Kara Mundu is the USA champion, and six years ago was marked by Obama for his merits in the field of philanthropy. Local media and bloggers, however, the winner dubbed the “fatty”Details…Discussion: 12 comments

      “Irma” flooded Miami

      The popular American resort of Miami in Southeast Florida, like many other cities of the coast of the Atlantic ocean, was almost flooded after a hurricane swept “Irma”. Only in the de-energized state of 3 million buildings evacuated nearly 6.5 million of itemattribute…

      Musk first showed SpaceX space suit in full growth

      Elon Musk in his blog posted photos of the new SpaceX space suit in full growth. Prior to that, he showed the helmet and upper part of the protective space suit. The man in the suit standing on the background of the ship Crew DragonПодробности…Discussion: 9 comments

        Go to a section…For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

        • I wish you success Saakashvili
        • I wish success to Poroshenko

        Alexey Chaly invited to make a Patriotic Sevastopol the capital of Russia. How do you feel about this idea?

        • Support
        • Patriotic capital should be another city
        • Patriotic do not need the capital

        Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed its disagreement with Russia’s position regarding Myanmar. Is it acceptable that the head of the Russian region publicly challenged the country’s foreign policy (which is not true to his official authority)?

        • Yes, a politician can always defend its position publicly
        • No, in this case, it’s insubordination
        • All depends on the personality of the head region

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          News of the HOUR:Turkey made the first payment for the s-400

          Missiles “Caliber” increased demand for robelplast of Crimea assessed the non-recognition of the elections Euroautogas the UN tightened sanctions against Chargeda exceeded US $ 20 trillion dellarovere outlined the condition for lifting the sanctions against Asciimation responded to the accusations Lavrov “dzhebhat an-Nusra”Britain convened a meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Manmademoon were in the “Peacemaker”Became known, the value of the gift Putin the inhabitant of Izhevsk trips to Sociable welcomed the talks between Russia and Germany on the security of SMM on Ukrainerussia 11356 frigates for India will get digitalmaverick Ukrainian President Herman Klimenko returned to Facebook

          “walking intelligence”

          The Russian Embassy in the US said about bullying of the state Department

          support for Ukraine

          The EU does not recognize elections in Crimea

          information war

          The Polish General said Putin “dictates the terms” in connection with the exercises “West-2017”


          Became known the plans for new restrictions on American diplomats in Russia

          “with the same tenacity”

          Poroshenko hoped for a breakthrough Saakashvili across the border of Georgia

          90 seconds

          The defense Ministry released a video of the crew of tank T-90

          incorrect analogy

          Alternative comparison of the Crimea with the GDR is unlikely to appeal to Merkel

          “the fatal error of Napoleon,”

          The historian spoke about the myths surrounding the battle of Borodino

          Breakthrough Saakashvili

          Andrei Babitsky: In the boat of Ukrainian statehood punched a huge hole

          the supply of American weapons

          Denis Seleznev: in fact, the “issue price” for Ukraine announced

          “Another September 11”

          Dmitry Drobnicki: whether the “Chilean miracle” and is the author of Augusto Pinochet?

          in your opinion

          For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

          Europe has arranged the sale paspartou the U.S. left a gap, critically vulnerable to nuclear attack

          Speculating about the prospect of nuclear war between the US and the DPRK think in terms of a missile strike, the benefit is for the missiles, Pyongyang has bet. Meanwhile, it is obvious that such an attack is impossible. But it is theoretically possible the other is also nuclear and so devastating that America after he did not recover for a very long time.

          As priority targets for nuclear strike on US soil, North Korea called the island of GUAM, located in the affected area demonstrated by Pyongyang’s missiles. But what’s the purpose of such GUAM? Even four nuclear submarines of class “Los Angeles”, located there, is the goal only in case if at the moment of impact they will be in port.

          This mistake was made by the Japanese at pearl Harbor, attacking the American fleet without aircraft carriers, which by a happy chance at this time was on maneuvers and transitions. If the subs work the same way, Goliath is simply going to be pissed. But Koreans historically and sincerely hate all Japanese because willing to learn from their mistakes.

          A single attack on the United States makes sense only in case if the Americans will not be able to respond adequately to conventional weapons. With the need to minimize civilian casualties, not to go to hell by the Japanese (phrase, supposedly said by Admiral William Halsey aboard aircraft carrier “enterprise” at the sight of a burning pearl Harbor – “when the war is over, Japanese will only talk in hell”). But to do so is impossible – in General any significant losses among Americans will trigger a corresponding response.

          But those who in principle are able to develop against the United States large-scale terrorist operation, people are, by definition, is not too adequate and make allowances for victims and consequences only in so far as. Or, in principle, look at the world through the prism of the curve of Wahabbism, or Juche – nationalist ideology of the medieval type, where not only from Marx but from Stalin.

          In the case of the DPRK, the priority is the prevention of rapid transfer of large land U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula. That is, the elimination of successful amphibious operations September 1950 in the rear of the Korean people’s army with further access to the old border and the transition of the strategic initiative to the much better equipped American troops. The generals of North Korea are still living the era of the war of 50 years, resulting no doubt in her ability a lot more than the million-man army to overthrow the South in the sea in about a week or two. Thereafter, it is expected to pupate and begin negotiations with the world with new strategic positions.

          In reality, “new Incheon” inevitable, however, subject to three conditions. First, the United States will spend time on the destruction of the Korean infrastructure from the air. Secondly, will protect its own infrastructure in Japan. Thirdly and mainly, it will be by whom and on what to land.

          Thus, the only place where one-time use Korean nuclear weapons can be justified from a military point of view, is not an accident of GUAM, and a large concentration of American airborne forces, Marines and surface ships of the Pacific fleet. It is desirable, incidentally, to be static because the second attempt will not.

          This goal in America is. It is static and it contains all of what can dream of a North Korean command.

          We emphasize once again ethically this action is not substantiated, but we are now trying to think in the mentality of the State defense Committee of the DPRK, the Supreme commander Marshal Kim Jong UN, General of the army On GIC Relativistic and Vice-Marshal Kim Yong Chun and Ri Yong Mu. Until the end we cannot understand if we were at least three experts in Korea, but it is more about a fantasy or a Hollywood scenario than a research note.

          Death at the end of the needle

          The Bay of San Diego – small by ocean standards, the Bay, cut off from the open waters of the North island, which is connected with the coast by the beach of silver strand, a narrow strip of sand with a bike path (city of San Diego is proud of its climate where the bikes have become almost the dominant mode of transport). Inside this Bay are located the world’s largest naval base is the home port of the U.S. Pacific fleet.

          It comes from 54 war ships, of which 46 directly belong to the Navy, and the remainder coast guard (plus auxiliary). Among them, 8 heavy cruisers with guided missiles (Bunker Hill, Mobile Bay, Lake Champlain, Princeton, Cowpens, Chosin, Lake Erie, Cape St. George), 15 destroyers, including promising, but meaningless Zumvalt – a – 13 large amphibious ships, including “America,” carrying at a time 1.6 thousand Marines with equipment, weaponry, helicopters and vertical take-off fighters for cover.

          Strictly on the other side of the Bay, opposite the main piers and docks of Naval amphibious base Coronado with dozens of small landing craft, barracks for four battalions Navy seals, giant naval aviation airfield, training facilities and Golf club. There is also the headquarters of the special marine operations (i.e. assault and the same “lion”), and in San Diego – the headquarters operations of the Pacific fleet.

          Of course, all these ships are in the port of registry is constantly. For example, now some amphibious ships scattered in space from Los Angeles to Okinawa Japanese and Australian Melbourne (Anchorage, Green Bay), and fleet commander Admiral Scott swift in General is in Seoul. However, the vast majority of amphibious vehicles and ships near sea area far from San Diego not gone. The same Anchorage were in Los Angeles for a gala-raising the “Naval week”, and now moving back.

          If you undermine it all at once, the Pacific fleet of the United States is unlikely to be able to “new Incheon” for several years. Computer simulation, of course, nobody did, but the undermining of the hydrogen bomb of 10 megatons and above, presumably, destroy all buildings and all living things in a circumference of five kilometers. The population of San Diego (second largest in California and eighth in the country) approximately 3 million people (with suburbs), of which in the first hours after the explosion will die about half.

          In San Diego due to the complex topography and location of the runway of the airport prohibited the construction of skyscrapers, but it will be little consolation. Given the terrain, the most terrible will be the consequences of the fire storms that are reflected from the mountains, probably will cover almost the entire metropolis, and along the Mexican Tijuana. Bay will evaporate and the bottom will turn into glass. North island will disappear, the earthquake reaches San Francisco with the index up 7 points, and the ocean going back a tidal wave with a height of over 15 meters.

          However, the bullet to his imperfect missile the North Koreans are unlikely. The Pyongyang military leaders must understand where they have gaps, and not to lie even to themselves and to Marshal Kim. Yes, the rocket flies. May far. But as far as sighting a big issue, especially early missile warning and American missile defense and air defense no one has yet canceled. And for North Koreans fundamentally don’t miss. No one knows how many they have operational nuclear and thermonuclear warheads, but in any case the whole of the gold.

          So maybe only one hit. There’s no second chance.

          The mentality of the Japanese and the Koreans – to bring the fine details of the plan to perfection (in Japanese even have a term “Kaizen”, often applied to business). Because logical pattern when the bomb sent to the Bay of San Diego is not on the rocket, and the other way, while American strategists talk about North Korea and the nuclear weapons and their means of delivery, that is delivery.

          This “delivery” can be much easier than anticipated. And is much cheaper.

          Manila will help

          The most difficult – to withdraw a charge from the territory of the DPRK. Overland route is cancelled in the current situation the China will not pass through their territory for anything suspicious. Remains of the sea.

          A few years ago, South Korean ships tried to stop to check all the suspicious court of Korea, which sometimes led to shootings, but defiantly carry anything on the ship with North Korean flag in this case is not necessary. No restrictions on fishing international sanctions do not impose, and print out the bomb from the landfill or permanent storage, as shown by the events of recent months, is not difficult. In the port of Chongjin will do absolutely harmless looking wooden container, no different from the millions around the world. And North Korean fishing vessel quietly out to sea in search of crabs with trehsotmillionnogo box on Board.

          Rate – the capital of the Philippines Manila, always loaded and stupid transshipment port.

          There is in Maritime law this practice – bareboat charter. You employ for a time a floating piece of iron and make it what you want. In practice, it looks like. A company registered in the Bahamas and for a decade, carrying various cargoes, refers to a company-the shipowner, which, in turn, was in Aruba, and takes her to “bareboat” chetyrekhtomnym is a mid – size sea truck, rusting in Manila. Without a team, without load, without insurance, without a register, even without a captain. The only points of the contract, written on paper, it becomes time “burbot” (that is, lease the hardware) and the fact that both parties agree to keep all circumstances the secret – strictly confidential. All this will cost somewhere in the half a million dollars. One bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow.

          There, in Manila you recruit the captain. There are hundreds of them, and 99 out of every hundred will never ask questions for 50 thousand dollars round trip. Maybe even the captain remains alive, although this humanism is not peculiar to those who are preparing a nuclear attack.

          As for the team, the Filipinos are known throughout the world as an Executive and unpretentious men who deeply care where to go, and to work they are ready for tiny amounts, and even for food.

          According to the rules “burbot” you can do with a rented boat all you want, but to sell or put on the scrap. But to repaint, change the flag to rename can. You can even rent it to another tenant in the same “bareboat” (“to do “superversaut”). After several such combinations your trail finally lost, and Filipino truck San Trinidad de Luzon becomes the Japanese karbofosom “Hentai-Maru” under the Liberian flag, is coming back, do not know where, because the logbook and never will be, and the captain knows only what he’s told two sturdy guy with an Uzi.

          These Ghost ships go across the World ocean by the hundreds.

          You won’t even ask you to ship on Board. “Berbatov” would not exist even for the all-seeing eye of Lloyd, whose agents are supposed to be in every port in the world. So that you can safely overload for “Hentai-Maru” a couple of dozen boxes full of bought local tea, among which will be the one that cannot read Filipino sailors especially will draw the glass.

          For the best insurance “Hentai-Maru” can be run as “far circle” through the South-Eastern part of the Pacific ocean, the worst from the point of view of control over shipping. And very soon you will crash on the traverse of the great San Diego about 25 nautical miles from the coast.

          In the port itself your “Hentai-Maru” I can’t come in. Though, because in San Diego there is a cargo port, but if I did, will require customs clearance and inspection vessel. Not even an external RAID, which could be blown up in a pinch. Hence bomb directly into the sea have to overload on something that is safely back in San Diego, docks near the naval base and will not cause issues. This is a solvable issue.

          Fishing with us

          When entering the port of San Diego is required to notify the coast guard for 86 hours and get a pilot if your ship weighing more than 300 tons (gross), with a length of over 130 feet before moving to foreign waters. If you are on a boat less than these parameters, and in the stern waving the American flag, then – go, good people.

          If you are local and just went fishing (and San Diego is famous for an established business this kind of sea trips, in addition, there are four pure fishing pier), hardly anyone will pay attention to you. The coast guard pier is located on an artificial pier in front of the entrance to the Bay, but the local yacht they will miss without question. The problem may be a possible sound contact, if the person at the pier will become so bored that he decides to call the boat. And to avoid accidental problems, have to solve something else.

          On average, ocean-going pleasure yacht costs about half a million dollars. It can be cheaper. Rent-a-yacht for fishing in another Bay – mission Bay with its luxury hotels and villas. It is about 10 kilometers North from the naval base. But the option is so – so, the blast wave may not give the desired effect. So, the boat still have to buy on the spot and put in piers to shelter island, specializing in repairs, commercial fishing, selling marine equipment and is famous for its seafood restaurants.

          The crew will have to sacrifice, because it is better to choose a boat with a captain, which a few days no one will remember and pronunciation which is easy to simulate, if the coast guard still bored. So it must be a white man with a past. In every port of the world will find a dozen local “haimingwei” who always broke and all are known as great guys who have been unlucky in life. Incidentally, they cost considerably less than the Filipino captain.

          The yacht purchase should not arouse suspicion, therefore, no cash. But we can confidently assume that in California there are a dozen front companies, or otherwise associated with the North Korean intelligence. Some of them might not even be aware of this sad fact, as long as they don’t have to raise corporate spirit, to buy a small boat.

          Trouble is these people mostly that they know not what they do. A large portion of such “agents” works completely “in the dark”, a system of registration companies, Association with the intelligence system via the Diaspora is so difficult to compute that the couple always stays afloat. Even if the FBI set out to purge anyone who might be tied to the “risk group”.

          One of my favorite working versions of the CIA, this kind of organizational work for the preparation of terrorist acts on U.S. soil can lead exotic extremist underground organizations, leftist groups like Indians, i.e. native Americans.

          It is a difficult path, especially for far Eastern communities, the control over which the FBI no doubt have to be increased. Another thing is that innocent purchase of a small civilian pleasure boats – the usual story, regardless of who it involved. They’re not tritium buy the tanks and the barge, where you are going to eat and drink after a successful fishing trip. Before the drug lords were calculated on a mass purchase of ether required to produce cocaine from the leaves, and then a completely “clean” history.

          The coast guard requires contact only after going beyond the 12-mile zone. This inclusion of a variety of identifiers that are built into modern yachts is not legally required. See you on the radar all the other participants in Maritime traffic or you go on the boat to RAM the supertanker – it’s about your personal security, not national security of the United States. So that you can safely get out of the Bay of San Diego and take a course West-North-West, to would not to catch the eye of the coast guard, which is mostly busy fighting with Mexican smugglers, but it is strictly to the South.

          After about an hour and a half you will see a “Hentai-Maru” already osolovevshy boredom Filipinos.

          Hell and its accounting

          Further – a trick. Two hours plus or minus it will take to overload the container, the time depends on the weather and skill of the crew. Two hours later you are moored at one of the dozens of piers, say, Driscoll boat.

          This group should be someone who knows what will happen. Others may believe that they deliver in the United States or the smuggling of works of Kim Jong Il. To leave or to stay, its personal choice.

          The bomb should explode after a maximum of 5-6 hours, otherwise there is a risk of some kind of randomness that cannot be predicted in advance. To configure a primary an explosive device somewhere in Manila or on Board a ship is impossible because of the abundance of possible contingencies in the way. Because the initiation of the charge should occur after arrival in the port of San Diego. It is theoretically possible to catch the last plane to Mexico – they’re flying as trams, but the North Korean intelligence, especially its subversive component, has repeatedly demonstrated a propensity for suicide.

          All costs for the operation in fact do not exceed $ 2 million, of which approximately 600-700 million is cash. Also it takes four to five groups of well-trained agents. The first in the US with two or three removable free-standing houses in San Diego and San Francisco. She speaks the local dialect of English and has the skills of conspiracy and Maritime navigation in the coastal zone. The period of legalization in the U.S. – about six months.

          Second – also in the USA should control financial transactions (e.g., a yacht) and entirely consist of local, long living in the United States. Ethnic origin is not important.

          The third purely military – needs to monitor the movement of the container with the bomb from ship to ship and support “Hentai-Maru” to American continental Bank. Ideally, it is two groups. One posing as fishermen for shipment to Manila, another is waiting in Manila to go on a “bareboat”. It’s not so much intelligence, how much can kill fighters, but among them must be the engineer that monitors the safety of overloading the container. The ship’s captain will have to get exercise regularly crew on container overloading on small vessels in bad weather, in high seas and at night.

          Overall coordination of the operation can be one of the main problems, but to establish communication between all groups is theoretically possible through the electronic system, without drawing attention to usual rezidenturas connection. Ideally, it is necessary to exclude the participation of well-known residency to avoid accidental leakage.

          Operation “barbuto” in principle can be carried out via the Internet but want personal contact when signing a contract somewhere in Northern Europe, for example, in Copenhagen – one of the world centers of such operations. It is a local working “in the dark”. Preferably, the recruiter of the captain and crew in Manila was white with a Maritime past, for example, a Swede or a Greek, it is more credible.

          If all succeed, on earth, all hell breaks loose. God forbid, of course.

          Many practical details and circumstances are deliberately distorted, in order not to enter anyone into temptation.


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